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Genre(s): Hard Rock

Formed in São José dos Campos - SP, 2009.

Source:, september, 2012. 

Blefe 13 [Demo, 2009]:
1.Do Meu Lado
2.O Que Vai Ser
3.Teoria do Mané


Genre(s): Death Metal

Formed in São José do Rio Preto - SP, 1997.

Shredded in the Bone [Demo, 1999]:
1. Shredded in the Bone 02:39  
2. Last Sigh 02:56  
3. Animal Hunger 02:20

Beto Drums
Anderson Matos Guitars, Vocals
Sérgio Bass

Before then Repugnant Glance of Cadaver [Demo, 2001]:
1. Maniac to the Dagger  
2. Choked by the Razor  
3. Quarteded by the Docile Dogs  
4. Anal Evil Tumor  
5. Shredded in the Bone


Genre(s): Melodic / Heavy Metal

Formed in Timbó - SC, 2003.

Source:, september, 2012. 

The Circle [Demo, 2007]:
1. Deep To Reality 04:22  
2. Mirage Of Lies 07:19  
3. The Circle 05:28

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Genre(s): Hardcore

Formed in Porto Ferreira - SP, 2009.

Source:, september, 2012. 

Blecful [Demo, ?]:
1.Ao Seu Redor
2.Vida Branca

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Genre(s): Grunge

Formed in Tubarão - SC.

Source:, september, 2012.

Bleach [Demo, ?]:
1.Suprime-te Punk Rocker
2.Folha Em Branco
3.Inseto Conquistador


Genre(s): Christian / Power Metal

Formed in Araucária - PR, 2002.

Source:, september, 2012. 

But Where Can Wisdon Be Found? [Demo, 2004]:
1. Follow  
2. Vision Divine  
3. Nunc Dimittis  
4. My Promise

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Genre(s): Heavy Metal

Formed in Brasília - DF, 2004. Formed in October 2004 by Carlos Sousa, Blazing Dog united individuals that share the same passion for Heavy Metal. The band is known for live explosive performances and for giving the sound, the looks and the energy which characterize the style. With that combustion combined with never-ending improvements the band conquered its public. In the year of 2009 the debut CD entitled Metallic Beast is released. The record depicts as one of the great launches of the year in the genre. In 2011, Blazing Dog renews it´s line up and is in the process of composing the successor of the acclaimed first album.

Source:, sptember, 2012. 

Metallic Beast [Full-lenght, 2009]:
1. Will of Steel 03:45  
2. Battle Splendour 04:41   
3. Silent Grave 04:42   
4. Icarus 00:43  
5. Supreme Wings 04:20   
6. Assassins 04:36   
7. Easy Rider 04:46   
8. A Thousand Deaths 04:36   
9. Wasted Bullets 06:14  
10. Blazing Dog 03:53   
11. Insane Minds 04:23   
12. Dance of Skeptics 06:35

Renan Guimarães Bass
Carlos Sousa Vocals
Gustavo Freitas Guitars
T.R. Guitars
Daniel Marks Drums


Genre(s): Death / Doom Metal

Formed in Paulínea - SP, 1994.

Eternal Sleep [Demo, 1996]:
1. Eternal Sleep  
2. Blazing Corpse  
3. Pestilent Aura  
4. The Catholic Murderer

Thought, Solitude and Death [Demo, 1997]:
1. Intro - Solveig's Song  
2. The Souls Perpetuation  
3. Divine Death  
4. Adnical

Cry Of The Stars [Demo, 1999]:
1. The Silence Of The Stars 04:28  
2. Cry Of The Stars 09:47  
3. ...Of Angels 05:02  
4. The Secrets... 02:46  
5. Adnicul 07:22

Southern warriors cult # 1 [Collection, 1999 - Souther Spirits Records]:
9.Crystalized Tears (Nights Of Profund Sadness)

Nocturne Delirium [Demo, 2002]:
1. Intro:Texto A Nosferatu 01:54  
2. Listen To The Storm 07:56  
3. Venus Urania 07:45  
4. Misanthropic Spirit 08:09  
5. From The Abyss Of My Dark Dreams 09:29


Genre(s): Hardcore

Formed in Rio de Janeiro - RJ.




Genre(s): Hardcore

Formed in Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 2006.

Source:, september, 2012. 

BlastSide [Demo, 2007]:
1. Se Eu Pensasse Em Você

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Genre(s): Grunge

Formed in Maceió - AL, 2002. Grunge band formed in 2002 in Maceio (exact week of the death of layne stanley). Initially formed by José luis (guit / vocals) Emerson (bass) and Icaro (drums) experienced changes in early 2004, with the output and input of Emerson Junior on bass, in October 2005 we recorded a demo with songs that are AVAILABLE in pmp3.No day December 30, 2005 Icaro does his last show with blastose in its place is Philip. junior leaves the blastose in its place is Marcio, the blastose continues with this lineup today.

Source:, september, 2012. 

