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Genre(s): Heavy Metal

Formed in São José da Coroa Grande - PE, 2009.

Source: http://bandasdegaragem.uol.com.br/banda/ablonband/fotos, january, 2012.



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Genre(s): Hard Rock

Formed in Juiz De Fora - MG, 2005. One of the main rules for a successful band is seizing opportunities. Chasing spaces to play, winning a loyal audience and talk to the guys that are longer in the middle of the rock, are the first commandment for those who want their place in the music scene. The ADS - 5 was well and not afraid to believe in your dream, embarked''joke''that serious, so it's worth telling a bit about the history of these five boys in Juiz de Fora. In 2009, Bruno Silva (vocals) and Lukas (drums) decided to create the ADS - 5 with the intention of bringing a sound more "rock, luau, guitar and friends." Soon after Peter called Henry (bass) and Vinny, soon after left for the compositions, so far, no sense of where they could get. Soon after, Jarbas Hagen (guitar) is summoned to help in building a sound more professional and worked. Only in 2010, the band goes into a steadier pace of shows and stands out in several festivals in the city, calling public attention by his attitude and his way of playing''cool''. Compensating for the short time of training, the big luggage of its components was crucial to the attention of the vinyl production, and thus close a series of exclusive shows in a night club in town, gaining greater visibility in the local scene. More was in 2010 that the band had booked your space well in the music scene of Juiz de Fora. With the project''Tribute to Charlie Brown,''the band's main influence, attracted the attention of several producers of events in the region interested in the project, further expanding the band's name. In 2011 the band will release the radio region of the Angels their first single''forbidden''that promises to be the band's first big hit.

Source: http://www.myspace.com/ads5oficial, january, 2012.

Dryvin [Demo, 2007]:
1.A Mais Feliz


Genre(s): Hardcore / Punk

Formed in Farroupilha - RS, 2010.

Source: http://bandasdegaragem.com.br/ans


Means: The Anonymous

Genre(s): Hard Rock

Formed in Mauá - SP, 2010.

Source: http://bandasdegaragem.uol.com.br/banda/a-anonimos, january, 2012.


A Mere Feeling
Genre(s): Hardcore / Punk

Formed in Serra - ES, 2010.

Source: http://bandasdegaragem.uol.com.br/banda/amerefeeling, january, 2012.

A História Começou [Demo, 2010]:
1.Sonho Médio


Means: The Guillotine

Genre(s): Hardcore / Grunge / Punk

Formed in Parnamarim - RN in 2006. The band The guillotine was created in order to revive the good old punk rock with a hint of Garage / Grunge Rock. Founded in early 2006, after lineup changes, The Guillotine goes spreading his sound around the outside.

Source: http://bandasdegaragem.com.br/aguilhotina

Filhos Da Nação [Demo, 2008]:
1.Hugo Chavéz
2.Eu não Tenho Uma Arma
3.Nos Tempos dos Dinossauros 
4.Os Heróis


Means: Skeletons

Genres(s): Hard Rock

Formed in São Paulo - São Paulo, 2004.

Source: http://bandasdegaragem.com.br/aesqueletos

Experiência [Demo, 2005]: 
3.O Ciclo e o Espelho
4.Fome-monstro [ao vivo]


Genre(s): Black Metal 

Formed in Minas Gerais - 2005. Begun in the meadows of October of the year of 2005 by Moestus, Actum Est began with obscurecompositions and symphonic, was created inside of the deepest dreams, with the intetion of composing a symphonic harmony, with beautiful orchestral passages, proposing a project with sincere ideologies and true compositions. Actum Est is an expression in Latin with the meaning that “is Done”, “Finished”, meaning a situation that cant have a turn back, accomplished. The project was summed up by Moestus, that launched his first Demo - Obscure Symphonies, folowed by the launching of the EP - Into the Black Mantle with participation of Géssica (Lyric vocals). In March of 2006 was included the guitarist Nazghal, a little before its 1st official release. Participated on a national metal colletion (2006), entitled “Extreme Underground, vol III”, being this its 1st appearance into the metal scene. In the same date of the official release of EP Into the Black Mantle, enters in the band formation and to complete its basis - Geryon in the Keyboards, Amaymon on the Drums and Fangorn in the Bass Guitars. In 2007 after some inactivity phase, Atum Est splendidly returns with changes in its formation, Moestus assumes the line of the Bass Guitars and Drak assumes the vocals, also entering Sathren in place of Nazghal. 

