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Genre(s): Unblack / Christian / Death Metal

Formed in Goiânia - GO, 1999. History of the Horde .. .... 1998 .. .. - Band originally formed under the name of Postumus. Earlier Breno (Wulthus) felt the direction of forming a band Death / Unblack extremely Christian Metal with lyrics along with his friend Murilo colleague classroom. With the difficulty of finding members who really identify with the band they had the support of some local church where musicians attended, including where was the test site. .... 1999 .. .. - Surge 1st show called Total Core I, Postumus played their first gig opening for bands Maximum Pentecost (GO), Light Hammer (GO), Soul Factor (DF), Burial (who would later be called Burial sarkikos (GO) and Vel Vex (GO). This show was the first with most bands being Christian. At the same time Christian Bands began to gain ground at the scene of Goiás. Wulthus know Evander (Arcanun) Drummer Band Maximum Pentecost, both have in common faith in God and the taste for Unblack Metal and then starts an alliance between Postumus Bands and Maximum Pentecost. Wulthus and Murilo solve rename the band to CLAMATORIUS - "one who cries out to God" and the style becomes Unblack Metal with Doom passages. ...... 2000 .. - So one nostalgic Show takes place in Goiania with Banda Antidemon, Clamatorius makes his first appearance. This show only had Christian Bands, besides having a large audience. Around 30 people convert to the Lord JESUS ​​CHRIST this Show. Including fan Krisiun drummer who later become the band Burial sarkikos - now extinct. Arcanum unhappy with this band Maximum Pentecost demonstrates their complaints to Wulthus which in turn is having problems with some members who do not have nothing to do with extreme metal, while being Christians. At an event in the Church Arcanum Maximum leave of pentecost and becomes integral CLAMATORIUS. Arcanum knows Igniferous in a Church event that he is a guitarist, talks about Clamatorius, he does not give a firm position, but agrees to go to meetings of the Band. Over the weeks a good rapport between them flows both musically and spiritually. Arcanum collaborates extensively with the compositions, as also a guitarist, and have a space in your home to trials - one home studio. Murilo left the band for personal reasons and the other members lament the fact. Profeticus enters the band as bassist, but no remains and then enters Victor (Whulkan) on bass. born in Goiânia a nucleus called CMF - Christian Metal Force, attached to the Church. CLAMATORIUS, Burial and sarkikos Amedrontemulo start the CMF and rely on the help of Deacon Daniel - Today Pastor of the Church of Brasilia Crash ....... 2001 .. - In the Church Reborn happens with a Show Bands CLAMATORIUS, Burial sarkikos and Hazael - a new alliance is made. arises the Ministry Hakam and Arcanum, and Whulkan Igniferous are Evangelistic Workers this work. A Great Show brings together the CMF and Hakam the unfinished Teatro Goiânia, attended by weight Scene GO and DF. Audiences reacted well to the new songs. And a good stage presence of all members and a message encouraging the singer at the end ....... 2002 .. - Mid May Arcanun know Agada - keyboardist. membrane She is a diligent Ministry Hakam. Agada has some difficulty keeping up with the band but everyone decides to believe in their potential ....... 2003 .. - Surge one Brutal Show in Franca - SP. CLAMATORIUS plays alongside of Clemency, Blaze Spiritual, Spiritual War, Divine Promise - Today Devotan, Testamentu [today disaffection] Amedrontemulo among others. Whultus and Arcanum comment about the need for a second guitar in order to give more weight to the sound. Begin to pray in this way . Starts recording the CD with 5 tracks. Whultus In an essay presents Marcus Arcanum, all the band feel a lot of potential in it. CLAMATORIUS begins to be cut by two guitars, all consent to this new training ....... 2004 .. - It turns one of the CMF Far Event Brasilia in CONIC, about 500 people present. CLAMATORIUS makes one of his best performances. An unfortunate fact happens in the audience some secular conflict with Wulthus - they repudiate the fact that a band Christian Black Metal touch and use Corpse Paint and soon the situation normalizes. occurs the CD release Consummatum Est supported by the Magazine Extreme Brutal Death. 100 copies are distributed to all. Hakam The Ministry makes an event called the DCE Metal Fest. Bands were Countdown, Burial sarkikos, Hipostenias Mephistophelian, Clamatorius and Skymetal. At a small event in CMF guitarist Marco who held the guitar shows a good performance because Igniferous was traveling to Bahia at this time ....... 2005 .. - Due to issues of attitude, opinion and wear of some of its members the CLAMATORIUS out of business. Wulthus goes to the Burial sarkikos. Arcanun goes to Banda Eschaton. Due to setbacks College he does not remain long in the Band but keeps covenant and friendship with the band ....... 2007 .. - Some members commented on EVENT BAND BACK ONE DAY. MAYBE as a studio band, with the goal of recording a CD as an answer to everyone who admired or admire the work of the band. And above all extol him who is holy, loyal, Fair and True: LORD YESHUA HAMASHIA. CLAMATORIUS thank those who believed or believe in this work, all Ex - members, those who have been to other pathways and all the bands that helped. Finally, thank you to pray for the return of this Horde and that they are sure that Christ can resurrect dreams. grandly GOD bless you all!

