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Genre(s): Hard Rock / Christian 

Formed in Londrina - Paraná.

Demo [Demo, 2003]:
1.As Dores Do Silêncio


Genre(s): Hard Rock 

Formed in Nova Iguaçu – Rio de Janeiro - 2003.

No Deserto De Nós Mesmos [Demo, 2006]: 
1.Navio Negreiro 
2.Nada é tão certo 
3.Sempre os mesmos 
4.Como índio



Genre(s): Thrash / Death Metal [Begin]  Punk / Crust [Actual] 

Band Formed in 1986, the city of Osasco, SP. In the decade of 80, the band recorded their first album "Antithesis", toured alongside SEPULTURA, among others. In 2006, the band recorded a CD titled "Live in 666," consisting own songs with references from metal to punk rock.

Live Demo [Demo, 1988]: 
3.The Last Battle 
Laercio (g), Daniel (v/g), Binho (b), Rogerio (d).               

Antitese [Full-length, 1989]: 
1.Overture 01:12 
2.Thrash 03:12 
3.Antitese 04:14 
4.Exile to Death 03:30 
5.Atlantis 05:13 
6.Am I Dying? 05:04 
7.The Last Battle 05:28 
8.Walking to 00:38 
9.The Infinity 04:48  
Daniel: Guitars, Vocals, Laercio Jr.: Guitars, Fabio Banheiro: Bass, Rogerio: Drums. 


Live In 666 [Full-lenght, 2006]:
1.Live In 666
3.Não Sou Eu
4.O Inferno E Seus Cães
5.Hay Que Endurecer
6.War Games

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Genre(s): Heavy Metal 

Formed in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais -1986.

Demo [Demo, 1988]: 
1.Vida Nova 
3.Cavalos Do Metal 
Lock Anderson (g/v), Wagner Tattoo (b/v), Henrique Galvão (d/v)

Exploring the Stars [Full-length, 1989]: 
1.Quarto Escuro 04:40 
2.Mundo Mudado 05:14 
3.Homens de Batalha 06:33 
4.Solution 01:30 
5.Retorno ao Oriente 01:25 
6.Tired 04:34 
7.There's No Living and Matter 04:30 
8.White Light 05:43 
9.Cósmico 04:40



Genre(s): Grunge 

Formed in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais - 2002.

Antimatéria [Demo, 2006]: 
1.A Falsa E Melancólica Dor Do Homen Sem Coração 
3.Dilatação Arterial 
4.O Movimento Dos Pássaros 
5.Boneca De Carne



Genre(s): Hardcore 

Formed in Santo Antonio De Jesus, Bahia – 1993.

O Fim é o Início [Demo, 2005]: 
1.Paga Aí Puta 
2.Diário de um Imortal 
3.No Bolso 
 4.Sem Amor 

Ensaio [Demo, 2009]:



Genre(s): Hardcore / Crossover 

Formed in Cabo Frio, Rio De Janeiro - 2007. Antigone is a female band from the city of Cabo Frio, made ​​up of four members: Mayara Reis (vocals), Melissa Novellino (bass), Andrew Novellino (guitar) and Flora Leal (drums). Starting on stage in January 2007 under the name Pink Hell, they changed the name to "Antigone" in July 2008, the album as an influence by the German band Antigone Heaven Shall Burn, and also by the Greek story of Antigone. Only in 2008 Antigone represented the city of Cabo Frio in more than 30 presentations, including sharing the stage with: Eths (France), Coping, Bilge Rats, Gas Gangrene, Questions, Nitrominds, Kaeng (Germany) and Krisiun. Antigone is getting its respect within the underground carioca, because in addition to the concerts that he often destructive, they are the only core female metal band in Brazil. 

Demo [Demo, 2009]:
1.Matar Ou Morrer
2.Lute e Vença
4.Get Your Dolls

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Genre(s): Death / Christian Metal / Grindcore 