Source: http://www.myspace.com/actumest, march 2011.

Obscure Symphonies Into The Black Mantle [Demo, 2006]: 
1.Black Mantle 
2.When The Sun Goes Down 
3.An Angel's Reflex

<br />Actum Est - Obscure Symphonies Into The Black Mantle

Into The Black Mantle [EP, 2007]: 
1.An Angel's reflex 
2.Black Mantle 
3.When The Sun Goes Down 
4.Promises of curse


Genre(s): Thrash Metal / Groove / Hardcore 

Formed in São Paulo, São Paulo - 2006. Thrashcore band formed in 2006 by members Anderson (guitar), Sandro (drums) and Everton Canibal (vocals), the band follows a line of bands like Pantera, Superjoint Ritual and Biohazard. 



Genre(s): Metalcore / Thrash 

Formed in Osasco, São Paulo - 2004. Band formed in 2003 with the idea of ​​using music as a means of informing the cracks of society and man. With a sound that mixes several genres, from hardcore to hip hop, metal to punk rock it all with a pinch of our Brazilian music. The act went through various formations from 2003 until today, now entering into the group with George Gouveia (Vocals / guitar), Alessandro Viana (Drums), Adilson Gordo (bass) and Rodrigo Burguelo (Guitar), so they can continue doing their warning of things that we all have in common that is to live in society in a clear and total. 

3M=C [Demo, 2004]:
1.Test Tube Brain 
2.Entrada – Saída 
4.Jabá – Verbo Sem Verba 
5.Arma Na Mão



Genre(s): Death Metal 

Formed in Dourados, Mato Grosso do Sul - 1999. The band emerged in 1999, formed by musicians Matogrossenses South, influenced by metal, willing to do something different from music of the region. After a few shows and with some compositions, the band recorded their first album, self titled demo, and achieves a good recognition of the local scene and the specialized press in this context and following the line of Death Metal, the group has the opportunity playing out of state, Paraguay, and sharing the stage with artists such as Angra, Krisiun and Infernal, and Amen Corner. In 2002 he recorded a new material, demo Microbeal Carnification, but changes in training, and personal, leaving the band without a lot of activities for a period of almost two years. Already in 2005 a demo recording Souls damaging, and goes in the new work, MS, PR, Brazil and Paraguay. Currently, the quartet is comprised of John Muniz (g/v), Rafael Fernandes (b), Alex Franco (g) between new compositions that prepares its new equipment and seeks to disseminate their work, gaining share.

Across [Demo, 2001]: 
1.The Final Doom 
2.Valley Of Shadows

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Microbeal Carnification [Demo, 2002]: 
1.Microbeal Carnification 03:44 
2.Altar of Thorns 04:18

Damaging Souls [Demo, 2005]: 
1.Damaging Souls 00:42 
2.A Demon From the Past 03:39 
3.Draw to the Abyss 04:27 
4.Across (Temple of Suicide) 03:39 
5.Vision of Valley 01:15

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Death Processor [Single, 2006 - Ind.]:
1.Death Processor

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From The Shadows - 1999 – 2009 [Best of/Compilation, 2010]: 
1.Evil Procriation 
2.Death Processor (2006 Version) 
3.The Final Doom 
4.From The Shadows 
5.Valley Of Shadows 
6.Noites Insólitas 
7.Evil Procriation - Noites Insólitas 
9.Draw To The Abyss 
10.Altars Of Thorns 
11.Death Processor 
12.Across (Temple Of Suicide - Live)

Atração Para Um Abismo - Ao Vivo [Demo, 2010]: 
1.Evil Procriation 
2.The Final Doom 
3.Across (Temple Of Suicide) 
4.Infecção Cadavérica 
5.Draw To The Abyss

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Genre(s): Heavy / Progressive Metal 

Formed in Campinas, São Paulo - 1996. Formed in 1996, the band recorded a CD single "Wizard of the seasons" with two songs and went on a tour doing performances in Portugal to promote his work on the European continent. In November 1999 the band released their first album "Travel to come back" with independent producers and his own arrangements. With a contract with Note Records, the band begins to gain its deserved place, with great acceptance in the music industry. Two tracks from the album has gained prominence in the radio region.

