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Genre(s): Gothic Metal 

Formed in João Pessoa, Paraíba - 1998. The name of the band was inspired by a tale of the Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges. With a name inspired by the stories of Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges, and having adopted the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet as a symbol, the ALEPH graduated in João Pessoa, Paraíba, in early 1998. The band has a proposal sound compositions with influences from various parts of the heavy gothic and death metal, combining aggression and feeling. Having your training Fabiano Ant on guitar, Walter Marano on drums (both founders of the band), Evangelist Olivia on vocals, Francisco Falcone on bass and Jonathan Waiwell on the keyboard, the band begins a series of presentations in his city, having a good answer the alternative public place, creating the need for recording your music to a wider dissemination. In September 2000, the Aleph released their first demo-CD entitled "Tragedies ... Laid By Divine Hands." This is a semi-conceptual, with four songs that feature the band's style. Work that is getting good media coverage specialist. After the release of demo-CD, Aleph begins to be required for various presentations. Beyond the borders of your city, the band embarks on tour of success, covering the cities of Campina Grande, Christmas, Mossoro, Olinda, Aracaju, Fortaleza, among others, performing at nightclubs and large events. Among which, there is participation in the festival Consertão Rock 2 in Mossoro, RN, the largest rock festival of Northeastern. In August 2001 the band entered the studio again, this time to record a single song, Electric Diva. With good acceptance of criticism, a loyal and growing, Aleph was one of the winners Brasilis Rock, which selected ten out of more than 300 bands from all over the country, through an online vote, to participate in a CD -compilation to be released by German label Century Media soon. The winning song was the already mentioned, Electric Diva. Currently, the band is writing material to be released on their first CD in mid-2003. The Aleph has achieved a great acceptance by the international media specialist, was invited to represent Brazil in several European releases. Among them we can highlight the participation, in February 2001, Atlantis Vol.8 album with the song "Gift of Prometheus," by Atlantis Productions label (Lithuania), and especially the Portuguese collection Ancient Ceremonies Vol.8, with the song "Electric Diva", one of the largest and most respected specialist publications in the world.

Source: http://heavymetalbrasil.net/aleph.htm, feruary, 2012. 

Tragedies... Laid by Divine Hands [Demo, 2000]:  
1.Legacy of Time 06:45 
2.Gift of Prometheus 04:21 
3.Awake for a While 07:30 
4.Drowned Civilization 10:03


Genre(s): Thrash Metal / Modern / Groove 

Formed in Mogi das Cruzes, São Paulo - 1989. Band Formed in 1988 in the city of Mogi das Cruzes - SP the Aleister C. gradually been gaining share, and today has many fans, especially among the young audience (the "new metal"). With striking style, the band has not only act regionally, and participated in concerts throughout the greater Sao Paulo and São Paulo. Shared the stage with great bands and known as Raimundos, Ratos de Porão, Korzus, Dorsal Atlantica, Genocide and Dr. Sin, among others, and has registered under music on the radio as premium to 89 FM and video clip on MTV Brazil. Has appeared regularly in magazines and fanzines specialized in Brazil, South America and Europe. Now, Aleister C. handle your flight higher, with the recording of their CD-single "Struggle for Life" release and has five sounds personal. The struggle for life, facing and overcoming challenges and faith in himself, topics covered by the letters Fred Fields to music - with the characteristic energy of the band - the same, and more Chris Campos and J. encapsulate the concept of work, the band currently has more than one guitarist who is from Sao Jose dos Campos, São José Renato (former Criminal Repulsion) which embody the sound much. The single is very well produced, and although the sound of rapid and violent, not entangled in a mass recognizable sounds, as in most of the recordings of the genre! Said the magician Aleister Crowley, inspiring the name of the band: "Do what you want, this should be the whole law. " And so does the Aleister C. brings to the eagerness of the public who should and must fight for their lives for their own survival, by his own being. 

Demo [Demo, 1991]: 
1.Witch Dream 
2.Cain´s Progress 
3.How Strange The Sky 
4.The Weight 
Renato Siqueira – vocals, Cesar Van Ray – guitars, Georg V. Boldt – bass, Chriss Animal – drums.

Witch Dream/The Weight [Single, 1993 – We Love Money]: 
1.Witch Dream 
2.The Weight 
Renato Siqueira - vocals, Cesar Van Ray - guitars, Georg V. Boldt - bass, Chris Campos - drums.

Born!!! [Demo, 1995]: 
1.War Within 
2.The Smoke Is Assuming Forms Of Face 
3.Violin Head 
4.Domination Exercise 
5.Red Planet 
Georg V. Boldt - bass, vocals, Chris Campos - drums, Alexandre - guitars.

