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Genre(s): Thrash Metal

Formed in Recife - PE, 2006. Formed in mid-June / July 2006 by components Lael Moraes (Bass), Pedro Ribeiro (Vomitist) and Carlos Dias (Drums), the proposal to make a thrash metal band with the force of old school 80', alcoholism and orgies themes are addressed in their letters. With the help of Bruno Pinto (Guitarist) and Moisés Ribeiro (Guitarist), the brother of Pedro Ribeiro, originated from the 1st formation of the band composing his 1st song entitled "When the Devil is Here", a formation that soon fell apart with the departure of Bruno Pinto. So in one day of "cachaça" in Lael's Moraes house was invited to Elvis Oliver (Guitarist), that accepted the invitation and the band followed with this line-up: Pedro Ribeiro: Vomitist Moisés Ribeiro: Guitarist Elvis Oliver: Guitarist Lael Moraes: Bass Carlos Dias: Drums With complete training and testing time is thrown their 1st demo entitled "Alcoholic Thrash Metal", demo with four tracks. Being invited to some shows. Sometime later, for lack of time, Moisés Ribeiro parting the band. But the band also played some shows relying solely on the presence of guitarist Elvis Oliver, sometime later began recording the 2nd demo (The Hedonist Way of Being), this interval is invited to Renato Alves (Guitarist) who were recruited as in the middle of recording. Several months after Elvis Oliver, by particular problems, left the band. Just then along the contacts with other bands of style was invited Nichollas Radamés (Guitarist) and the band continues to work out of Lael Moraes, who takes leave for personal problems. Currently the band has the eminent bassist Danilo Santos. After several months of testing with the new bassis, the Bonebreaker more ready a new work: their third demo "Heavy Metal Attack - Warriors Of The Nigth". This demo contains four new songs the band recorded rehearsal mode. In addition, the band now prepares for the design of their 1st official full legth. The Bonebreaker today offers the following line-up: Pedro Ribeiro: Vomitist Nichollas Radamés: Guitarist Renato Alves: Guitarist Carlos Dias: Drummer Danilo Santos: Bassist

Source: http://www.myspace.com/bonebreaker80, october, 2012.  

Alcoholic Thrash Metal [Demo, 2007 - Suicide Apology Records]:
1. Car Wreckage 03:52  
2. Get up to Die 04:45  
3. Thrash Metal Alcólico 04:02  
4. When the Devil is Here 05:33

Carlos Dias Drums
Pedro Ribeiro Vocals
Lael Moraes Bass
Bruno Lucena Guitars
Moysés Brook Guitars

The Hedonist Way Of Being [Demo, 2009 - Suicide Apology Records]:
1. Illusions 05:28  
2. Alcoholic Avenger 04:07  
3. Orgastic 03:54  
4. The Other Side 03:54  
5. Bonebreaker 04:46
The Hedonist Way of Being demo was also released on CD-R format with colored artwork.
Also released as a free download in 2012 by D.T.M. Productions.

Carlos Dias Drums
Renato Alves Guitars
Pedro Ribeiro Vocals
Lael Moraes Bass
Élvis Oliver Guitars

Heavy Metal Attack - Warriors of the Night [Demo, 2011 - Hels' Trash Industries]:
1. Tsunami of Beer 04:38  
2. Street Fight 04:00  
3. Heavy Metal Ataque (Guerreiros da Noite) 04:46  
4. The Thrash and the Bitch 05:16

re-released on tape by Rawblackult Productions in 2012.

Danilo Santos Bass
Carlos Dias Drums
Nichollas Radamés Guitars
Renato Alves Guitars
Pedro Ribeiro Vocals

Demos Compilation [Demo, 2012 - Polze de la Mort]:
1. Tsunami Of Beer  
2. Street Fight  
3. Heavy Metal Ataque  
4. The Thrasher And The Bitch  
5. Illusions  
6. Alcoholic Avenger  
7. Orgastic  
8. The Other Side  
9. Car Wreckage  
10. Get Up To Die  
11. Thrasher Metal Alcólico  
12. When The Devil Is Here
Released on tape.
Track 1-4 - "Heavy Metal Attack - Warriors of the Night" Demo
Track 5-8 - "The Hedonist Way Of Being" Demo
Track 9-12 - "Alcoholic Thrash Metal" Demo


Genre(s): Pop / Hard Rock

Formed in João Pessoa - PB, 1998. Band whose sound remind 80's Pop Rock (The Smiths, in preference). They use samplers.

