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Genre(s): Brutal Death / Black Metal 

Formed in Cariacica (and now in Vila Velha), Espírito Santo - 1994. The band Await Rottenness started back in 1994 playing a Raw and Primitive Black Metal. The same year the demo tape Dominium Lugubre was released and quickly vanished in the underground. In the early year of 1996, the band members decided to stop working together because of personal problems and then broke up all activities. Only in 97, with a brand new line-up, they returned with 2 demos, Cursed to Die and Perishness, delivering a true Old School Death Metal songs. These 2 demos opened the way for some live presentations and a good divulgation of the songs in the Brazilian metal scene. After another line-up change, in 1998, the epic CDR called Pagan Soul, was released thus leading to a very good path to the band, receiving good acclamation by mags, zines, radios and public in Brazil and overseas as well. At that time, the band started to call the atention of some metal labels. The year of 2000 was marked by many changes in the line-up again. A compilation CDR with the demos and some unreleased tracks was out, but failed to be successful because of many problems with the band at that time. Only in the end of 2001, the band was back strong together. With new songs recorded, they finally signed with Demise Records, a Brazilian extreme metal label and in 2005 brought up to the scene the CD Chaos Eternal, featuring an intense, raw and insane old school Brazilian Death Metal, made only for the true followers of this style. 

Perishness [Demo, 1996]: 
1.Intro-Into the Scorching Flames 
3.Everlasting Spawn 
4.Call of Doom 

Cursed To Die [Demo, 1996]: 
1.Last Torture 
2.Cursed To Die 
3.Your Scorn Is Mine

Pagan Soul [Full-length, 1998]: 
1.Intro – Equinox 
2.Pazuzu God 
3.Endless Fear 
4.The Last Torture 
5.Again In Tormet 
7.In The Scorghing Flames 
10.Ever Lasting Spawn 
11.Call Of Doom

Compilation 2002 [Demo, 2002]: 
1.Intro – Equinox 
2.Pazuzu God 
3.Endless Fear 
4.The Last Torture 
5.Again In Tormet 
7.In The Scorghing Flames 
10.Ever Lasting Spawn 
11.Call Of Doom 
12.The Oldest Ones 
13.Dominium Aeternum

The Chaos Eternal [Full-length, 2005 – Demise Records]: 
1.Intro 00:31 
2.The Chaos Eternal 04:55 
3.Guardian of the Silver Gate 03:16 
4.The Oldest Ones 05:04 
5.Hatred 05:26 
6.Unholy Spirits from the Past 04:54 
7.Within the Highest Power 03:51 
8.Pazuzu God 03:52



Genre(s): Melodic Death Metal 

Formed in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais - 2006. When a city becomes a milestone on the history of metal, we know that many bands come out from there in a generation full of new ideas. Ideas which don’t get lost along the way, but evolve and adapt, heading to the future. This city transpired and respired the best of extreme metal and from it has grown the most memorable bands of Brazilian extreme metal. Nowadays we can hear the echoes of riffs of bands like Sarcófago, Overdose, and many others. Belo Horizonte is the name of this city, hometown of the most succeeded Brazilian metal band, Sepultura. From the same flesh, the strength of the blood flow continues and still today, can generate a band that not only take care about its predecessors, but bring innovative ideas to search for a place on today’s metal scene. We are talking about Avoid the Pain, formed in the end of 2006 by guitarist and vocalist Rodrigo Arruda and drummer Pedro Leão in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The band has as main influence the contemporary Death Metal bands, such as In Flames, At the Gates and Dark Tranquillity. Other musical styles that influences the arrangements and themes are the Contemporary Thrash Metal, for example Lamb of God and The Haunted and Doom/Gothic Metal as Sentenced and Amorphis. The name Avoid the Pain may has two meanings. The first is related to the fact that human being overestimates little things and, when they lapse, it causes pain. And one way to avoid this pain is always think that, living that way, after the death your life has meant nothing. It is a name that causes reflection. Another meaning can be assigned to those situations in which a person thinks his life is empty, useless and only means pain. Trying to avoid the pain, they end up in search of death as a solution. These meanings can be found in the themes of the songs that deal also with human nature: fear, introspection, thinking gloom, dark, which are not brought to the surface to cause outrage in us and in others. In the year of 2006, with some compositions already made, Rodrigo and Pedro invited Lucas Oliveira as additional guitarist. Bassist João Marques joins the band in the beginning of 2007 and, until the middle of that year, Avoid the Pain passes through a process of practice sessions and musical composition. After some gigs in the capital of Minas Gerais and with a increasing number of compositions, the band records its first EP in April of 2008. Despite the fact of …About Blades and Graves contains only 3 tracks, the well done production helped to obtain a great recognition among the media and audience. Hence, the EP crowned the 18 months of band’s work. In the beginning of the second semester of 2009 the band starts the process of recording of its debut album, Death Bullets Dead End. The record, mixing, and mastering occurred at WZ studios. Was produced by Alan Wallace and Andre Márcio, both members of Eminence. Predicted to be released in September of 2009, the album is expected with anxiety by the specialized media. 

