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Genre(s): Black / Doom Metal

Formed in Belo Horizonte - MG, 1993.

Source: https://myspace.com/defacerblack, november, 2013. 

In the Nightfall [Demo, 1995]:

Angry Fire [Demo, 1996]:

Southern Warriors Cult # 1 [Compilation, 1999 - Legendary Southern Spirits Records]:
01-Imperial Lucifer- Devekut- O Voo da Alma
02-Mausoleum- Rituais Profanos ao Reino Pagao
03-Mausoleum- Bestial Massacre
04-Cheol- Perversos Chamados da Crueldade
05-Defacer- Stormy Inspiration
06-Poeticus Severus- Empireo
07-Poeticus Severus- Abismus di Caelum
08-Arkhon Ton Daimonion- A Beautiful Witch is Consecrate high
09-Blazing Corpse- Crystalized Tears (Nights of Profound Sadness)
10-Behalf Fiend- Thou is for me

Cd Southern Warriors Cult - Volume 1
Cd Southern Warriors Cult - Volume 1

Nocturnal Mysteries [Full-lenght, 1998 - Southern Spirits Records]:
1. Nocturnal Mysteries 01:50  instrumental
2. Defacer (Glorious Emperors of the Darkness) 08:26  
3. The Silence of the Immortal Truths 09:05  
4. The Journey of the Erudites 11:40  
5. In the Meeting of the Weeping of the Nazarene 08:05  
6. Mystic Castle 12:00  
7. Anguish 04:40

Beyond The Mountains [Full-lenght, 2009 - Cogumelo Records]:
1. Heretic Hate 08:34  
2. Angry Fire 08:18  
3. Triumph 07:12  
4. Beyond the Mountains 07:58  
5. The Glories of a Warrior 09:13  
6. Impious Spirits 05:40  
7. A Funeral Under the Moonlight 05:18

Lord of Shadows Bass
Guardian of the Forest Drums
Messenger of Darkness Guitars
Mort Guitars
Incredulous Cataclism Vocals, Keyboards


Genre(s): Death / Thrash Metal

Formed in São Sebastião do Paraíso - SP, 2003. In mid-2003 Diego Neri ( vocalist and guitarist ) and Willer Souza (drums ) decided to terminate the activities in which the band were ( Dark Shadow ) which was a cover band Metallica , Iced Earth , Sepultura , Megadeth , among others , and decided to form a new band focused on producing own songs involving the traditional metal weight and technique so instrumentos.Formando bringing in a quartet members Tamaso Fernando (bass ) who was also a member of Dark Shadow and Gouvêa called Bruno (guitar ) it was a guitar player who excelled in style , and this union came the band Destroyer. Shortly after Diego Neri abandons the guitar and decided to dedicate only to vocal thus resulting in the need for a new rhythm guitarist , Antonio Avila then invited to have a characteristic style footprint . With this training did one show and personal problems Diego Neri had to leave the band. Then in July 2004 some auditions where André Silva was chosen to take his throaty vocals by one great stage presence were made. Then began the process of composition and continued doing shows in presenting the tracks " Bloody War " , " Nightmare " , " Fleeing From Myself " and " Away From This World " getting a great critical and public acceptance and thus motivating the band to start the recording of their first album. Due to financial difficulties in 2005 the band took a break from recording but continued composing . A year later the band returns stronger with new equipment and performing one of their biggest shows , being one of the largest public shows of the band and led to invitations to other events highlighting the 1st Arraial do Rock in Franca / SP .

Source: https://myspace.com/defacedbrazil, november, 2013. 


Nightmare [Full-lenght, 2008]:
1. Create My Own Path 04:59   
2. Swallow Your Lies 03:49  
3. Away From This World 06:35   
4. Nightmare 04:48  
5. Strange Reality 07:19   
6. Fleeing From Myself 05:49   
7. Slave of Darkness 05:41   
8. Bloody War 06:53  
9. Murder Deeds 07:41

Nathan Muniz Bass
Willer Souza Drums
Bruno Gouvêa Guitars
Antonio Ávila Guitars, Vocals
André "Duff" Silva Vocals


Genre(s): Metalcore / Melodic Death Metal

Formed in Piracicaba - SP, 1999.

Source: https://myspace.com/deeperthanthat, november, 2013. 

The Threat That Comes From Within [Full-lenght, 2005 - Liberation]:
1. Shooting at a Mirror 03:05  
2. Living to Die... 04:22  
3. ...Dying to Live 02:23  
4. A Moment of Happiness for a Life of Suffering 05:02  
5. The Fate of Earth´s Prodigal Son 04:26  
6. Roaming Through the Entaglements of Human Consciousness 03:08  
7. When Living Means Surviving 03:20  
8. Forgetting What Was Once Forgiven 04:54

Allan Rosa (drums)
Marcel Gallo (guitar)
Maco Gallo (bass)
Vinicius Santana (vocals)
Guti Presotto (guitar)
Felipe (guitar)


Genre(s): Hard Rock

Formed in São Paulo - SP, 1995.

