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Genre(s): Progressive Metal

Formed in São Paulo - SP, 2008. BITTENCOURT PROJECT is the name of Rafael Bittencourt's most recent side project. He is the founder guitar player of the band Angra, that has conquered fame in many countries with a very singular style that blends Heavy-Metal, Brazilian and classic music. .. .. BRAINWORMS I is the first album from this group/project fully idealized by Rafael Bittencourt who has a discography of over 16 titles, gold records (in Brazil and Japan), over one million records sold and wrote some of the modern melodic-metal hymns such as ANGELS CRY, TIME, STAND AWAY, Z.I.T.O., MAKE BELIEVE, METAL ICARUS, REBIRTH, ACID RAIN, THE SHADOW HUNTER, THE VOICE COMMANDING YOU among many other songs that for years inspire an assorted audience and motivate many hopeful musicians to improve themselves on their instruments... .. Brainworms is a term created by Oliver Sacks, a famous American Neuron-scientist, to name certain types of melodies that eventually “stick” into our memory and we feel hard to get it off. Curiosly, Rafael had the melodies for the songs trapped in his mind right when he was reading Oliver Sacks's book “Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain”. Inspired by this concept, he wrote the 11 songs of the album. .. .. Accurate musicianship, talent, originality, a pioneer instinct, technique and feeling are just a few of the adjectives used to qualify this musician, owner of an unique sensibility, known as one of the most important of his style. And those are the same qualities found in the upcoming CD BRAINWORMS I from his recently born group: the BITTENCOURT PROJECT.. .. The release of BRAINWORMS I is expected for October 2008, same month as ANGRA's 17th anniversary. This album comes as a gift for the fans that have been supporting this musician's career all over the world. .. .. The BITTENCOURT PROJECT is been released simultaneously in Japan (JVC VICTOR) and Brazil (VOICE MUSIC). A tour might happen in Japan early 2009. And it is planned to be released in USA and Europe on late 2008... .... TECHNICAL DETAILS:.... Artist: BITTENCOURT PROJECT .. Album: BRAIWORMS I.. Produced by Rafael Bittencourt e Oscar Gonzalez... Release date: October 2008 (Brazil and Japan)... Style: Progressive Hard Rock.. Origin: São Paulo- BRAZIL.. .. ..MUSICIANS.... Rafael Bittencourt: Guitars and Vocals.. Marcell Cardozo: Drums .. Valentino: Percussion.. Felipe Andreoli: Normal, Fretless and Upright Basses.. Fernando Nunes: Bass and fretless bass .. Fabrizio DiSarno: Keyboards .. Nei Medeiros: Keyboards.. Frank Djoni: Accordion .. Tony SZ: Additional percussion .. .... ESPECIAL GUEST MUSICIANS.... Amon Lima: Electric and acoustic violins .. Ricardo Confessori: Drums .. Kiko Loureiro: piano. It all started when all my family used to gather at my grandfather´s place (Edgar Bittencourt) on sunday nights to play and sing some brazilian folk tunes. My grandfather´s rights were suspended during the Military Dictatorship, and, since we were not allowed to work, we all gathered to cheer him up. That became a great family gathering. We all could sing, tell jokes, funny stories, etc. I was very young (from 4 to 12, that I remember) but that good atmosphere created by the music, that made everybody forget about their problems, fascinated me. Then, after my grandfather´s death, in 1983, I inherited my aunt´s old acoustic guitar and started learning to play it. After that, I have been looking for information and tried to learn my instrument every time I could. I lived in the US for a year, and that helped me to play and write, but it was at Santa Marcelina University, in São Paulo, where I graduated as composer and conductor, that I felt ready to start a professional band. I started in Angra in a period when grunge bands were appearing and the glamourous heavy metal bands were decreasing. In the middle of all these changes of course, some melodic metal in Europe (Gamma Ray and Helloween) and some american Prog Metal bands (Dream Theater and Fates Warning) came up, as bandas with virtuosi musicians and writing songs full of melody and emotion. All this should be combined with the sophisticated way of composing from the classic era, and we would add some of our folk songs and brazilian culture and that was the chemistry for a band with no equal. I thought about the name Angra, which I think is strong for the project. This name existed since the egyptian times and appears in many cultures with different meanings. Always related to mysterious and powerful words. The band started 15 years ago. We have won many victories together and several are still to come. 

