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Fim de ano 2012

Finalmente está terminada a missão deste ano. A partir de hoje o blog entrará em férias por alguns dias. 

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Ultimately the mission is completed this year. From today the blog will go on vacation for a few days.

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Genre(s): Thrash Metal

Formed in São Caetano do Sul - SP, 1996. The year started busy in Sao Caetano do Sul, Sao Paulo to three great friends and Headbangers. Adrian Perfetto (V / G), Victor Regep (B) and Enrico Ozio (D) decide to meet on the weekend to put together, without any pretension, have fun playing. After some time, these meetings need a name. Bywar is chosen among several. Strong name that springs from the agglutination of English words and By War Something like next / war. Not a simple war where mercenaries fight without even knowing the real reason those bloody battles. But a war that these three brave warriors know exactly who their real enemies are and what values ​​they defend. A declaration of war is made!! After some time rehearsing and composing some covers of songs that would be part of their first demo, Regep Victor decides to swap the four strings of guitar, bass leaving the post vacant. It is then called Leandro Fernandes who assumes the post for some time. But for musical differences, he ends up leaving the band. The post bassist Bywar once again becomes vacant. Undeterred three go ahead and enter the MBM Studio, in Santo André, São Paulo, to record what would become the first demo of banda "The Evil's Attack". Evil's Attack, Soldier's Agony, Faith of the Masked Messiah and Deadly Dreams are ready to become promotional material. Then begins the distribution of this material and some presentations are scheduled. Check Helium Patrizzi. Stabilization training. However, the post remained vacant bassist. In August of that year is recruited to the four strings Helium Patrizzi. With this solid and steady start to write more material and more intensify the dissemination scheduling a sequence of presentations by ABC.   Early in the year [1998] are invited to participate in the compilation "Source in Bands Collection" held at Star Music label. Quickly they enter the studio in April to record Anonymity The Call of Souls and Killing the Pharisee. The first being a brief introduction that was ultimately cut from the final edit of the collection. To celebrate the launch of the collection, the demo "The Evil's Attack" is recast. Gets a new color insert and its track list will change. Deadly Dreams is replaced by Killing the Pharisee. With this material in hand, they leave behind a more comprehensive disclosure spreading these two materials throughout Brazil and parts of Europe. The result of all this disclosure is participation in various festivals and opening of the first passage of Exodus by Brazil (28/11/1998). Indeed that was very celebrated by members and yielded a great exhibition of banda in specialized media. In 1999 many presentations at festivals in the state of São Paulo are scheduled throughout the year. Excellent presentations succeeding and increasingly the name Bywar and is revered by the public and critics. And the band, with total gas, during breaks between presentations continues writing more material for his debut album. With the demo - tape [2000] "The Evil's Attack" is completely sold out then prepared a new promotional material. Titled only "Bywar" and relying on two songs, introducing hitherto had never been used, The Call of Souls and Killing the Pharisee, this material becomes freely distributed in presentations of banda. The result of all this work appears. Several interviews are performed and an extensive list of presentations is fulfilled. 2001 was another year of many presentations begins. The Bywar continues to perform at various festivals throughout the State of always getting a great reception from the public. But the year still would reserve more intense activity for these four warriors. During the second half, concentrating its own resources and yet even without a record label for its release, the band enters the DaTribo Studio to record their first album. And then "Invincible War" is ready. Its seven tracks are composed by pure Thrash Metal and were recorded during some long nights of drinking and Thrash Metal. After the master gets ready to banda is sought by the newly opened Hate Storm Records label to facilitate the launch. Some conversations are confirmed after the partnership between band and label.  On March 16 - 2002, the debut album "Invincible War" wins the streets. The launch begins receiving rave reviews from both the public and press. An efficient distribution and dissemination are planned album and conquer both the Americas and Europe as part of Asia. As a result of this intense disclosure arises invitation web-magazine German Thrash till Death to participate in a collection with the same name made ​​its launch in the European territory. The invitation is accepted and Thrasher's Return integrates the collection as a single banda music from outside Germany. In the first half of the participating DaTribo Festival with the participation of several bands in Brazil and abroad. More an invitation to participate in a collection happens. This time Bywar is invited to participate in a tribute to Motorhead performed by Brazilian fan club of banda. The music was chosen (We Are) The Roadie Crew and was recorded at Studio 652 in Sao Paulo. However, for problems between the Brazilian fan club and record companies who take care of the affairs of Motorhead tribute that never ended up not being edited. In the second half of this year the band participates in the first edition of Black September Festival, which today is one of Brazil's most traditional. This done, come with the American band Hate Eternal in Sao Paulo for a large and enthusiastic audience. Making the presentation made ​​one of the memorable banda. Meanwhile among the various presentations and projects banda they continue writing and rehearsing for a second album. 2003, Earlier this year, the Bywar back to DaTribo Studio to record their second album entitled "Heretic Signs" production receives signature Tchelo Martins and Ciero. The album contains eleven tracks and participation of the great guitarist Frank Blackfire (Sodom / Kreator / Mystic) in the soil of Trance Acts With Metal. Soon after finishing the recordings taken of the instruments, the Bywar receives terrible news Seal with whom she maintained a partnership for their releases. The Hate Storm Records, for reasons beyond the band was wrapping up its activities and closing its doors. This news fell like a bombshell for the band that was in the process of recording an album that would be released with resources from this partnership. Without a record deal and financial resources, the disc is in the refrigerator for a long period awaiting an outcome to this problem. Meanwhile, the band moves on to Asuncion, capital of Paraguay, for their first performance abroad (8:03:03). The show got excellent reception and it was a great success. The Bangers Paraguayans get to know better the banda and support her unconditionally. After the Revolution of Paraguay, not to leave the unfinished album, "Heretic Signs" stopped the band plans and executes its first music video. For this task we chose the title song of the album and