Wizard Of The Seasons [Single, 1996]: 
1.Wizard Of The Seasons

The Wizard Of Seasons [Demo, 1997]: 
1.Wizard Of The Seasons 
2. Bon Voyage

Travel to Come Back [Full-length, 1999]: 
1.No sense 04:22 
2.Fate Lord 04:21 
3.Travel to come back 07:03 
4.Maybe 05:00 
5.Acron 04:45 
6.The wizard of the seasons 03:05 
7.No time to cry 05:00 
8.Bon voyage 07:46



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Genre(s): Thrash / Death Metal 

Formed in Fortaleza, Ceará - 2006. The band performs a Thrash / Death Metal with influences from bands of the 80s and some 90s, like Kreator, Slayer, Sodom, Destruction, Metallica (prev), grave (prev), Exodus, Overkill, Sadus, Artillery, Death, Celtic Frost, Napalm Death, Carcass, Morbid Angel, Benediction, Autopsy, Cannibal Corpse, Torture Squad, Korzus and others. 

Source: http://www.myspace.com/acranis, march 2011.

Valley of Death [Demo, 2007]: 
1.Valley of Death 05:29 
2.Thrash Metal Strike 06:18 
3.Extreme Hatred 06:22

From: http://mukki.org/music/acranis-valley_of_death-demo-cdr-2007-fih-129719

Or: http://www.downocean.com/music/263603-acranis-valley-of-death-2007.html
Or: http://ipp.me/1/http://www.wupload.com/file/1572935506/Acranis-Valley_of_Death-Demo-CDR-2007-FiH.rar


Genre(s): Heavy Metal 

Formed in 2007 by singer Tato Deluca, the band ACLLA has a lyrical purpose entirely focused on the conflicts humankind has been facing in the beginning of this new millennium: a world subject to imminent climate change, the growing awareness of people about their responsibility towards the environment and, of course, people’s internal conflicts. How to face each day in such a chaotic world? How to worry about nature and feel like part of it if we firstly have to heal our own wounds? To answer these and other questions, Tato Deluca decided to use music to encourage people to discuss these issues and reconnect to Earth. Deluca, with producer Ricardo Nagata’s help, gathered a first-class team of musicians: Bruno Ladislau (bass guitar); Denison Fernandes and Chrystian Dozza (guitars); Eloy Casagrande (drums); and Tato Deluca (vocals). In April 2009, ACLLA started recording their debut album “Landscape Revolution”, that clearly shows the mixture of influences of the group. In a heavy style composed by modern tones and elaborate rhythms, “Landscape Revolution” shows passion and respect for nature exposing the alarming situation of the planet. “Do you really think we’ll be safe and untouchable as Nature falls?” – asks the lyric of the song “Beyond the Infinite Ocean”. Besides the “attitude change”, the band also brings up matters such as overcoming, persistence and the relation between man and nature through the view of indigenous peoples. All of it comes in a lot of Rock’n’Roll, sometimes heavier, sometimes softer, resulting in a great musical variety. This proposal is the Green: the album booklet on recycled paper, the band supports the free distribution of mp3 files, and will assume a more active stance in relation to sustainability. The real intention is to go beyond the message with the lyrics, "prick" society in interviews. Speak clearly what is happening in Brazil and worldwide, about what needs to be done to reduce our impact on the planet, save the Amazon about the absurdity of the timber, the devastation to create cattle pasture. 

Landscape Revolution [Full-length, 2010]: 
1.The Totem 04:17 
2.The Hidden Dawn 04:55 
3.Under Twilight Skies 04:15 
4.Ride 04:52 
5.Living for a Dream 05:40 
6.Aclla 04:04 
7.Overcoming 04:01 
8.Landscape Revolution 00:29 
9.Flight of the 7th Moon 04:47 
10.Trace 04:35 
11.Beyond the Infinite Ocean 05:05 
12.Sun n´ Moon 05:15 
Tato de Luca – Vocals, Christian Dozza – Guitar, Denison Fernandes – Guitar, Bruno Ladislau – Bass, Eloy Casagrande – Drums

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Genre(s): Poppy Punk / Hardcore 

Formed in Rio de Janeiro. Melodic hardcore band from Rio, but with a heavier footprint. The Ack is on the road since 1993. 