Formed in São Paulo, São Paulo - 1994. The band Antidemon began in January 12, 1994, in São Paulo (SP - Brasi) mixing the sound extreme and brutal Death Grind with HC. In the first months the group had five members, but then it stabilized and now it's Batista (Lead Vocals and Bass), Juliana Batista (Drums) and Maurice Cebalho (Guitar and backing vocals). In 1995 came the first self titled demo tape "Antidemon" Collection and "Refuge Rock" still on vinyl, with ten bands which was a great achievement. In 1997, then came the work that would make the band's name beyond the borders of the country, demotape "Eternal Confinement" there was an acceptance and a best-selling historical surpreendendente. At that time the Antidemon became evident by the number of shows that could make the four corners of the country! A volume of presentations out of the ordinary for a band of this style. In 1998 came another demotape "Antidemon 04 Years" and that accelerated the coming debut CD, "Demonicídio" released in September 1999, and really just got this CD of 27 tracks would become a classic style! The media and the audience raised their hands to elect this work and finally put the band in place longer than expected: Among the most loved and recognized in Brazil! The song "Demonocídio" has been reissued in two collections in the United States: "Records Lanceration and Cross Ritmys Music." Besides being distributed worldwide, labels like Nordic Mission (Norway) Christian Metal (Portugal) and Litle Rose (Finland) were placed as official distributors of the band! In Brazil the CD "Demonocídio" would still be revived with some songs on two compilations of Rotthenness Records: "Noise for Deaf Vol III" and "Noise for Deaf Vol. BH still came, "Brazil Colection" (National Coletânea.) and split "Barad" and the controversial Antidemon with Zen Garden. Which was released and distributed by Rcords Destroyer. The doors kept opening. The many gigs continued and increasingly crowded. Brazil was conquered in all regions! Until the unexpected from Santarem on the Amazon and Tapajós were setting the fury of the trio. A legion of people who admired the music, the attitude and ideology of the band! People who became a family! In connection with appearances in parts of the cd "Demonocídio," the band was asked to put a track on the cd's Booklet "Revista Trip" Number 91. It was incredible. The chosen song was "Travel" and due to the thousands of copies sold has become something highly important to the band, let alone the 06 pages of juicy magazine that told the story of Antidemon. In March 2002 the Antidemon would leave the country for the first time! ... Mexico. The "Mexican Demonocídio Tour 2002." 10 concerts were fantastic: Tlalnepantla (Mexico DF), Chalco, Orizaba, Puebla, Oaxaca, Ciudad de Mexico, Toluca, Acambaro, Guadalajara and Leon! Thirty-two days where the Mexicans were in love with the band! It was full and unconditional acceptance! The most surprising thing was coming, burning a CD in Spanish in just four days! It seemed impossible but the work began! Struggle and effort and the CD was created, was born in Mexico "Anillo de Fuego. Do not expect that great acceptance in Brazil! Seem unfavorable situations, such as language and little time to write that would have yielded a lower quality than the other cd "Demonocídio. But the CD was released and it was incredible the acceptance! The comments of the media were fantastic and new doors were being opened! Then began a remarkable dissemination of new work by Spanish-speaking countries. In February 2003, was the third edition of the Brazil Metal Union. " This festival is the result of a poll across the country to choose the 10 best national bands! And surprisingly there was the Antidemon! It was a historical presentation on the Lay Led's massive acceptance with the public! The media was stirred again and again Antidemon figured in numerous communications media! "Anillo del Fuego", written in Castilian in Mexico was offered first-hand in BMU 2003. Baptist passed messages at the end of each song, making a lot of people stop to think about their words, and very much applauded by them and by sonzeira, sending various sounds of the first album "Demonocídio" as "Suicide," "Eternal Confinement" and "User", a song from the third demo tape to celebrate the four years of the band, "Deep Deep", plus songs from the new album, like "Insane Convicts" which opened the presentation, "Apodrelupe" and "Pervis del Infierno and closing the show with the music of the second demo-tape called "Massacre." In March 2003, the band was again breaking the country's borders: Argentina. They were 18 days in the country, an intense and unprecedented participation in the press radio! And three magnificent concerts: In El Borde Temperley in, Zona Sur Burzaco and an unusual colony of Russians and Ukrainians in Buenos Aires. The Argentines did not really want to leave the band returned to Brazil, given the affection and affinity purchased! sung in Cd Spanish gave so wonderful fruits and welcome. Back in Brazil the biggest news regarding this CD: The indication for the "Premio Dinamyte" and because of this "Anillo de Fuego" was already among the 10 best metal in the country! few more days and realized that the count was over 60,000 and more would come as a surprise: the album recorded in four days ended up in second place with a minimal difference of 5% from the first position. And things do not stop there! Even in 2003 after the tour of the Northeast (Recife and João Pessoa) and north of the country (Santarém) and the expected presentation in Brasília (DF) and Florianópolis (SC). In August 2003 the Antidemon part to a major achievement in its history : Europe! Germany, Britain, Spain and Portugal. And the stunt began with four great shows in Germany! And right away the big performance at the festival "Freack Stock" in the city of Gotha, with 04 days in length and over 60 bands around the world, between itself Sinai Beach (USA), Noiz, Sacrificium, Lampshade (DK) Today and Forever. The public in this edition of "Stock Freack" was more than seven thousand people! Even in the eastern German and in the currencies with the Czech Republic and Poland Antidemon performed in the towns of Zittau and Johanngeogenstadt beside the Norwegian band Drottnar who also was touring the country. The last concert took place in the German lands on the other end of Germany in the town of Ennepetal, scoring very well hit the heart of the Germans, who largely consumed in these four shows, the entire stock of CDs that the band had brought in their luggage. England seemed impenetrable, but it could not happen best opportunity ... "III Destruction Fest." The Festival was held in fantastic house in London "The Under World" and the band performed alongside big names in the scene like Extol and frosthardr Norwegian hosts and Blood Work. Antidemon Incredibly the face of this presentation has received a great highlight of the English magazine Kerrang which covered the two days of the festival, besides an incredible receptivity demanding British public. The Iberian peninsula was the next target, and the attack was initiated by Spain. Antidemon The marked so the history being the first Christian metal band to perform in that country that never once route had been in bands with that ideology! It would not be an easy task but it was undoubtedly a stirring achievement! "La Caja de Pandora" in the city of Palencia, opened its doors for the band's first show in the country and went to Rato Raro side of the band that it happened. It was simply unforgettable warmth of the Spanish public! Just north of the country to Galicia scenario would be two more presentations! Camaway The bar with a strong presence from the public received beyond the bands Portuguese Antidemon The Howling Bleeding and Display, which would together with the three presentations Antidemon! The move by Spain ended in the city of Vigo in Galicia's best underground house, the Anoeta! These two shows had an incredible impact in the local press where more than 05 Newspapers reported the band's concert, with full-page feature in the Daily Journal in Ponte Vedra and Faro de Vigo. To this end the European flurry of presentations Antidemon was invited to perform two shows in Portugal, and beside the city of Oporto, Vila Nova de Gaia happen the "Gaia Metal Fest III" which also had a strong presence of German band T-Bone and six other Portuguese groups. The Antidemon had the honorable task of closing the event and was very well received! Someday then the band would get cozy Lisbon and in the town next door, in Loures would set the stage for the "I Loures Under Fest!" With a structure of light and sound to impress and being with people for almost ten years follow the band work even across the Atlantic, actually scored much success with this closing concert of this grand European tour. gigantic doors had been broken definitively to Antidemon and many other keys delivered for this stubbornness of history and achievement can continue. In 2004, the band returns to Europe once again and played in 17 different cities of countries like Italy, Germany, Britain, Spain and Portugal! With major appearances at festivals like Rock On The Rock (Italy), Freack Stock (Germany ) and Destruction Fest (England). In 2005, the old continent Antidemon won once! In the third and biggest tour the band has done, the group stepped on tupiniquin nine different territories, playing in major cities such as Rome (Italy) Munich and Berlin (Germany), Porto (Portugal) and Oslo (Norway), performing the entire 15 gigs in 65 days. Some pictures you can see by clicking here. In 2005 he returned from Europe, Antidemon made major presentations in San Paulo, Minas Gerais and Brasilia. Now in 2007, the band has a new training and already holding several presentations across the country. Also, in this new phase is being prepared for the new cd (long awaited!) that should sound heavier and faster than before. The new "sounds" are already running in the group's performances and the audience has really enjoyed a lot. 