...about Blades and Graves [EP, 2008]: 
1.Eternal Lay 04:31 
2.Enigma of Nightfall 04:09 
3.Hounds 04:44

EP por
Avoid The Pain[DBDE out by Tornhate Records]
Avoid The Pain[DBDE out by Tornhate Records]

Corrupted Mind [Single, 2009]: 
1.Corrupted Mind

Death Bullets Dead End [Demo, 2010]: 
1.Confined Within Hollow 
2.Awesome World 
3.Corrupted Mind 
4.Trench Fever 
5.May 09 
6.Eternal Lay 
7.Enigma of Nightfall 
Promo 2010 - Limited edition. 

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Genre(s): Power Metal 

Formed in Alagoas.

Demo [Demo, 1993]: 
1Jesus Is Dead 
Rafael (g), Lelo (b), Enio (d) & Léo (v).

And Join The Fun [Full-lenght, 1995]:
1.Chaotic Imagery
3.And Join the Fun
4.Judged Memories
8.Shit Love
9.I Am Still Alive
11.Olhos Vendados
12.Jesus is Dead
13.Avoid [Acoustic Version]
14.Fucking Dear

From: http://musicaindieal.blogspot.com.br/2008/07/avoid-and-join-fun-1995.html

One Track on: http://www.4shared.com/audio/0I1DcKD7/Avoid_-_Fucking_Dear_odisseias.html
From: http://alagoasound.blogspot.com.br/2010/09/avoid-fucking-dear-das-antrolas.html


Genre(s): Power / Melodic Metal 

Formed in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais - 1998. Formed in early 1998, Avitus is one of the first bands in the state of Minas Gerais to play in the style known as "melodic power metal." Moving away from the good old custom metal exploring the fictional universe of the legends, folklore and Greek and Norse mythology, the Avitus opted to try to portray some of the mining history (in its most representative period - the time Golden Cycle Gold) , as can be seen in the band's lyrics. Sung in tone unusual for this style of Heavy Metal, the letters of Avitus are not just about history, are also a humble praise to the eternal thirst for freedom of mankind, as we hear in Midnight Whispers (portraying a fictional secret meeting of Conspirators) , I used to ... (A love letter from an idealist trapped), Gilded Dreams (on the fascination for gold in the visions of a pioneer and a slave), Rebels' Eyes (an appeal against conformity) and After All (a final reflection on the results of the Minas Conspiracy). Despite already having found its own identity in relation to its sound, the Avitus still keeps some similarities with some of his major influences: the Finnish bands like Stratovarius and American Nevermore, among other more traditional, which are honored by the band with the inclusion of versions of some of his songs in his repertoire of covers. After a few lineup changes, the Avitus debuted in September/99 studio, recording two songs: "After all" and "I used to ...". Both are being rewritten (now counting on the production of Claudio David _ex-Overdose, EletriKa) and together with seven other songs will be part of the first official recording of Avitus, a full CD to be released in 2002. Among them are gilded and DREAMS REBELS 'EYES, the first two to be completed and that the latter is available for download on the official website of Avitus. Both have already marked their presence in anthologies such as Soldiers Rock and Rock Brasilis 6. The two tracks are part of the mini-cd entitled "preceding ...", which is scheduled for completion in December 2001, giving fans a taste of what's to come. Formed by Jorge Cotta (vocals), Elvis Ciseski (guitars), Richard Squair (guitar), Renato Kojima (bass), Omar Cardoso (drums) and Gustavo Ivon (keyboards), the Avitus looking for a record deal, doing justice to your name, boost higher flights. 