recorded and edited by the band members and support from some friends in a week. The video refers to atmosphere of trash horror films of the 1970s and early 1980s with clear allusions to the films "The Exorcist" (The Exorcist-1973), "The Evil Dead" (The Evil Dead-1981) and "The Amityville Horror "(The Amityville Horror-1979). Continuing along this road movie, music Thrasher's Return, which opens the band's first album, is included as a track in the film Dead Fetus released on Black Vomit Movies. Making the video and join the track of a movie ends up working as a lever for Bywar once again focusing their own resources and still counting with the help of great friends back to DaTribo Studio to finish mixing and mastering the album "Heretic Signs" that is ready in the second half of 2003, but that still does not have a label for its release. The year 2004 begins. For the band, still looking for a label to facilitate the release of their latest album. Several proposals are being studied successively, but still nothing is really settled. As a new weapon of disclosure, launched in February is the official website of Bywar. The band continues running the country still performing some shows to publicize the "Invincible War" again when another bomb explodes. This time, an internal pump. For some differences in thinking Regep Victor leaves the post guitarist. The Bywar becomes a trio once again. Then begins a new search. The post guitarist could not stay vacant. In April the band is integrated guitarist Renan Roveran. The year 2005 starts with great news. It signed a partnership with the label Kill Again Records of the Federal District to facilitate the release of second album Heretic Signs, coming out with the eponymous video clip as bonus multimedia version, and also reissue the first album Invincible War shaped split with Thrash Bangers the Violator. The split is called Violent War And also a bonus track: Metalized Blood, a cover of this banda German Desaster. This cover features the participation of the newly integrated itself Desaster vocalist Sataniac. The track also marks the first record of Renan Roveran studio with Bywar. So is programmed an extensive list of presentations aimed at disseminating these two releases. For the first time Bywar performs in places like Goiás and Distrito Federal Belo Horizonte. In Belo Horizonte, the band performs for one of their largest audiences so far. The presentation took place in one of the biggest and best structured festivals this capital the 6th Brutal Devastation. Insane Bangers and a great presentation of the band were what marked the Bywar participation in this festival. In another great moment, yet to release the two releases, the band performs in the program Stay Heavy (09.11.2005) playing live and giving an interview that could be watched live on television as much as the internet. During the breaks between presentations this year the band composes and rehearses firm ready for another studio album. Also this year, the magazine Bloody Metal Magazine released a compilation with bands Brazilian Bywar and invited to participate. The track was chosen Twin of Icon and opened this compilation that was released in the journal inset. The year of 2006 begins with another material Bywar being launched by a magazine. This time the magazine inset Tribe Magazine that kept her a DVD with multiple presentations of Brazilian bands and as a bonus video clip of Heretic Signs. Again the Bywar returns to DaTribo Studio. This time to record their third album titled Twelve Devils Graveyards. As with the Heretic Signs numerous problems also occur during recording. But this time the problems are technical in nature and again, for reasons other than the will of the band, the album is a long time in the fridge until its release. At intervals during the recording, the Bywar performs at V Extreme Metal Fest (25.03.06) alongside bands like Candlemass and Averse Sefira. A great presentation of banda mark tonight. Fact that yields many positive reviews and the band huge public acceptance. In 2007 comes the third album: Twelve Devil's Graveyard. The album has twelve tracks of pure thrash metal and its production was in charge again Ciero. The album is well received by bangers and marks the band's first record with guitarist Renan Roveran on a full album. Following the release of the new album is reissued Heretic Signs. Presentations are scheduled as disclosure. After some important presentations, especially those performed in Sao Paulo in traditional Plumpy Infected with bands and Bandanos, Belém / PA - this marked the first performance by the band north of the country - and again Asuncion in Paraguay, the band enters the studio to record two sounds that would be part of LP Picture "Booze Brothers Vol 1", a split-album with the German band Witchburner. Again is scheduled to DaTribo Studio. The band recorded the covers Killing Machine (Living Death) and Devil's and Witches (Witchburner) to Split which had its release of 666 copies in Germany by Witching Metal seal. Also with the banda Witchburner is released by Mutilation Rec'so Split-Album Thrashing War, which includes the works of German Thrashing War banda Witchburner Invincible War and the Bywar. The year ends with an excellent presentation of the house banda Clash Club in Sao Paulo for the second time alongside the German band Desaster, since both bands had met in Rio de Janeiro in 2005. At the beginning of 2009 is released by Witching Metal vinyl version of the third album Bywar: Twelve Devil's Graveyards - LP, containing a beautiful booklet and poster. Another alliance was formed later that year, between now Bywar, seal Floga Greek Greek Crucifier Records and the band is released and the 7 "split-album" Two Shots of Thrash Metal "- Floga Rec (2009). The year 2010 starts with a big show in Fortaleza / CE, marking the band's first run in the Northeast. The reception was phenomenal and the event provided a great dose of energy between band and audience. So as I was doing in the second half of 2009, the band decided not select any new presentation for the rest of the first half in order to not compromise the dedication that comes with the completion of new compositions, which will be part of the fourth "full length". In July compositions ready with all new firm record deal with Sao Paulo Mutilation Productions to make the launch of Abduction. For the recordings is scaled renowned Norcal Studios and at the expense of Brendan Duffey and Adriano Daga. The concept graph over Marcelo Vasco (cover) and Mark Cerutti (inset). The recordings started at the beginning of October this year. In an attempt to decrease the space between fictional bands and bangers solves the Bywar post a diary on the internet these recordings. Contributing a bit to knock these illusory differences and affirming that both are Headbangers. No distinctions. With the end of the process of recording, mixing and mastering of Abduction in Norcal Studios during the month of July, the band returns to focus on the trials to hit the road with his "Close Encounters of Fourth Kind Tour" during the second half of this year. Much anticipation revolves around this release and its tour. The Bywar intends to expand its boundaries leading to its powerful Thrash Metal Bangers from the far places of the globe. But, without forgetting what motivated them from the beginning of the banda. The spirit of friends who enjoy playing Headbangers.