Source:, may, 2013. 

Consummatum Est [Full-lenght, 2004]:
1. Malleus Maleficarium 08:25  
2. Ignis Ardens 05:30  
3. Sodomatic 06:14  
4. Hestem Satannae 04:16  
5. Lord Of Sabbath 09:20

Wulthus - Vocals (Burial Sarkikos)
Igniferous - Guitar (Burial Sarkikos)
Arcanun - Drums


Clair De Lune

Genre(s): Heavy Metal / Symphonic Metal

Formed in Sata Maria - RS.

Source:, may, 2013. 

Clair De Lune [Demo, ?]:
1.Cross (Instrumental)
2.Whispers in the Nowhereland


Genre(s): Hardcore / Poppy Punk

Formed in São Gonçalo - RJ, 2006.

Source:, may, 2013. 

Subjetivo [Demo, 2008]:
01. Vestígios
02. Desencontros
03. Amanhã
04. No Meu Limite
05. Você
06. Apenas Sentimentos


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Means: SCAR

Genre(s): Hard Rock / Pop

Formed in Belo Horizonte - MG, 2009.

Source:, may, 2013. 

Cikatriz [Demo, 2010]:
1.Meu tempo é longe 3:27
2.Crepusculo 6:07
3.Em Direção ao sol 5:24


Genre(s): Hardcore

Formed in ?. Rodrigo (vocals), Rafael Torres (bass), Luiz Celio (guitars), Artur (drums) and Matheus (guitars).

Source:, may, 2013. 

Cktriz [Full-lenght, 2002 - IUnd]:



Genre(s): Heavy Metal 

Formed in São Paulo - SP, 1987. Adalton (g), Batalha (d), Marcelo Fanin (b), Rogério (g) & Eric (v) 

Source:‎, may, 2013. 

Cizânia [Demo, ?]:
1.The Garden Of Dreams


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Genre(s): Progressive Metal / Alternative / Roots / Christian 

Formed in Recife - PE, 2007.

Source:, may, 2013. 

O Veneno e o Antidoto [EP, 2008]:


Meijieluo [EP, 2009]:

O Mal, A Revolta E O Bom [EP, 2011]:

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Genre(s): Metalcore

Formed in ?.

Source:, may, 2013. 

Prestando Contas [Demo, 2011]:
01 - Homem Deus
02 - Metade De Mim Em Coma
03 - Sirva-se do caos que causou

Marcus Azevedo | vocals
Iêdo | guitars
Jessé | guitars
Egon | bass
João | drums

Precipício [EP, 2011]

1.Falência Múltipla Dos Sentimentos
2.Homem Deus
3.Metade de mim está em coma
4.Sirva-se do caos que causou



Genre(s): Hard Rock

Formed in João Pessoa - PB, 2002.

Source:, may, 2013. 

Citocromo P-450 [Demo, 2006]:

2.Fly High
3.Ghosts in my dreams
4.How can I forget?
5.I miss you
6.Take me home
7.You Pay The Price
8.So Don't Cry
9.Take Me Home (versão 2)


Genre(s): Grunge

Formed in Rio de Janeiro - RJ.

Source:, may, 2013. 

Natureza Morta [Demo, ?]:



Genre(s): Hard Rock / Pop

Formed in ?.