Avitus [Demo, 2000]: 
1.After All 
2.I Used To

Preceding [Demo, 2001]:
1.Rebel Eyes
2.Gilded Dreams
Jorge Cota - v, Elvis Ciseski - g, Richard Squair - g, Renato Kojima - b, Chico Cardoso - d, Gustavo Ivon - k.


Genre(s): Black Metal 

Formed in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais.

Demo [Demo]: 
Ron Seth (all). 


Genre(s): Heavy Metal 

Formed in São Paulo, São Paulo - 1983. Reunited almost 20 years after their first official recording, Avenger currently plan on recording a live album. The Brazilian band Avenger from São Paulo started back in 1983. Together with many other native bands Avenger was a traditional Heavy Metal band following in the foot steps of England's heavy rock revival, better known as "The New Wave of Heavy Metal". Avenger did not survive long but for the short time they lived, they managed to release two songs on a compilation album called "SP Metal". Luis Carlos Calanca, owner of the legendary Brazilian label "Baratos Afins", produced this compilation. Unfortunately  at the beginning of the 80's  rock production was just starting. Brazilian sound technicians did not have much experience and these two tracks suffered as a result, showing very poor mixing and not really bringing out the best the band had to offer. Nevertheless, Avenger's  live performance was unforgettable.  Their raw power was a real treat for  rock lovers. The band would bring on to the stage a lot of tricks and strategies to make the audience jump non stop. Every concert would include covers from Judas Priest and Metallica and the show would invariably end with a Champagne bath with the punters. The crowd, of course, loved it and always returned for more. At that time the band was managed by Antonio Celso Barbieri (yes! me) who kept them very busy playing everywhere in São Paulo and nearby cities. In those days Heavy Metal was not the only rock style in vogue. Punk Rock was raging on and Avenger had more than one problem with radical punks and skinheads. Barbieri left the band shortly before the SP Metal's  recording  sessions began. Barbieri too was not happy with the  outcome of this compilation.  Since Barbieri was also producing a compilation for another label called "Devil Discos", he took  this opportunity to include a live take from Avenger called "Usinas Nucleares".  This song had been an instant hit for the band and loved by their fans. Barbieri's compilation was called "São Power" and this again lacked quality (sorry guys!). But quality was not really the main issue here, Barbieri wanted to capture the power and energy of the bands playing live. The general idea was to release a tribute album showing some of the good bands that he had worked with but who unfortunately did not survive the hard life on the road. "Usinas Nucleares" showed Avenger at their best, powerful and shouting against of the construction of Nuclear Plants in Brazil. The construction of several Nuclear Plants in Brazil was a total waist of money. The only real purpose,  was to try and create Atomic Bombs by the military. Avenger's demise was typical. They ended for the same reason bands normally end: lack of experience, deterioration in relationships between band members and destructive remarks and comments from the public about their performance on the SP Metal compilation. Many years have passed since then and the band members are all older and wiser as I think, indeed,  am I. Old disagreements are things of the past. It is better to look back and remember the good old times on the road. he main reason I have created this web site is  to pay my lasting respects and keep alive the good memories of that period of our lives. Source: http://www.2bstar.com/avenger/home.html, april 2011. Biography by Manager Celso Barbieri: The band led by vocalist Paul Avenger Egydio Rossi came in 1983 in the district of Guarulhos in Sao Paulo. Besides Paul, the band had with Robert (Bob) on guitar, bass and Luiz Teixeira Gilson on drums. Like many other bands from São Paulo, the group was a Heavy Metal in the style of British bands from the same period that became known as "The New Wave of Heavy Metal." This band, unfortunately, following the general rule could not survive for long. However, in the short time he was active, managed to release two songs on the famous SP Metal compilation produced by Luis Carlos Calanca and released on his label Cheap trades. Unfortunately in the early 80's rock production in Brazil was still in its infancy. With the recording studio more used to mix religious music, country music and Brazilian music, recordings and mixes rock always left much to be desired. Lacked the weight, the