Source: http://www.bywarthrash.com/, december, 2012. 

The Evil´s Attack [Demo, 1996]:
1. Killing the Pharisee 06:02  
2. Evil's Attack  
3. Soldier's Agony  
4. Faith of the Masked Messiah

Hélio Patrizzi Bass
Enrico Ozio Drums
Adriano Perfetto Vocals, Guitars
Vitor Regep Guitars

Source Bands in Collection [Collection, 1998]:
1.Killing the Pharisse

Adriano Perfetto - Guitar / Vocals
Victor Regep - Guitars
Helio Patrizzi - Bass
Enrico Ozio - Drums

ByWar DT [Demo, 2000]:
1.The Call of Souls
2.Killing the Pharisse

Adriano Perfetto - Guitarra / Vocal
Victor Regep - Guitarra
Helio Patrizzi - Baixo
Enrico Ozio - Bateria

Invicible War [Full-lenght, 2002 - Hate Storm]:
1. Intro 00:57  
2. Thrasher's Return 02:32   
3. Broken Witchcraft 03:52   
4. Killing the Pharisee 06:02   
5. Enslaved by Dreams 04:42   
6. Death of the Immortals 03:28   
7. The Conquest 03:49   
8. Near of Madness 05:46   
9. Outro 00:50

Hélio Patrizzi Bass

Enrico Ozio Drums

Adriano Perfetto Vocals, Guitars
Vitor Regep Guitars

Thrash Till Death - Volume 1 [Collection, 2002]:
1.Thrasher's Return

Heretic Signs [Full-lenght, 2005 - Kill Again Records]:
1. Into the Curse 01:28  
2. Heretic Signs 03:15   
3. The Twin of Icon 05:07   
4. Subconscious Death 04:11   
5. Frozen Deadly War 03:45   
6. The Last Life 03:29   
7. Inquisition 03:45   
8. The "Hole" Grail 04:29   
9. Cerebral Death…Almost Decreted 02:11  
10. Void (Another Dimesion) 04:01   
11. At Trance with Metal 03:53