Drunk LIke A Die Lizard [Demo, 1997]:
1.Spit Fire Dragon
2.Living in a Bubble
3.Deep Trouble 2
4.My Dad Think I´m Virgin
5.Deep Trouble

Niva (g/v)
Edu (b)
Cão (d). 

Deep Trouble [Demo, ?]:
1.Ain't nobody waiting for me
2.Old rockers
3.Jungle boys
5.Another useless day
6.Deep Trouble
7.My dad thinks i'm virgin
8.She liver in a bubble
9.Blood routine
10.I'm a no fear man

Marcos Febem (guitar)
Marcelo Cão (drums) 
Binho (bass) 
Niva dos Santos (guitar/vocals)

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Genre(s): Doom Metal

Formed in Salvador - BA, 2004.

Source: https://myspace.com/deepsilenceband, november, 2013. 

Dreary Remembrance [Demo, 2007]:
1. Poema Mórbido 05:53   
2. Dreary Remembrance 07:08  
3. Infinita Noite 05:12  
4. Tears Dries 07:53

Vitor Costa Guitars
Nilton Araujo Keyboards
Felisberto Santos Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Jesiel Drums



Genre(s): Hardcore Poppy Punk

Formed in Joinville - SC, 2008.

Source: http://palcomp3.com/deeprock/, november, 2013. 

Deep [Demo, ?]:
1.Onde Vou Estar


Genre(s): Hardcore / Poppy Punk

Formed in Tramandaí - RS, 2006.

Source: http://palcomp3.com/deefatto/, november, 2013. 

Nada Mais Vai Ser Igual [Full-lenght, 2010]:
01- O Jogo
02- Dificil Pra Mim
03- Apenas Parti
04- Manhã de Outono
05- Bipolar
06- Hoje Eu Sei
07- Te Esquecer
08- Nada Mais Vai Ser Igual
09- Duas Histórias
10- Is Just My Destiny
11- Só Você Pode Me Salvar
12- Permutado
13- Eu Não Vou Me Arrepender


Genre(s): Hard Rock / Poppy Punk

Formed in São José dos Pinhais - PR.

Source: http://palcomp3.com/dedz8/, november, 2013. 

Dedz´8 [Demo, ?]:
1.What is Love
2.Longo tempo
3.Improviso Blues(Guitarra) G(Sol Maior)
4.Found The Source

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Genre(s): Hard Rock / Christian / Pop

Formed in Goiânia – Goiás – 2003.

Source: http://palcomp3.com/dedox/, november, 2013. 

Dedox [Demo, ?]:
2.Em Vão
3.For Awgiva
5.Toca me
6.Uma mão


Genre(s): Hard Rock / Pop

Formed in Marcelândia - MT.

Source: http://palcomp3.com/dedoxrock/, november, 2013. 

Dedox [Demo, ?]:
1.Os dias que se foram
2.Passo a passo
4.Um dia após o outro
5.Agora o que me resta
6.Canção da paz
7.Jovens em urgência
8.Voz do silêncio
9.O que me sobrou




Genre(s): Alternative / Groove / Noise

Formed in São Vicente - SP, 2007.

Source: http://palcomp3.com/dedo/, november, 2013.

Dedo [Demo, ?]:
1.Corno amargurado
2.De quem é esse filho?
3.Dor insuportável
4.Eu cago memo!
6.Neguinha safada
7.Ninguém merece sofrer
8.Pic Giromba


Genre(s): Hard Rock / Pop

Formed in São Paulo - SP.

Source: http://palcomp3.com/bandadecrux/, november, 2013. 

Decrux [Full-lenght, 2009]:
1.Ela Mora Longe
2.Mim quer tocar [Ultraje A Rigor cover]
3.De Paris a Guaruja
5.Regalá o Zóio
6.Só eu
7.Tá na cara
8.Única paixão
10.Não Vá Embora [Marisa Monte cover]

Thiago Guidotti (v), 
Vitinho Santana (guitar) 
Gabriel Navarro (guitar) 
Ton Silva (b) 
Bruno Esteves (d) 


Genre(s): Death Metal

Formed in Mauá - SP, 2005. Decried started their career in 2003, in the city of Mauá - São Paulo/ Brazil, under the name of Violent Impact. It didnt take long for the band to start playing at a number of regional concerts, but it was only in 2005 that the first demo, entitled Ashes to the Lord, was released. After changing its name to Decried, the band continued on the road divulging the songs of the aforementioned demo, and several others that were never recorded, for more than a year until mid 2006, when it seemed to have reached the end of the line with the leave of 2 members. The follow-up demo, supposed to have been released in that same year, had to be long-delayed until 2009 due to line-up issues. The title chosen, Only Hate Saves, reflects the band members feelings towards religious fanaticism and the control mechanism devised under the guiltless guise of faith.

Source: https://myspace.com/decried, november, 2013. 

Decried [Demo, 2006]:
1. Messenger of Destruction 02:51  
2. Ashes to the Lord 04:57  
3. Love Is Dead 04:01

Tathy Bass
Lucas Drums
Thiago Vocals


Only Hate Saves [Demo, 2009]:
1. Fiery Death 03:18  
2. Carry Thy Cross 03:13  
3. Deadivine 04:01  
4. Messiah Murdered 04:09

Tathy Bass