Source:, august, 2012. 

Brainworms I [Full-lenght, 2008 - Voice Music]:
01. Dedicate My Soul
02. Holding Back The Fire
03. Torment Of Fate
04. The Dark Side Of Love
05. Nightfly
06. The Underworld
07. Faded
08. Santa Teresa
09. O Pastor
10. Comendo Melancia
11. Primeiro Amor
12. Nacib Veio [bonus track]

Rafael Bittencourt Guitars, Vocals
Marcell Cardozo Drums
Felipe Andreoli Bass, Fretless bass, Upright bass

Nacib Véio Invade o Manifesto [Bootleg, 2008]:


Genre(s): Modern / Alternative

Formed in Blumenau - SC, 2009.

Source:, august, 2012. 

Dona D [Demo, 2012]:
1.Aquelas fotos



Genre(s): Hardcore

Formed in Ilhéus - BA, 2007.

Source:, august, 2012. 

Abrindo Caminhos [EP, 2008]:
1.A Escolha
2.Conceito Pré
3.Não Tô Afim
4.Invadindo Seu Espaço
5.Tentar +



Genre(s): Heavy Metal / Modern / Noise

Formed in Pelotas - RS.

Source:, august, 2012. 

Biotech [Demo, 2011]:
1.Leave Me Alone
2.Choose Your Pain
3.To Suffer

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My Photos por

Genre(s): Hard Rock / Modern

Formed in São Paulo - SP, 1999.

Source:, august, 2012. 

Copacabana hi-fi [Demo, 2005]:
1.Nova Família
3.Toda vez que eu te vejo
4.Qualquer um
5.Pipi a sonia
6.Dona Roseana


São Paulo Saloon: A discoteca do Diabo [Full-lenght, 2004]:
1. Da Vez Que Fui Ao Supermercado E Resolvi Todos Os Meus Problemas De Ordem Emocional
2. Abílio
3. As Aventuras De Berne Biônica No País De Atabaques E Bananas
4. Romances
5. Bioníssima
6. Poney De Tênis
7. São Paulo Saloon
8. Para Maria
9. Ulisses
10. Fora!
11. Remédios
12. Porre De Vodka
13. Sofá Florida


O Futuro É Mad Max [Full-lenght, ?]
2.Mad Max



Genre(s): Thrash / Death Metal

Formed in Belo Horizonte - MG, 1999.

Eternal Suffering [Demo, 2002]:
1. Eternal Suffering 02:24   
2. Obscured by Darkness 01:30   
3. Demoniac Fetus 03:35   
4. Mutilation 03:38   
5. Territory (Sepultura Cover) 04:38   
6. Necromancer (Sepultura Cover) 03:18   
7. Roots Bloody Roots (Sepultura Cover) 03:20

Lelo Bass
Paulo Guitars, Vocals
Lúcio Guitars (lead)
Thiago Balbino Drums


Genre(s): Thrash / Death Metal

Formed in Niterói - RJ, 2001.

Unknown Enemy [Demo, 2001]:
1. Bleeding Flesh  
2. Purgatory Of Blood  
3. Dead Soul  
4. Lethal Pain  
5. Land Of The Corpse  
6. Gore Till Death  
7. Biologic War

Biologic Enemy [Demo, 2002]:
1. Purgatory of Blood  
2. Bleeding Flesh  
3. Dead Soul  
4. Biologic War

Eduardo Bass
Renato Drums
Max Guitars
Vidal Guitars
Marcelo Vocals

Biologic Enemy / Enemy Cross / Flageladör [Split, 2002]:
1.  Kiss Me Death  
2.  Lethal Pain  
3.  Dead Soul


Genre(s): Heavy Metal

Formed in Arco Verde - PE, 2000.