Bonus Track Vídeo Clip:

12.Heretic Signs

Hélio Patrizzi Bass

Enrico Ozio Drums

Adriano Perfetto Vocals, Guitars
Vitor Regep Guitars

Violent War [Split, 2005 - Kill Again Records]:

1. Bywar - Intro 00:57  
2. Bywar - Thrasher's Return 02:32   
3. Bywar - Broken Witchcraft 03:52   
4. Bywar - Killing the Pharisee 06:02   
5. Bywar - Enslaved by Dreams 04:42   
6. Bywar - Death of the Immortals 03:28  
7. Bywar - The Conquest 03:49   
8. Bywar - Near of Madness 05:46   
9. Bywar - Outro 00:50  
10. Bywar - Metalized Blood* (Cover Desaster) 05:25   
11. Violator - Let the Violation Begin 04:40  Show lyrics
12. Violator - Thrash Maniax 03:57  Show lyrics
13. Violator - Artillery Attack 04:25  Show lyrics
14. Violator - The Plague Never Dies 04:49  Show lyrics
15. Violator - Shadow of Death * 05:48  Show lyrics
16. Violator - Killer Instinct * 04:37  Show lyrics
17. Violator - Massacre* (Cover Taurus)

Hélio Patrizzi Bass
Enrico Ozio Drums
Adriano Perfetto Vocals, Guitars
Vitor Regep Guitars

Metal Blood - Metal Sangrtento [Collection, 2005]:
1.The Twin of Icon

Twelve Devil's Graveyards [Full-lenght, 2007 - Kill Again Records]:

1. The Passage (Intro) 00:47  
2. Stranded in Dark Zone 03:15   
3. Face the Impaler 03:59  
4. Violent Greed 04:17  
5. Hellbotic Sentence 03:46  
6. Debt of War 04:18  
7. The Unconscious 03:26  
8. Way of Agony 05:06  
9. Monotheistic Slander 04:15  
10. Past... Present... Annihilation 02:38  
11. Blackened Voyage 02:53  
12. Graveyard (The Final demise) 06:48

Booze Brothers vol.1 [Split, 2008]:

1. Witchburner - Thrashers Return (by Bywar) 02:24  
2. Witchburner - Winter Of War (by Gehennah) 01:51  
3. Bywar - Devils and Witches (by Witchburner) 02:48  
4. Bywar - Killing Machine (by Living Death) 02:30

Thrashing War [Split, 2008 - Mutilation Records]:

1. Bywar - Intro 00:57  
2. Bywar - Thrasher's Return 02:32  
3. Bywar - Broken Witchcraft 03:52  
4. Bywar - Killing the Pharisee 06:02  
5. Bywar - Enslaved by Dreams 04:42  
6. Bywar - Death of the Immortals 03:28  
7. Bywar - The Conquest 03:49  
8. Bywar - Near of Madness 05:46  
9. Bywar - Outro 00:50  
10. Witchburner - Intro 00:34  
11. Witchburner - German Thrashing War 03:56  
12. Witchburner - Only Blood Will Remain 03:25  
13. Witchburner - Arrival of the Last Storm 04:19  
14. Witchburner - Raped In Ecstasy 04:01  
15. Witchburner - Witchburner General (Witchfynder General cover)

Two Shots Of Thrash Metal [Split, 2009 - Floga Records]:

1. Bywar - Thrashers Return 02:29  
2. Bywar - Stranded in the Darkzone 03:16  
3. Crucifier - Life in a Cage 02:50  
4. Crucifier - Illusionary Peace 02:25

Renan Roveran Guitars
Hélio Patrizzi Bass
Enrico Ozio Drums
Adriano Perfetto Vocals, Guitars

Abductions [Full-lenght, 2011 - Mutilation Records]:

1. ...Fourth Kind 00:27  
2. Poltergeist Time 04:43  
3. Abduction 07:06  
4. Toward the Unreal 04:00  
5. Another Crusade 06:38  
6. Handful of Evil 03:41  
7. Ragnarök (The Final War) 05:24  
8. Starchildren – Alien Concept 03:56  
9. Behind the Pain 06:03  
10. Black Spirals of Death 05:18  
11. Consciously Dead (Part III) 05:54

Hélio Patrizzi Bass
Enrico Ozio Drums
Adriano Perfetto Vocals, Guitars
Renan Roveran Guitars

From: http://metalmilicia666.blogspot.com.br/2012/02/bywar-abduction-2011.html

Or: http://www.mediafire.com/?k8cza4qtpuu4z1s
From: http://metaloflibrary.blogspot.com.br/2011/11/bywar-2011-abduction.html