Demo [Demo, 1995]: 
1.Who Am I? 
2.Post Modern Pornography 
3. If You Disagree 
4.Running Blind

Grab The Bomb! [Demo, 1997]: 
1.Michael J. Fox 
Fábio Seidl (v/b), Sad (g/v), Jhonny (g/v), Gustavo Pessoa (d)

Granada Drive-In [Full-lenght, 2002 - Thirteen]: 
1.Nem+1 Minuto 
2.Você Não Gosta De Música 
4.A Vida Continua 
5.Too Fast 
6.Being Away 
7.Nada De Novo 
9.Nervous Breakdown 
11.Fim Do Mundo 
12.Song 4 Gigs 
13.All My Friends Are Falling In Love 
15.Três Acordes, Um Amor e Uma Cerveja

Play 94-98 [Full-lenght, 2003 - Thirteen Records]: 
01. Where's The Attitude
02. Hypocrites
03. Running Blind
04. Fright
05. I Dont Know What I Want
06. Wherever You Are
07. Post Modern Pornography
08. (I Don't Believe In) Dwarves
09. Michael J. Fox
10. Who Am I
11. She Lost Control
12. Happy Song
13. Todo Mundo X Mim
14. Somebody Called Reason
15. Teenagestupidpunkrocklovesong
16. ACKnowledgments
17. Trying (Dag Nasty)
18. Friendship
19. Money's Law (unreleased)
20. If You Disagree
21. Father Of The World (extended)
22. Living Is Not Easy

Inflamável [2004, Full-lenght - Thirteen Records]:
Desastre Emocional
2- Combater
3- O que Aconteceu com o seu Futuro?
4- Lugar Melhor Ocional
5- Não Aceite Tudo que Escutar
6- Só os Idiotas São Perfeitos
7- Em Paz
8- Sub 17
9- Anti-Herói
10- Por Quanto Tempo
11- Do Contra
12- Não TEnte Me Impedir
13- Nem Tão Longe Assim


Ácido Rock


Genre(s): Hard´n´Heavy 

Formed in Rio Grande do Sul - 2009. Not satisfied with the current music scene, four boys (such as Liverpool), decided to rescue the ideals of the 60s and 70s, which were the golden age of rock'n'roll, forming the band Acid Rock, with ideology "long live Rock'n 'Roll. "Without many resources, but with much wrist and will, these guys (Luke Hesselmann, Roger Kober, Leandro Fenzke Brendle and James) have been gaining space in the city and today it reached an audience at the regional level. The repertoire includes classic rock and roll, honoring such greats as: Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Rush, Black Sabbath, The Who and other rock dinosaurs.

Source: http://palcomp3.com/acidorock/#, january, 2012. 

Ácido Rock [Demo, ?]:
1.Com os Pés No Chão

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Genre(s): Hard Rock 

Formed in São Paulo, São Paulo - 2004.

Demo [Demo, 2006]:
1.Funeral De Um Lavrador 
2.Tudo Gira 


Means: ACID

Genre(s): Thrash Metal

Formed in São Luis, Maranhão.

Demo [Demo, 1989]:




Genre(s): Crossover / Hardcore 

Formed in São Roque, São Paulo - 2003. The band was formed in 2003. After several body will have passed through the band members, now has on guitar and Renato Mauro on drums, and this is the only remaining original members. The lyrics deal with everyday problems from the lower classes (for the extension of the band's own members), through political and social crisis the country to international conflicts that, in one way or another, affects all of us. About the sound aspect, we are essentially Hardcore, but you can find other elements included in our music such as Punk and Metal. 