My Room is a Graveyard of Love [Demo, 2000]:
1.The lovely dreamer boy
2.Lost son


Genre(s): Digital Hardcore

Formed in Itabira - MG, 2007.

Source: http://palcomp3.com/higth/#!/vcs000, october, 2012. 

Bomde J3 [Demo, ?]:

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Genre(s): Thrash Metal

Formed in São Caetano do Sul - SP, 2007. In 2007, two great friends get together to play Thrash Metal, Hugo (guitarist MACE) and Enrico (ex-Wild Fire) decide to form a band for the sole purpose of having fun playing the style you like so much. To complete the banda called Marco Esteves to divide the guitars and initially the band's lead vocals. Lauro also call Aota Kushyiama to play bass in this first incarnation of the band. .. Soon decide to call a fifth element to the vocals. It is then that Leonardo Saldiva enters the banda. After some tests Lauro unfortunately decided to leave because he needed to take care of personal matters and could not reconcile their time (thankfully he is back playing, but now with our great friends from Brain Death). To take the position Lauro called Cesar Escaño, brother of Enrico and bassist Horror Business (Misfits cover). With this training, Bomb Threat recorded his first job, Inquisition - an EP of 5 songs had a great acceptance and reverberated widely considered one of the best independent releases of 2008. With that the band managed to do several shows within Brazil as well as having a projection outside the country, playing in Paraguay and Argentina. .. In early 2009, Cesar feels the need to focus on your personal and professional life, the brotherhood remains the same and will always continue. Fill the void left by Cesar was one of the largest trials of banda, after all the purpose of Bomb Threat is not just rely on good musicians, but rather with great friends and people involved and willing to face the hardships of having a thrash band in the 3rd world. Anyway, Gabriel Loyola (former Persecution) fits like a glove in this proposal and brings new blood to banda soon resume his routine of concerts and rehearsals. .. With the current lineup complete, the band writes new songs that clearly show the evolution of all musicians as well as the creativity of its members. Soon they began recording for a split-album with MACE to be launched with the support of one of the biggest underground labels in Brazil, Kill Again Records. The Day of The Duel (Bomb Threat x MACE), is scheduled to be released in late 2009 and promises to be one of the most promising debuts of the year. .. For the next years, Bomb Threat already has its first Full-Lenght in mind and promises many bombings to come.

Source: http://www.myspace.com/bombthrasher, october, 2012. 

Inquisition [EP, 2008]:
1.1. Inquisition 04:33   
2. Real Evil 03:36   
3. 55 North Tower 04:35   
4. Terminator 03:24  
5. White Chapel 04:03

The Day Of The Duel [Split, 2010 - Kill Again Records]:
1. Bomb Threat - Loss of Interest 01:44  
2. Bomb Threat - Judgment Day 03:36  
3. Bomb Threat - Spoils of War 03:08  
4. Bomb Threat - Terminator 03:08  
5. Bomb Threat - Real Evil 03:10  
6. Bomb Threat - Inner Possession 04:04  
7. M.A.C.E. - Shockwave 01:55  
8. M.A.C.E. - Pest 01:06  
9. M.A.C.E. - Blood Food Nation 02:24  
10. M.A.C.E. - Mutilated by Truth 02:27  
11. M.A.C.E. - Lets Play 01:31  
12. M.A.C.E. - The Duel 02:58  
13. M.A.C.E. - Insonia 01:46


Genre(s): Death Metal

Formed in Belford Roxo - RJ, 2005. Ivan Teixeira [d]. 

Communist and Tradition [Demo, 2006]:
1.All Are Same

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Means: Rice Little Cake

Genre(s): Hardcore / Poppy Punk

Formed in Belo Horizonte - MG, 2008.

Source: http://www.myspace.com/bolindiarroiss, october, 2012. 

Bolin Di Arroiss [Demo, ?]:



Genre(s): Hardcore

Formed in Ribeirão Bonito - SP, 2007.