Give Me Hope, Give Me Mercy... Alone [Demo, 1997]: 
3.The Race 
4.Cockroaches (Nailbomb cover) 
5.Slavery Merchants 
7.Fear Of The Faithful 

Aleister C [Demo, 1998]: 
1.Red Planet 
5.Struggle For Life 
6.Wrong Way 
7.Slavery Merchants 
9.More Than A Lie 

Struggle For Life [Full-length, 2000]: 
1.Wrong Way 05:49 
2.Despised 04:38 
3.Struggle For Life 05:29 
4.Alone 04:37 
5.Stroke 03:39

Spiritual [Full-length, 2003]: 
3.Burn In Your Own Flames 
5.Força Para Vencer 
6.Nothing Lasts Forever 
7.Zóio Gordo 
8.Bleeding Cursed Lies 
11.Wrong Way 
13.Struggle Of Life 

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Genre(s): Dark / Gothic Metal 

Formed in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina - 2004. The Aldren Liebe was Formed in August 2004. At that time the intention was to make a sound toward the gothic style metal without any pretension, just to express your musical ideas and the music for pleasure. Over the trials woke up a tremendous desire to work seriously. The main goal from then on was to become an influential band in the musical universe, rather than being another band among others. Being the sole representative of the style in Florianopolis, would have to do a great job. After a few lineup changes the band begins to define his sound, breaking the boundary of music labels. With the entry of Mirelle Dutra (Keyboards), adding classical influences, and Daniel Becker carrying great musical background and having studied music from an early age as it Mirelle. In 2005 Aldren Liebe had another change in its lineup, with the entry of Andre dos Santos, after playing the place with two other guitarists. Adapted itself with incredible speed, heavily influencing the compositions. That same year the opera singer Leila Mardam leaves the band, opening another window to new influences. The diversity and musical competence allow Aldren Liebe present new elements in his compositions as well as references to the Gothic, Black Metal and Doom. The name comes from Aldren Liebe character in a letter. This character who lives his entire life to love and ultimately die for him. The lyrics are always stories, real or fictitious, which express situations, emotions and dreams. The band has received an excellent response from local audiences. Aldren Liebe already gave a newspaper interview the northern island of Santa Catarina and a goth fan zine ES. In April 2006 the Aldren into the studio to record their first record, entitled desiderium. Is an EP containing four tracks, plus a multimedia containing information about the band and a video clip, which will be recorded in February 2006 in partnership with the film course at the University of Southern Santa Catarina - UNISUL. The official launch is planned for the second half of 2006 with a great show. André da Silva: Guitar; Arthur Clark: Vocals (grunts and lyrics); Daniel Becker: Bass, Mirelle Ethiene: Keyboards; Felipe Broering: Drums. 

Chaosi [Single, 2006]: 
1.Chaosi 04:43 
Arthur Chaves - Lead & Backing vocals, Daniel Becker – Bass, Leandro – Guitars, Felipe Broering – Drums and keys progr.

Desiderium [EP, 2007]: 
1.Secret Sea Of Tears 06:38 
2.Beyond The Fear 06:14 
3.Dead Faith 06:03 
4.Bleeding Tune To The Lost Souls 05:36 
Vídeo: Secret Of Sea Of Tears 
Mayara Silvestre - Lead & backing vocals, Arthur Chaves - Lead & Backing vocals, Daniel Becker – Bass, André dos Santos – Guitars, Felipe Broering – Drums and keys progr.



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Genre(s): Hardcore

Formed in Curitiba, Paraná. 

Source: http://www.myspace.com/banda_alcoolica, february, 2012. 

Terno e Gravata [Demo, 2010]: 
3.Troco em Dobro
4.Falsa Idolatria
5.Mais um Suicida
6.Garoto Motoboy
7.Terno e Gravata



Genre(s): Thrash Metal

Formed in Santos, São Paulo.