Source:, august, 2012

Revolta Em Memoria Dos Mortos [Demo, 2001]:

1. Intro 00:59  
2. Traga-me 02:24  
3. Entre os conflitos das nacoes 03:54  
4. Revolta em memoria dos mortos 05:46  
5. Guerras santas 03:29  
6. Ultimas palavras 03:33  
7. Desordem e regresso 03:39


Genre(s): Grunge

Formed in São José dos Campos - SP.

Source:, august, 2012. 

Bio Zumbirvana [Demo, ?]:
1.Mano Bomba
2.Mundo Paralelo
4.Viajando Pela Estrada
8.O De Cima Sobe
9.Tio do Doce
10.Hey Amigo

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Genre(s): Hardcore

Formed in Uberlândia - MG, 2011.

Source:, august, 2012. 

Bilu [Demo, 2011]:
1.Minha Mãe Gosta de Mim
3.O Ressureiçu
4.Pororoca no Mato Grosso
5.Crise Dura
6.Eu Preciso de Você


Genre(s): Hardcore

Formed in São Paulo - SP, 2011.

Source:, august, 2012. 

Billywolf [Demo, 2011]:



Genre(s): Stoner 

Formed in Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 1997. Emerged in 1997 and Influenced initially by Kyuss, Monster Magnet and Fu Manchu, bands that later came to be labeled or Stoner Metal Stoner Rock, BillyGoat (Bode hillside) deepened in the prophecies of Black Sabbath, Blue Cheer, Mountain, Hawkwind congeners and other heavy rock of the seventies, creating symbolic music, heavy laden Groovies, spatial effects, side and supersonic. The initial formation of the band was Luciano (Lucky) on vocals, J. Antunes on bass, Bebeto Daroz Leo Conan on guitar and the drums. Involved with his other band, Bebeto left BillyGoat few months later and was replaced by Alexandre Sissi. The band followed the trials and composition scheme coming to perform a few times, including a festival in Teresopolis and a show at the Garage (RJ), both with the band Evil Engine that along with BillyGoat represented the national Stoner. In the first quarter of 1998 the band broke up in the middle of a hurricane involving an automobile accident that pinned J. Antunes (bassist) for a few months. Essays lost, missing gigs, musicians dissatisfied and lack of fuel (grana!) to continue the journey to the center of the Earth longed for BillyGoat made the banda hibernasse. In June 2002, motivated by the growing strength of the Stoner scene, Luciano, Bebeto and J. Antunes began talking about a possible return of the banda. Already in September the same year the band reunited with three quarters of its original preserved, only entering a new drummer: Kleber Utiel that by incompatible schedules, left the band after 3 months, the time needed to record " Demo 2002 "released in December 2002. After some cover band rehearsals, in February 2003, entered Prestor definitely BillyGoat drummer. The band began scoring shows from the second quarter of 2003, getting as high-profile holdings in Mr F Festival in Brasilia (May 23 2003) and Bananada in Goiania on May 25, 2003. In September 2003 Bebeto Daroz left the band once more, this time to devote to his main band (Possessonica) where is guitar and vocals. In its place came Caio Braga who was playing with J. Antunes in another project called Stoner Flowstone. Caio was quickly joined the band now participating, up front, in the show Rockaus! in November 2003. That show earned the band an invitation to participate in the television program universtário UFF, the Unitevê, commands by Allex. The last presentation of the banda Prestor rolled in February 2004, when the band performed at the festival for the second time London Burning (RJ). In March 2004 Prestor left the band and was replaced by Philip Elder (Ex-Freezer) which came with full gas to bring projects forward. The band includes "Soul Man" in the anthology "Loco Gringos Have a Party - The South American Garage - Stoner Rock" (released in the last quarter of 2004 by Valve Disks). In July 2004, Caio Braga left the band that remained as acting trio and performed some shows by RJ. In late October, Lucas took over the lead guitar and participated in the show to launch the compilation "Loco Gringos ..." SP along with bands Flaming Moe and Walverdes. The band was scheduled to Goiania Noise Festival in December 2004 celebrating 10 years of existence, and again good reception from audiences and critics. In March 2005 Peter Fontes (partner in J. Antunes Flowstone) took the second guitar Lucky leaving only the vocals. In April the band recorded and produced their EP "Spaceman Blues" to be part of 3 Way Split released by Valve Records in June of the same year, under the name "Playing at the Sun", a concept album that united three bands (Flaming Moe - SP and SonicVolt - POA), each with 5 songs. In 2006 it was time to leave the Old Felipe banda. After some testing with no major hits Daniel Duarte (tb. of Flowstone) enters the BillyGoat. Sometime later, Lucky leaves BillyGoat to devote to Monsters of Ula-Ula and Peter takes the vocals. Since then the band has been working on new compositions and arrangements, devoting himself almost exclusively to composing essays. In this period did few shows and started recording a new EP in 2008 which should be finalized by the end of the year. From August to banda back to doing shows to show new repertoire.