Boka Ceka [Demo, ?]:
1.Ela Tocou
2.Retrato Do Brasil
3.Estar Com Alguém 
4.Hoje É Assim
5.Um Puro Sentimento De Raiva
6.Quero Te Dizer

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Genre(s): Hard Rock

Formed in Cabo Frio - RJ, 2010.

Source: http://www.myspace.com/bojirock, october, 2012. 

Oscilações Do Humor [EP, 2010]:




Genre(s): Alternative / Modern / Hard Rock

Formed in Brasília - DF, 1994. According to Greek Mythology, one of Heracless 12 labors was to steal cattle (oxes) from the three-headed giant called Geryon. Legends aside, the Brazilian band Bois de Gerião (Cattle of Geryon) mixes together the best elements from rocknroll, punk rock, hardcore, and ska. Since the very beginning, the band has received great reviews from the public and critics. The band has played in the main theaters, universities, and nightclubs in Brazil. Initiated in Brasília (the capital) in 1994, the group has five members: Rafael Farret (vocals and guitar), Tell (bass), Gabriel Coaracy (drums), Vincent Gautier (tenor sax) and Gus Simões (trumpet). From 1995 to 1999, Bois has released three demo tapes. With good music and outstanding performances on stage, the band has received good reviews amongst the public and national media. In 2001, Bois recorded its first cd, Bois de Gerião, through the indie label Protons, produced by Philippe Seabra, from the band Plebe Rude. The CD was released in 2002 and was elected best album of the year by the newspaper Correio Braziliense. A Brazilian tour was initiated with appearances in some of the most important indie festivals in the Country. In 2005, celebrating its 10 year anniversary, Bois de Gerião went back to studio to record its second album, Nunca Mais Monotonia (Monotony Never More), with the participation of the reknowned Brazilian producers Carlos Savalla (Paralamas do Sucesso, Pato Fu amongst others) and Gustavo Dreher (Graforréia Xilarmônica, Ultramen amongst others). The partnership with the label Protons continues.

Source: http://www.myspace.com/boisdegeriao, october, 2012. 

Bois De Gerião [Demo, ?]:

Bois De Gerião [Demo, ?]:

Bois De Gerião [Demo, ?]:

Bois De Gerião [Full-lenght, 2002]:
3-Já é tarde
4-Garotinha Fivelinha cluber
5-A bala
6 -Duques
7-Eu Não sei o que fazer
8-Devolva agora
9-All the Lights
10-Dia de Sábado
11-Minha Janela
12-Namora anuciando

Or: http://www.4shared.com/file/bhDrmyV6/Bois_de_Gerio-_Bois_de_Gerio_2.html

Nunca mais Monotonia [Full-lenght, 2006]:
1 - Sararã
2 - Nunca mais monotonia
3 - Virginia
4 - Fidelidade
5 - Interestelar
6 - Crista da onda
7 - Café descafeinado
8 - Prazer em conhecê-lo
9 - Pra quê o Jaroin?
10 - O dia mais frio da década

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Means: Boycott

Genre(s): Modern Metal / Rap Metal / Groove

Formed in Santa Cruz do Sul - RS, 2000. Formed in May 2000 in Santa Cruz do Sul, Boycott the full seven years of survival with the release of his first album: "Being crazy is São be" recorded and pressed completely independently. Awarded in several festivals and with many years of experience and garage provide road, the quartet formed by Fernando (vocals), Henry (guitar), Daniel (bass) and Fabio (drums), mixing elements of different styles, from protest and aggression of punk, transiting the swing of jazz, blues and funk, combined with the unpredictable and unsettling progressive rock psychedelic cubensis scholar, resulting in a fusion difficult to define. Facing all difficulties pertaining to an independent band, Boycott the battle for your space wherever, without compromising their ideologies and beliefs. Bending chords, shouting and breaking philosophy stage, makes his performances a manifesto for respect, justice, solidarity, social equality, racial and against any unethical practices that man aiming selfish benefits, generating conflicts catastrophic and apocalyptic. Persevering in the acceptance of their work, the band persists in seeking recognition and more supporters of the project: "Boycott, Being crazy is be normal."

Ser louco é ser são [Full-lenght, 2006]:
1.Da Tv
2.No Limite
3.Tudo No Lugar
5.Choque De Retorno
6.Caminho Tranquilo
7.Louco São
8.Nem Causa Nem Razão
9.Vouprumato Cubensis
10.Da Chuva

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