Rehearsal [Demo, 1989]: 
2.Welcome to the Holy Tall 
5.Nights of Ignorance


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Genre(s): Thrash Metal 

Formed in Sorocaba, São Paulo - 2001. The Alcoholikiller completed his first training in late 2001 with five longtime friends who always like so metal and drank together, ever since he started presenting his proposal with a sound speed metal and direct, as in the good old '80s. The band was formed by Jon Killer (vocals), Clayton (guitar), Christian (guitar), Fabrice (bass) and Marcelo "Ze Blob"(drums). Soon after the first presentation, Fabrizio Cristiano left the band and leaves the six strings to take down. Making numerous presentations always accompanied by heavy drinking by the city's underground was increasing and increasing legion of followers, Alcoholikiller begins preparing for recording a demo, vocalist Jon until the killer also leaves the band, moving to a Alcoholikiller Power Clayton Trio with vocals and guitar. The band's sound is more aggressive and strong and Fabricio Killer and Jon join the band of Thrash Metal 'Prepared to Kill '. In early 2002 close to the preparations for the Demo, which is released with cover art and a coarse (Total Old School) and recording, though homely, is well received and well conveys the idea of the band. Still at the beginning of 2003 the band will have two guitars with Renan "Degolator" Roveran (Bywar) as part of some presentations Alcoholikiller alcoholics, but it was temporary, and soon the band returned to being a power trio. Many shows are made ​​with major bands, including the legendary band Vulcan, until the Alcoholikiller rewrites sounds, which will be launched later this year. Meanwhile, these three alcoholics still fighting for space in a Brazilian underground, always with heavy drinking and heavy metal. 

Rehearsal Demo [Demo, 2002]: 
1.Idol Breaker 
2.Bloody Contess 
5.To Hell 
6.Alcoholikiller's In Satan's Bar

Evil And Beer [EP, 2005]:
1.Satan´s Bar
2.Blood Pussies
3.Idol Breaker
4.Command Of The Evil

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Genre(s): Speed / Thrash Metal 

Formed in São Paulo - 1989. The Alcoholicoma is a Thrash Metal band with great influences of the eighties scene, such as Metallica, Overkill, Megadeth, Anthrax, Exodus, Anvil, among others. His lyrics often address issues such as the supernatural, reality, violence as a "Heavy Damage " which deals with the tragedy of Sept. 11, fear, human behavior can also be noticed in "Love For Money ", and other topics everyday. Formed in 08/10/1989, the day after the Metallica show in Brazil, the band has had several members who contributed to its history and participated in the writing and recording the EP "The Evil Never Dies" and Promo "Death RIP , "which gained the attention of some metal magazines, and also the first album," Hypnotizing Power ", which will be released in late 2010. Currently, K-André already in vocals and guitar, Chicao Motörhead on bass and the drums Thiago Ronney, the Alcoholicoma had minor changes in the sound, giving a little more weight to the value of music. This can be clearly noticed in the live performances. 

Podridão [Demo, 1998]:

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The Evil Never Dies/ O Mal Nunca Morre [EP, 2000]:

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Death R.I.P. [Demo, 2001]:

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R.I.P. [Demo, 2002]: 
2.Infectious Diarrhea 
3.Death R.I.P. 
5.Blind Confusion 
6.A Lesson In Violence (Exodus Cover)

André Luis ‘K-Já” [g/v]
Adriano [d] 
P.P. [b]

Warriors of Dark Sun [Split, 2004 – Dark Sun Records]: 

Hypnotizing Video - Promo 2005 [DVD, 2005]: 
1.Natural Holochaust 
2.Heavy Damage 
3.Now I'm Free 
4.Strange Faith 
5.Penny Wise 
6.Waiting for Death 
7.Love for Money 
9.Death R.I.P. 
10.Infectious Diarrhea 


Hypnotizing Power [Demo, 2006]:
1.Natural Holocaust 
2.Heavy Damage 
3.Now I'm Free 
4.Strange Faith 
5.Penny Wise 
6.Waiting for Death 
7.Love for Money 
9.Death R.I.P. 
10.Infectious Diarrhea 

K-Já [v/g]
Chicão [b]
Frango [d]

From: http://testeaferroefogo.blogspot.com/2009/07/alcoholicoma-demo-promo-2005-sao-paulo.html

Or: http://lix.in/6fd555
From: http://metalbrasil666.blogspot.com/2007/09/alcoholicoma-promo-2005.html


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Genre(s): Thrash Metal 

Formed in Criciúma, Santa Catarina - 2006. Formed in late 2006 in Criciuma / SC and taking influences from Metallica, Pantera, Slayer, Sepultura, Black Sabbath and AC / Dc.Em September 2010 released their debut self-titled. Martin Peterson-lead guitars, Frank Robinson - vocals, Luciano Lucas - bass, Vitus Coan - guitars, Uescley Dominic - drums. 