Acidente Nuclear [Demo, 2003]: 
1.Vidas Perdidas 
2.Vidas Perdidas 
3.Sem Perspectiva 
4.Otários Do Sistema 
5.Loucos Bomba 
7.Situação Caos


Genre(s): Thrash Metal 

Formed in São Paulo – São Paulo - 1989. One of those cases of bands that started it all, but who knows why they do not take off. After the excellent EP "Why? ... Dirty War", the band suffered some changes in the ranks of bass and vocals, and the latter showed a band that deserved more! If the guys at EP Thrash invested in well-worked, under "Biotronic" was bid to break the rules and insert more intricate passages, with heavy contours and progressive, and affirm that this work was an early work of Prog Metal launched in Brazil. With its roots in the 1986 Acid Storm began as Exterminator in northern São Paulo formed by Marcus "Metal" Vinicius (gt) and Alessandro "sago" Januzzi (bt). In 1988 the training is completed by Robson Goulart (v) and Eric Weber (gt). The first album comes out in 1989 by Rock Live Shirts titled Why? ... Dirty War and has Chico Comelli, MX, on bass. The first show, with Marcus as "Toast" on bass, was opening for Rats in the Cellar Lady Xoc and SP Project in São Paulo. In 1991 Stefano Moliner comes to bass and Mario Pastore takes on the vocals. With this team record the second album, Genesis Biotronic a classic Thrash Metal Brazil. In 1993 Thomas Kirchner assumes the low back and Robson Goulart for the vocals and so release the demo Tomorrow Soldiers. 1994 and new changes, Stefano Moliner the low back, Luis Cano took the guitar in place of Marcus "Metal" and Fabio Vinicius Buitvidas takes the battery. Alessandro "sago" Januzzi goes to Avalon. With this lineup recorded a new demo, No Man's Land with the expectation of releasing their third CD. Only Robson Goulart then decides to leave again. Eric Weber also out due to family problems. Fabiano takes the guitar Moutran e. ... Mario Pastore returns to vocals to record another demo, along with Sergio Twilight Zone frugal in low and, shortly thereafter, record the third album that was never mixed and now lies forgotten on some dusty shelf. With that the band loses its strength and falls asleep. Officially there was a release order for the Acid Storm and eventually the band got together to play. Material for a third CD is ready to be recorded. Influences: Slayer, Forbidden, Testament.

Why?... Dirty War [EP, 1989 – RSL]: 
1.Choose Live or Die 03:32 
2.Scourgue of the Gods 04:52 
3.Terminator 04:47 
4.The Madness 01:40 
5.Why?... Dirty War 05:13 
6.Never Renounce 04:57
Reissued in 2011 by Marquee Records with 2 Demo Tapes [Tomorrow Soldiers + No Man´s Land] as bonus:
7.Right Time To Die
8.Tomorrow Soldiers
9. Monster of ID
10.No Man's Land
11.Timeless Pain
12.Only The Strong Survive

Last Days of Paradise [Demo, 1991]: 
1.Metal Beasts 
2.Biologic Mechanization 
3.Last Days Of Paradise 
4.Galatic Holocaust 
Alessandro "Sagú" (d), Stefano Moliner (b), Marcus "Metal" (g), Eric Weber (g) & Mário Pastore (v).

Biotronic Genesis [Full-length, 1991 – Heavy Metal Maniac]: 
1.Intro (The Beginning) 00:41 
2.Metal Beasts 04:11 
3.Hungry For Life 04:12 
4.Symbiotic Love 02:02 
5.Last Days Of Paradise 04:49 
6.Galatic Holocaust 06:43 
7.Biologic Mechanization 02:56 
8.Star Host 07:49

Tomorrow Soldiers [Demo, 1993]: 
1.Right Time To Die 
2.Tomorrow Soldiers 
3.Monster of ID            
Robson Goulart (v), Alessandro J. (d), Eric Weber (g), Marcus V. (g) & Thomas Kirchner (b).

No Man's Land [Demo, 1994]: 
1.No Man's Land 03:52 
2.Timeless Pain 05:44 
3.Only The Strong Survive 05:09 
Robson Goulart – Vocal, Eric Weber – Guitar, Luiz Cano – Guitar, Setfano Moliner – Bass, Fabio Buitvidas – Drums.           

Twilight Zone [Demo, 1997]: 
1.Twilight Zone 
This demo was 7 tracks (2 unreleased plus 5 from "Biotronic Genesis"): 
3.Hungry For Life 
4.Symbiotic Love 
5.Last Days Of Paradise 
6.Biologic Mechanization 
7.Star Lost  
Some copies with special bonus: 
8.The Hellion - Electric Eye (Judas Priest cover) 
Mário Pastore (v), Fabiano Moutran (g), Fábio Buitividas (d), Luís Cano (g), Sérgio Frúgis (b)