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Antidemon [Demo, 1994]: 
1.Guerra ao Inferno 

Refúgio Do Rock [Collection, 1995]:
02.Guerra Ao Inferno

Confinamento Eterno [Demo, 1997]: 
1.Confinamento 05:33 
2.Libertação 00:03 
3.Açoite 03:05 
4.Massacre 03:42 
5.Terminada Maldição 00:06 
6.Apodrecida 02:45

Batista [b/v]
Kleber [g]
 Elke [d]

Antidemon 4 Anos [Demo, 1998]: 
1.Profundo Abismo 
2.Causas Alcoólicas 
3.Guerra ao Inferno 

Demonicídio [Full-length, 1999]: 
1.Intro 01:12 
2.Demonicídio 03:05 
3.Suicídio 03:25 
4.Usuário 03:18 
5.Carniça 01:38 
6.Açoite 03:06 
7.Libertação 00:04 
8.Causas Alcoólicas 02:23 
9.Profundo Abismo 03:32 
10.Massacre 03:41 
11.Holocausto 03:33 
12.Ida sem Volta 00:58 
13.Apodrecida 02:47 
14.Escravo do Diabo 01:38 
15.Guerra ao Inferno 03:24 
16.Protesto A.M.N. 01:46 
17.Mundo Cão 01:59 
18.Terminada Maldição 00:08 
19.Cadáver 02:51 
20.Salário do Pecado 01:48 
21.Cadeias Infernais 01:48 
22.Droga 02:00 
23.Inferno 01:20 
24.Demônios Inativos 01:31 
25.Viagem 04:03 
26.Libertação II 00:04 
27.Confinamento Eterno 05:34