Cisma [Single / Demo, 2010]:
1.Quando O Sol


Genre(s): New Metal / Metalcore 

Formed in São Paulo - SP, 2009.

Source:, may, 2013. 

Cise [Demo, 2010]:
1.O Que Me Satisfaz 
2.Respire Fundo 
4.O Lutador
5.Mire no Alvo

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Cirrose HC


Genre(s): Hardcore

Formed in Belo Horizonte - MG, 2006.

Source:, may, 2013. 

Cirrose HC [Demo, 2007]:
1.mamãe vai me dar um irmãozinho/eu quero
2.a morte
3.enfie no rabo
5.papai eu fui na zona
6.mamãe vai me dar um irmãozinho
7.vamos lá
8.cirrose hc

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Genre(s): Death Metal

Formed in Uberlândia - MG, 1988. Cirrhosis is a Brazilian death metal band that started its activities in late 1988 by Wagner Lamounier (Sarcophagus), Rodrigo, and BDN Riti Santiago (producer, former Cambio Negro). When Wagner returned to the sarcophagus, Rodrigo reformed the band and with the departure of the band stabilizes Riti their training with Rodrigo and Marlon (guitars), Luis Fernando (vocals), Juarez (bass) and Fernando (drums). Released two demo tapes before signing with the label mining Mushroom Records, which had released Sepultura and sarcophagus, two of the most famous Brazilian bands abroad. After releasing a split-album in 1991 the band has undergone a change with the additions of bassist Emerson Leik. Cirrhosis dissolved in late 1993 and only returned to action in 2001 with the following line: Vocals and bass - Tavora, Guitars - Allencar Henry and Mark, and Batera - Fernando Allencar, which together with Juarez was a member of the first training band. Resumed contract with Mushroom and released in 2002 the album "Alcoholic Death Noise". In 2009 the band released another album, "Drinks From Hell".

Ritual of Penetration [Demo, 1989]:
1.Ritual of Penetration

Fernando Alencar Drums
Juarez Távora Bass
Rodrigo BDN Guitars
Marlon Guitars
Luis Fernando Vocals

Alcohol Rules [Demo, 1990]:
1. Addicted to Alcohol 05:04  
2. The Last Temptation of Christ 04:17   
3. Ritual of Penetration 03:29   
4. The Last Drink 04:51

Fernando Alencar Drums
Juarez Távora Bass
Rodrigo BDN Guitars
Marlon Guitars
Luis Fernando Vocals


What Is Your Pleasure? / Alcohol Rules [Split, 1991 - Cogumelo Records]:
1. Lou Cyfer - Land of Lust 03:08   
2. Lou Cyfer - A Body of Woman 02:37  
3. Lou Cyfer - The Cave 03:43   
4. Lou Cyfer - The Close of the Window 03:20   
5. Lou Cyfer - Evil Slaves 03:40   
6. Cirrhosis - Addicted To Alcohol 05:17  
7. Cirrhosis - The Last Temptation of Christ 04:29   
8. Cirrhosis - Ritual of Penetration 03:39   
9. Cirrhosis - The Last Drink 05:05

Alcoholic Death Noise [Full-lenght, 2002 - Cogumelo Records]:
1. The Sin / Sexual Delight 03:54  
2. Alcoholic Death Noise 05:45   
3. An Eye for an Eye 04:47
4. No Future 04:05   
5. Welcome to Miseries 05:16   
6. Humanity 05:03   
7. Beyond the Slavery of Sin 07:05   
8. Repulsive Impulses 04:26   
9. Midnight Queen (Sarcófago cover) 06:36

Fernando Alencar Drums
Henrique Guitars
Juarez Távora Bass, Vocals
Marcos Guitars

Drinks from Hell [Full-lenght, 2008 - Cogumelo Records]:
1. Invasion of the Faith 03:11  
2. Mirror of Hate 02:37   
3. Lord of Darkness 04:02  
4. Drinks from Hell 07:05  
5. Restless Soul 05:18  
6. Alcoholic Ritual 05:32  
7. Hate Dreams 04:19  
8. Empty Desires 03:25

Emerson Niederauer Bass
Fernando Alencar Drums
Henrique Guitars
Marcelo Guarato Guitars
Flavio Monteiro Vocals