Stay Drunk [Demo, 2007]: 
1.Killer Machine 
2.The Prophecy 
3.An Alcoholic Trendkill 
5.Churrasco, Cerveja e Mulher 
6.Walk (Pantera Cover)


Alcoholic Trendkill [Full-lenght, 2010 - Ind.]:
01.The Killer Action
02.Killer Machine
03.Fear to Fall
05.Alcoholic Trendkill
06.The Prophecy
07.Fuck This World
08.Stay Out
09.Empty Mind
10.Churrasco, Cerveja & Mulher


Genre(s): Thrash Metal 

Formed in Cascavel, Paraná - 2002. If you're bohemian (a), frequents bars, is an activist of the underground movement, the Headbanger carterinha and attitude, passion for beer, women, and while attending an underground band worthy of respect not for even a second of headbanging and jumping from the stage the Alcoholic Mosh is for you! Therefore, a brief history of this group of bohemians should be done. Like almost all the bands that passed through the planet, many colleagues were bohemians who passed through the band, and both deserve attention. The Alcoholic MOSH had its origin in 2002 with Luiz Afonso Ariza and Pericles. Any resemblance of the name of the band with the song "Alcoholic Mosh" Sextrash's not a coincidence! The first lineup of the band had Pericles (G / V), Luiz Afonso (G), Paulinho (B) - former VORTRASH - and Renato PLÉTZ (D) - also former VORTRASH. However, the quartet broke. Nakahata Renato took down "the japonêiz", the Guardian and the battery lead guitar Peter Gurgacz - Current HATE YOUR FATE. Japonêiz moved to Curitiba and Piazinho, also present HATE YOUR FATE takes down. But again, the band finishes its tests. Later, Fetinho and Apache, which also belonged to the former VORTRASH would join the Alcoholic Mosh. Training, Guardian (D), Apache (B), Fetinho (G) and Pericles (G / V) has its beginnings in 2003. Thereafter, the band would become more involved in their compositions and permanecriam together for a long time. In May 2006, the Alcoholic record their 1st demo, but this is only launched in 2007. In September this year, again the band members is unchanged. Barth (formerly Carnivore Mind) plays bass. And in early 2008, Peter (current Hate your Fate), took the sticks, but soon left the band alongside Fetinho. The current band lineup includes Pericles (G / V), Barth (B) and Gustavo (D) Current CARNIVORE MIND. The cachaceiros the Alcoholic Mosh, seeking to play - "and get drunk" - alongside big Brazilian Metal bands and internationally.

Source: http://www.myspace.com/alcoholicmosh, february, 2012. 

Waiting For One More Beer  [Demo, 2007]: 
1.Alcoholic Mosh 
2.Waiting For One More Beer 
3.Cold As Hell 
4.Possessed By Thrash 
5.International (Intro to The Only Hope) 
6.The Only Hope (Proletarians) 
7.Waiting For One More Beer (Live) 
8.The Only Hope (Live)
Péricles Ariza - Guitars/Vocals, Cristiano "Fetinho" Tortato – Guitars, Apache – Bass, Guardião – Drums.

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Genre(s): Thrash / Death Metal 

Formed in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul - 2000.

Alcoholic Death [Demo, 2008]: 
1.Warriors of Evil 
2.Bitch Harlot 
5.Morte Alcoolica



Genre(s): Thrash Metal 

Formed in Araucária, Paraná - 2005. Araucariense Thrash Metal band with the intention of making a unique sound with influences of the main metal bands of the '80s, much of the Bay Area and the European Union. Anderson: Vocals, Celio: Guitar, Divon: Guitar / Backing, Mark: Drums, Everton: Bass. The band started just doing some covers of Pantera, the main influence of the singer so far, although the focus has always been the band's own songs. After a few months of rehearsals, Gleidson left the band for personal reasons. So Anderson Matos takes on the vocals. Returning to the test shortly after the band composed the first song, The Living Dead, which speaks directly against religious fanaticism. A few more tests passed and Everton Araujo  is invited to join the band. Everton then take the low and Celio starts to play the second guitar  Anderson The singer has just suffered an accident, and four fractures in the lower limbs. In consequence of the severity of the accident that almost took his life, Anderson is 9 days in ICU and 20 days in a hospital bed until discharge. How could hardly move, had to spend four months in bed recovering from the house during this period the band's activities are temporarily closed. Already partially recovering, the singer back to rehearse with the band, still in a wheelchair, recovering more and more until full recovery. The band continued to create their music, always in style Thrash Metal eighties, with the theme songs of alcoholic beverages and anti religious bigotry



Holy Casino [Demo, 2008]: 
1.The Living Dead 
2.Alcoholic Supper 
3.Routine of a Boozer 
4.Holy Casino