voice was always more forward and the general idea was that rock was very noisy and had to be "luscious" for radio play. The rock bands were more like lab rats in the hands of inexperienced technicians. As the bands had no experience with recording studios and, most, or the money to fund their own recordings, it got even in the hands of producer that was not always a great fan of this style. Having said that, my surprise at the quality and quantity of the artistic legacy of Os Mutantes, a band of the previous generation that had excellent albums released in the 70s. Os Mutantes should be judged not only by the artistic quality but also for innovation and pioneering spirit of his work. But back to the Avenger, these two songs recorded for the anthology SP Metal, the reasons given above, suffered in the recording and mixing failing to capture the best the band had to offer. Live, the thing was very different. The Avenger pleased with a very energetic show full of surprises. Normally all concert included covers of bands like Judas Priest and Metallica and always ended, as in Formula 1 racing, with a Champagne bath in the audience. The Barbieri here, was the band's manager. During the time I walked in controls kept the band busy promoting shows in the capital of Sao Paulo and neighboring cities. The lack of theaters for concerts forced me to invade areas previously unexplored by the heavy metal such as a show we played at a club called Wal Improvisation that existed there in the street near the Frederick Steidel Arouche Square. How Wal Improvisation began work only after 1 am just going to close up around 7 or 8 o'clock in the morning, convinced the owner to give us space on a Saturday afternoon. The show was a success. As payment, the band played a show up early for the home crowd who unfortunately was lethargic and not responsive. I learned an important lesson. Think twice before putting my artists in front of an ignorant public to the musical style that will be presented. Speaking of style, this time heavy metal was not the only style in vogue. Punk was released in the periphery and eating, we had more than a problem with the radicalism of the punks and skinheads. Conchita Mitchell Theatre in the city of Santo André, at the entrance of the theater, I was literally paralyzed for a split second look at this punk mohawk with a hatchet raised less than a meter from my head. I was only saved because the noise of several glass doors of the theater before coming down to the boots for their partner turned her attention, giving me time to run, climb on stage, grab the microphone from the hands of Paul and the audience to call the fight. While the band's opening occurred at the gate, I tried to control myself a gang of at least about 30 punks who wanted to enter without paying. The problem was not paid because it was clear that what they really wanted to cause disarray and break everything inside the theater. It was during the show's Avenger that the violence erupted. In the middle of the Avenger concerts as part of the performance, at the hour of solo guitar music during the presentation of "999", a hooded monk usually entered the stage with a Picates with blood appearing red tips. After challenging the audience to pick the monk used as a simulated guitar and guitar duel with the guitarist (Bob). It was a theatrical trick that always worked. When he invaded the stage, grabbing the microphone and calling the public to the "war" took the pick and ran behind the punks followed by the audience. In the square in front of the theater with the punks running distance I discovered that I was alone. I looked back only to find that the public was all still inside the entrance of the theater watching with frightened faces of the damage. But you cowards! To be honest, the staff of the metal was never a good personal fight. The punks were mostly fueled by booze and amphetamines, while the public's mostly heavy rock came to the shows "straight", powered up a beer or smoke cannabis. All peaceful people! Throughout my career I never had a problem with violence in my personal metal concerts. Indeed, in terms of social class thing was more or less divided as follows: Poor (Punk • Pinga • Amphetamines). Middle Class (Rock • Beer • Smoking) and Rico (Bossa Nova & Jazz • Whiskey • Cocaine). OK! Rambled again! But back to the theater, until at last the police came and took all the punks in a train station nearby. It was good because if I did not find the culprits would have to be responsible, to pay for all harm. Unfortunately the show's second day had to be canceled and we lost money on the rental of sound equipment. Imagine