Blastose [Demo, 2005]:
2. Vomitar
3. Simples Mortal
4. Cães De Aluguel
5. Inadequado
6. Plano De Fulga
7. Face A Face
8. Battles In Vain
9. Mãos Atadas
10. She Never Help


Genre(s): Thrash Metal

Formed in São Paulo - SP, 1998. Band composed by Dario Viola (V), Henry Perestrelo (G), Regi Mota (G), Diego Nogueira (B) and Rafael Sampaio (D), whose main objective distill his compositions in the 80's Thrash Metal, under influence of bands like Vio-Lence, Exodus, MX, Tankard, Kreator, Nuclear Assault, among others. Its beginning was made in 1998, with other members of whom only Dario is part of the current band. With the former, the band did some gigs and recorded their debut demo tape called "LICENSE TO THRASH", with three original songs (The Edge, Flash and The Pain Of Annihilation). In 1999, for various reasons the band broke up. Dario part then, the search for new thrashers to recompose the banda. Restart up tests, and finally in early 2001 with the formation stabilizes Dario Viola (G / V), Felipe Nizuma (G), Diego Nogueira (B) and Paulo Oliveira (D), and the band performs some shows along this year. In June 2002 the band released their second demo-tape entitled "BEER AND MOSH" with four original songs ("Beer And Mosh", "Nudity On TV", "Flash Of The Pain" and "End Your Face") and got great response in the underground. After the release, the band began a series of presentations and disclosure, in December 2002, he recorded the track "The Lament / IMF" for collection "METAL VOX VOL. 01" website / webzine Metal Vox (, launched in March 2003. In the second half of 2004, just in sequence to the return of the band's first performance abroad, a concert in Asuncion in Paraguay, the Blasthrashers begin recording his debut album. After finishing the recordings in January 2005, drummer Paulo Oliveira left the band for personal reasons and Rafael Sampaio takes the sticks, with some performances already scheduled, and its first show an opening show for the banda Korzus. Finally in June 2005 is released by Force Majeure Records, "NO TRACES LEFT BEHIND", the band's debut album received great reviews from magazines and zines and still gets great response from bangers and thrashers. Early in 2007 Dario abandons the guitar concentrating only on vocals. This change requested input from another guitarist, post filled by Rodrigo Schmidt (Kremate). As in his very first training demo prior to 1998, the Blasthrash is again a quintet. At the end of 2008 the second CD is released: "VIOLENCE JUST FOR FUN", by Mutilation Records label. With the change in training for a musical quintet and the consequent development of the members, this album takes even more extreme to the proposal of banda music: play fast and heavy, guided by the canons of classic Thrash Metal without, however, fail to seek originality . Soon after the release of the CD, guitarist Felipe Nizuma leaves the band and is replaced by Henrique Perestrelo, also part of the band thrash Infected. Now, in early 2010, another change in line-up, and we intend to be the last: guitarist Regi replaces Rodrigo Mota, who left the country. Regi played with Rodrigo in banda Kremate, our great friends for many years. Thus, the scheduling dates Blasthrash continues to present itself for the largest number of possible sites touting his Thrashin 'Way Of Life for all thrashers manic and insane bangers for beer and mosh!

Source:, september, 2012

License to Thrash [Demo, 1998]:
1. The Edge 03:57  
2. Flash of the Pain 05:37  
3. Annihilation 04:08

Dario Viola Vocals, Bass
Bruno Brito Drums
Diego Scaglione Guitars
Antonio Nenê Castro Guitars

Beer & Mosh [Demo, 2002 - Force Majure Records]:
1. Beer & Mosh 04:13  
2. Nudity on T.V. 03:50  
3. Flash of the Pain 04:49  
4. Face Your End 05:53

Diego Nogueira Bass
Dario Viola Vocals, Guitars
Paulo Oliveira Drums
Felipe Nizuma Guitars

Demo 2004 [Demo, 2004]:
1. Beer and Mosh  
2. Nudity on T.V.  
3. Flash of the Pain  
4. Face Your End  
5. The Edge  
6. Annihilation  
7. I.M.F.
A compilation of all demo tapes was released in 2004.

Metal Vox Volume 1 [Collection, 2003]:
5. IMF

No Traces Left Behind [Full-lenght, 2005 - Force Majure]:
1. Psychotic Minds 04:31   
2. Nudity on T.V. 03:48   
3. No More Apathy 03:34  
4. Assassin 03:56   
5. When Will They Fall 03:10  
6. Beer & Mosh 04:02   
7. ... AndThem All My Hope Is Gone 04:36  
8. Empty Words 03:36  
9. Collapse Is Near 03:48  
10. The Lament/I.M.F. 03:43

Diego Nogueira Bass
Dario Viola Vocals, Guitars
Paulo Oliveira Drums
Felipe Nizuma Guitars

Violence Just for Fun [Full-lenght, 2008 - Mutilation Records]:
1. Freedom Lies Dead 04:42  
2. Violence Just for Fun 04:06  
3. Possessed by Beer 03:51  
4. Collective Suicide 04:12  
5. F# 00:11  
6. Radiation Death 03:23  
7. Fear the Holy Cross 02:33  
8. Brain Dysfunction 03:15  
9. Like a Living Dead 03:41  
10. Thrash or Die 04:46

Diego Nogueira Bass
Rafael Sampaio Drums
Dario Viola Vocals
Felipe Nizuma Guitars
Rodrigo Schmidt Guitars

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