Source:, august, 2012. 

Demo 2002 [Demo, 2002]:
1.Dandeliun Sun
2.Stay With Me
3.Greasy Rider

Loco Gringos Have a Party [Collection, 2004 - Válvula Discos]:

Achados e Perdidos [Collection, 2006 - Válvula Discos]:
3.Secos & Melhados

Playing At The Sun [Collection, 2008]:
01.Greasy Rider
02.Wonder Bug
03.Dandelion Sun
05.Stoned And Paranoid


Billi Bull Dog!

Genre(s): Hardcore / Rap

Formed in Caxias do Sul - RS, 2004.

Source:, august, 2012. 

Revolver [Single, 2006]:

Minhas Fotos por

Tattooado no Ante-braço [Full-lenght, 2010]:
1.Um Outro Tempo
3.Minhas Drogas
4.Boy Otario



Genre(s): Heavy Metal / Hard Rock

Formed in Bento Gonçalves - RS, 2004. The BillBoard banda was created in late 2004 in Bento Gonçalves. The style followed in early banda was the Rock 'n Roll with a few pinches of Punk, Heavy Metal and Hard Rock. Over time, and with the exchange of some members, the band began a process of creating his true identity, which today is a mixture of Hard Rock to Heavy Metal. The members see it as his second family, with fun and humorous essays. The arduous but rewarding journey began around May 2005 and thereafter never stopped to perform concerts, each with a differential for each show is simply the best. In October 2005, the band enters the studio in order to record their first demo cd, recording a song and a cover itself. In May 2006 the band recorded two more songs and launches its first demo with 3 songs themselves. We follow the motto: never lose energy at our shows.

Source:, august, 2012. 

Billboard [Demo, 2006]:
1.Just Can´t Cry
2.Law Of The Evil


Genre(s): Hardcore / Emocore

Formed in Florianópolis - SC.


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Genre(s): Rap Metal

Formed in Vitória da Conquista - BA.

Bikeloka [Demo, ?]:


Genre(s): Hard Rock

Formed in Araraquara - SP, 1996. The Bigster emerged in mid-1996, through the composer and guitarist Andre Ribeiro, who later in 2000 became the main voice. Since then the band went through some lineup changes in its trajectory, and now she and composed by Andre Ribeiro (Vocals / Guitar / guitar); Cleber Shimu (Guitar), Rodolfo Fantin (Bass / Vocals) and Leo Spagnol (Drums) all with great experience and musical influences varied. The Bigster has an own style and their songs have lyrics with words well combined and striking choruses. The band has influences to his compositions as icons of Rock Nacional 80/90 Punk Rock and Grunge. Among them Cazuza, Urbana Legion, Raul Seixas, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Ramones, Foo Figher, Led Zeppelin and others. In his historic features important presentations, highlighted the recent participation in the show's singer Alex Band, lead singer of The Calling sharing the stage where they performed the song live with Adrienne Alex on lead vocals. (Check out the videos on youtube). Currently the band is working his CD titled "Between Sides", which aims to disseminate and expand his original work on a national level.

Bigster [Demo, ?]:
1.Your Decision