the scene: The Barbieri running with a pick with the points "bloody" after punk with a Mohican hair cut type and holding a hatchet. I wanted to laugh but the truth is that at the time the thing was serious. What I would pick the punk stopped and faced me? Beats me! It's good to even think. The song "Beverly Hills" of Eduardo Dusek was a hit on radio and as a result came out in the local newspaper carried the headline: "Punks admitted to the party break everything". Let me make clear that despite having such problems with certain radical elements, where I enjoyed the respect of musicians of the major punk bands of that period such as João Gordo (Ratos de Porão), Fabio (Olho Seco), Retson (Colera), Clemente (Inocentes). Moreover, the gang punks were the main enemies of their own movement. The number of hard rock bands and realize that it has increased considerably, as the saying goes "one swallow does not make a summer." The idea was to give a strength to the movement and see if I could just wake up the press, radio, TV broadcasters and record companies. I left just before the Avenger of his musicians began recording for the collection and SP Metal I continued my career as a producer of shows going, as a result, produce two seasons of SP Metal Project at Teatro Lira Paulistana where they played dozens and dozens of bands. Many other projects followed, often involving a large number of musical groups. I confess that, knowing so well the sound of the Avenger, I was also disappointed with the end result of their participation in collection SP Metal. If Paul was never a virtuoso on vocals, instead, his professionalism and attitude of the stage has always been excellent. Paul was charismatic and held the show with mastery. With a repertoire in Portuguese and music in the style of the band Judas Priest, the audience always came back for more. I mean, with the growing audience for each show, the band was certainly doing something right. I believe that a competent sound technician's voice would have mixed in another way and given more support for Paul in the recording. In the same period started the production of a collection for the label "Devil Drives" belonging to Francisco Domingos de Souza (Chicao). I took then to include a track recorded live at Teatro Lira Paulistana called "Nuclear Power Plants." Nuclear power plants was one of the favorite tunes from the public and was a good opportunity to show the firepower of the group. I gave the name of "Are Power" for the album which was composed only of live tracks from bands that had already ended. The quality of recordings was poor, but the idea was to document somehow the sound of these bands live. Despite all the limitations, Nuclear Plants in the album shows a powerful Avenger and breaking everything. The album was Power are the first launch of the Seal Devil Drives. The second release was the album Korzus Live. The Korzus Live was the first of several albums released by this label Korzus. It was with this album Korzus Live I won some money for the first time with rock. It was enough for me to buy my ticket to Europe and get out. (Click here to learn more about Barbieri's collaboration with the Devil Discos). The band Avenger just the same reasons that many groups end. It was for lack of experience, deterioration of interpersonal relations between the band members and mainly a result of destructive comments made by the public to respect the singer's performance at colectionn SP Metal. The rest of the band ended up breaking with the Paulo and forming a new group called the Destroyer who had a life lightning and just as fast as it started. The truth is that anyone who had the financial power was without Paul and Paul's band had no economic conditions to continue. Interestingly, many years have passed and it seems the band was rediscovered by a new audience. Music magazines have recently made good reviews of albums SP SP Metal I and Metal Avenger II where, surprisingly, was always welcomed by the quality of their work. It is the world's many turns. It is a pity that the "master tape" of these recordings has not been saved because with today's technology a new remix would be the final solution. The only band member who remains active, following his dream, is the bassist Luiz Teixeira. He is part of Tarkus band, perhaps the progressive rock group most important in Brazil. Just to conclude, I would say that the band's logo and design were created by Robert Monk, guitarist. The animation and adaptation to the Internet were taken by me. Be sure to listen (or download) here on this site, this band made the show at Teatro Lira Paulistana in 1985. 