Barad [Split album, 2001]: 
13.Causas Alcóolicas 
16.Ida sem Volta 
17.Protesto AxMxNx 
18.Mundo Cão 
19.Terminada Maldição 
20.Demônios Inativos 
22.Libertação Parte II

Anillo de Fuego [Full-length, 2003]: 
1.Anillo de Fuego (Introdución) 03:33 
2.Insanos Condenados 02:55 
3.Velas Negras 02:43 
4.Escoria 02:17 
5.Perros del Infierno 03:02 
6.Bichos Asesinos 02:55 
7.Viaje 03:42 
8.Apodrelupe 02:42

Live in Palencia – Spain [Live album, 2004 - Antidemon & Extreme Production]: 
2.Insanos Condenados 00:03 
3.Suicidio 03:25 
4.Perros del Infierno 
5.Libertação 00:04 
6.Usuário 03:18 
7.Protesto AMN 01:46 
8.Holocausto 03:33 
9.Apodrecida 02:45 
10.Massacre 03:42 
Recorded at Al Limite Theater in Palencia (Spain).

Extreme Fest [DVD, 2005]: 
Show and Interview.  


Live in Ecuador, Colombia, Peru & Brazil [DVD, 2009]: 
Features various live performances. Recorded during their 2006 and 2007 South American tour.      

Satanichaos [Full-length, 2009 - Rythm Rock]: 
1.Satanichaos 02:41 
2.Contra o Inferno 03:34 
3.O que era ruim ficou Pior 02:04 
4.Satã Derrotado 01:41 
5.Justiça 02:27 
6.Abismo chama Abismo 00:45 
7.Maldito Lucifer 02:02 
8.Assombro 01:41 
9.Mascarados pela Mentira 03:44 
10.Ataque Satanás 02:28 
11.Pelo Sangue 01:42 
12.Em quem vou Acreditar? 01:47 
13.Mestre de Ilusões 02:21 
14.Dia de Vingança 02:02 
15.Veredicto 01:17 
16.Denúncia 02:12 
17.Transtornar 02:57 
18.Pesadelo 02:53 
19.Está Consumado 00:34

SATANICHAOS..New Release..desing by Batista em SATHANICHAOS 2009 por

Anel de Demonichaos Live [Live album, 2009 - Vomit Bucket Productions]: 
2.Insanos Condenados 02:55 
3.O que Era Ruim Ficou Pior 02:04 
4.Mensagem 1 
5.Contra o Inferno 03:34 
6.Denúncia 02:12 
7.Mensagem 2 
8.Suicídio 03:25 
9.Em quem vou Acreditar? 01:47 
10.Satã Derrotado 01:41 
11.Massacre 03:42 
12.Mensagem 3 
13.Abismo chama Abismo 00:45 
14.Mascarados pela Mentira 03:44 
15.Mensagem 4 
16.Maldito Lúcifer 02:02 
17.Assombro 01:41 
18.Mensagem 5 
19.Viagem 04:03 
20.Mensagem 6 
21.Mestre de Ilusões 02:21 
Recorded at a show on 08/21/2009, in the city of Kandern, Germany.

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Genre(s): Thrash Metal 

Formed in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina – 2010. Amid the chaos of contemporary civilization, between cold beers, old records and tapes of heavy metal and punk / HC, the band emerged Antichrist Hooligans in July 2010. Formed by four headbangers with a mean age of 33 years and a long history of heavy music scene, the Antichrist Hooligans came to earth to show his face loudest breaking the boundaries between the styles of more underground bastards, whose aggressiveness in the vein runs of its members. With influences ranging from Motörhead to Sore Throat, all culminating rawness of the metal of the eighties with the dirt of punk / HC, Diego (vocals, Osculum Obscenum), William (guitar, ex-Morbus Inferno, ex-The Face, Mister Twisted and others), Andrey (bass, ex-ex-Platonic Hate and Anal Putrefaction) and Cristiano (drums, ex-Necrobutcher, former SRMP) intend to make a Punk Metal raw and direct, without giving a damn about labels, fads, or cheap philosophies that pollute the scene. 

Satanic Rehearshal Demo [Demo, 2010]: 
1.Heavy Metal Attack 
2.In The Name of War 
3.Toxic Invasion (Rehearshal) 
4.Erta Ale [Satanic Whore]

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