S.P. Metal [Split album, 1984 – Baratos Afins]: 
1.Missão Metálica 04:39 
7.Cidadão do Mundo 03:57

Or: http://www.4shared.com/file/68253853/d98ab047/SP_Metal_-_Vol_I__1984_____sueco.html?dirPwdVerified=e39175ff

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Means: WITH SADNESS [in French]

Genre(s): Dark / Extreme Progressive Metal 

Formed in Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro - 2000. Created in 2000, Avec Tristesse was already releasing its debut album "Ravishing Beauty" in 2002 via Hellion Records. In 2004 the sophomore album "How Innocence Dies" would see the light of day yet again through hellion records. The music this band puts together is a blend of styles ranging from extreme metal to modern rock. Some have classified them as Dark Metal, but this is not entirely accurate. Growls and clean vocals are always present, with occasional female voices. Fans of My Dying Bride, Anathema, Katatonia and Opeth usually appreciate their music. Inspired by their own experiences, emotions and feelings, the songs and lyrics always tend to follow a path of originality and emotional contemplation. 

Ravishing Beauty [Full-length, 2002 – Hellion Records]: 
1.Ravishing Beauty pt.1 03:41 
2.She, the Lust 05:15 
3.Ravishing Beauty pt.2 01:49 
4.The Crown Of Uncreation 06:56 
5.De Sombre Amour Et Souffrance 01:57 
6.In Vain I Cry 05:44 
7.Paean 06:11 
Pedro I. Salles : Vocals, guitars, keyboards, Nathan Thrall : Drums, backing vocals, Raphael G.: Bass, Alexandre Woden : Guitars, Bruno Campbell : keyboards.                                

How Innocence Dies [Full-length, 2004 – Hellion Records]: 
1.I Am But One 02:02 
2.All Love is Gone 4:47 
3.A View of the End 04:38 
4.Escapism 07:51 
5.Through My Eyes 01:32 
6.Presence Ignored 01:55 
7.Lost in Your Complexity 04:48 
8.Of Emotions 06:00 
9.As Years Pass By 09:00 
10.Avant Les Ténèbres 02:01 
11.Angel After Dark 05:13 
12.Sceptical and Gone 08:28 
Pedro Salles: Vocals, guitars, keyboards, Nathan Thrall: Drums, vocals, Raphael Gama: Bass.

Use & Control [Full-lenght, 2011]:
1.The Human Nature 03:13  
2.I've Learned to Hate 06:50  
3.Caixa de Fósforo 01:29 instrumental
4.Next Step Another Illusion 04:45  
5.Is It 04:34  
6.So Beautiful I Just Can't 04:31  
7.I Punish Myself 03:34  
8.Universal Conspiracy 04:31  
9.Selfish 08:00  
10.LAme Du Vin 05:01  
11.Fatality Abid 05:52  
12.Here I Am 07:44  
13.Choices 06:59




Genre(s): Heavy Metal 

Formed in Londrina, Paraná - 2008. The band Ave Noturna was founded in Londrina, Parana in early 2008 by Marcelo F. (vocals), Rodrigo Freitas (guitar), Rosana Freitas (bass) and Romulus Daniels (drums), all graduates of the former Mission Metal band that took part in the beginning (2005) to end (2008). Even in early trials, Danilo Cassant enters as the second guitarist and the band is fixed as a quintet. At the end of that year, they recorded "Metallic Path", the first demo of the Ave Noturna, which contains 3 sounds themselves (Metallic Path, Rua Antares, 286 and the Egyptian Resurrection of the Legend) and the cover of War Games, the Minimum Wage. This material achieved a headbanger excellent public response, despite the poor recording quality and poor dissemination of the material (for financial reasons, the demo was only released on MySpace and blogs to download) the CD was not sent to any communication vehicle, too. In 2009, the band enters the underground circuit and presents concerts in London, Piracicaba and Ourimbah (twice), always with the audience waving and singing along to the sounds. At the turn of the year, Romulus and Daniel left the band due to disagreements regarding the future of it, and then formalizes Ave Victor Oliveira as the new drummer and close formation as a quartet. In the month of March is the time for Rosa to leave the band due to personal problems, leading to Ademir "Teco", former lead singer of Mission and current lead singer of Metal Attaque 80, and now covers four strings on the Ave's plans Night Bird for 2010 are to continue on the road and make new sounds for the launch of a new demo, which this time will have a better record, as well as distribution and dissemination appropriate, always with the intention to play Heavy Metal in Portuguese, as well as High Voltage, Minimum Wage and Harppia did. 

Source: http://www.myspace.com/avenoturna, april 2011.

Caminho Metálico [Demo, 2008]: 
1.Caminho Metálico 03:49 
2.Rua Antares, 286 05:06 
3.A Ressurreição Da Lenda Egípcia 07:25 
4.Jogos De Guerra (Cover Salário Mínimo) 04:02

Or: http://sharebee.com/dd37cb31
Or: http://www.mediafire.com/?t1exmvjox60btql

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Genre(s): Black Metal 

Formed in Paço do Lumiar, Maranhão - 2000. Ave Lucifer was risen in 2000 between the chaos and lust to spread the Satanic Pride in this fucking world. In the first few years the cursed black horde Ave Lucifer had many troubles with line up, but in 2002 the Ave Lucifer finally have the line up stabilized with Blasfemo Sargatanas (vochaos), Imperador Naberus (666 strings of hate and darkness), Inferus Baruk (demoniac holocaust in four fucking strings) and Oculto Biemô (devilish war hammer), with this line up the great horde of evil Ave Lucifer release in 2004 a first official demo called, “O Fruto do Mefistofelismo” that is a material with five hymns of pure and chaotic Satanic Black Metal. In 2007 Blasfemo Sargatanas left the Satanic empire of Ave Lucifer for personal reasons. So Ave Lucifer shows a new and destructive line up with: Imperador Naberus (vocals/guitar), Inferus Baruk (guitars and bass) and Oculto Biemô (drums). In the same year the mexican Black Metal label called, Hell Kommando Rec. release a Satanic and Underground alliance between Brazil and Mexico in form of a 3 way split with Ave Lucifer, Naastrand and Pagan Wrath. The Naastrand and Pagan Wrath are two great hordes from Mexico. In 2008 Ave Lucifer release a second official demo, this new Satanic opus is called, “Profanos Segredos Noturnos”. In this new release, the Ave Lucifer shows the form most Satanic, Brutal, Chaotic and Destructive of the old and true Satanic Black Metal. “Profanos Segredos Noturnos” are four demoniacal hymns full of violence and darkness in total honor of Satanic Pride. It’s a new rape against worm christian shit!!! In 2009 the japanese Label Deathrash Armageddon re-released the Bestial Attack "Profanos Segredos Noturnos" in MCD format. In 2010 Oculto Biemô left the Satanic empire of Ave Lucifer for personal reasons and A. Sadat 666 is the new diabolic war drummer. 

O Fruto do Mefistofelismo [Demo, 2004]: 
1.Horda Profana 04:20 
2.Desejos de Lúcifer 05:27 
3.Discípulo do Mal 05:22 
4.O Fruto do Mefistofelismo 05:58 
5.Infernal Profecia 05:55

Ave Lucifer / Naastrand / Pagan Wrath [Split, 2007 – Deathcult]: 
1.Horda Profana 03:06 
2.Desejos de Lucifer 05:28 
3.Discipulo do Mal 05:24 
4.O Fruto do Mefistofelismo 05:55 
5.Infernal Profecia 05:57 
Limited to 500 handnumbered copies. Ave Lucifer's tracks originally appeared on the demo "O Fruto do Mefistofelismo". 

Profanos Segredos Noturnos [EP, 2008]: 
1.Triunfal Prelúdio ao Caos 02:58 
2.Profanos Segredos Noturnos 05:03 
3.Rex Infernus 06:45 
4.O Grande Triunfo do Exército de Satã 06:37 
5.A Saga do Eterno Mal 09:32 
Re-released in 2009 by Deathash Armageddon (DA13-020). Imperador Naberus - Vocals, Guitar, Inferus Baruk - Guitar, Bass, Oculto Biemô – Drums.