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Genre(s): Hardcore / Poppy Punk / Christian

Formed in São Luís - MA, 2008.

Source: http://palcomp3.com/beachpunxhc/, july, 2012. 

Ate o Dia Clarear [EP, 2010 - Start Rock Produções]:
1.Me Fez Sofrer
2.Dias Tristes
3.Até o Dia Clarear

From: http://beachpunx.wix.com/beachpunxoficial#!c61v

Tentar Compreender [Single, 2011 - Sonora Produções]:
1.Tentar Compreender

From: http://beachpunx.wix.com/beachpunxoficial#!c61v


Genre(s): Hardcore / Modern

Formed in Rio de Janeiro - RJ. The Rio's Beach Lizards made ​​his name in a golden age of Brazilian indie scene, come from a generation that brought us such fantastic names Pin Ups, Safari hamburgers, among others, a time where the underground still crawled and seethed with good bands. The years passed, much has happened, and so worshiped BL's second album has just been reissued with an air of classic. "Spinal Chords" is considered one of the best and most inventive albums ever released by the Brazilian alternative rock, and listening to him today, we can even say that such consideration is unfounded. A punk rock sound, full of other influences, such as the Pixies indie rock and pop melodies a la Beatles, the Lizards form a single band. In this revival, besides the already known tracks from the "Spinal Chords" original, we have no less than 14 bonus tracks! Among the bonus tracks of demos and have recorded songs in an acoustic group at Fluminense FM. In short, a historical record in a revival must. Listen and understand a little more of what was, and is, the Brazilian underground.

Brand New Dialog [Full-lenght, 1994 - Polvo Discos]:
1.Naive Revolution
3.The Calm Came After The Storm
4.Mirrors in Affection
6.Keep yourself Together
7.Mr. Unconscious
9.Coming Back home
10.Greedy Thing
11.Bad Trip
12.Farewell Song

Spinal Chords [Full-lenght, 1996]:
1.Tcp (1:20)
2.Mad Cow Desease (3:20)
3.How long, how low (3:12)
4.Alabama tenebris (2:18)
5.Till death do us part (2:15)
6.Speed surfin (1:36)
7.Break fast (2:44)
8.Pinhead hymn (3:54)
9.Brand new dialog (2:14)
10.Lonsesome times (2:27)
11.Mohawk territory (2:11)
12.Junkie man (4:01)
13.Useless (3:00)
14.Celebrate (2:17)

From: http://masturbacaocafeeteologia.blogspot.com.br/2012/05/beach-lizards-spinal-chords-1996.html?zx=e8ae8b17dd84de08

Or: http://www.4shared.com/file/OjohNewe/Beach_Lizards_-_Spinal_Chords.html
From: http://arquivorjhc.blogspot.com.br/2010/11/beach-lizards-spinal-chords-1996.html
From: http://vacadodemonho.blogspot.com.br/2010/09/beach-lizards-spinal-chords.html


Genre(s): Hardcore

Formed in Fortaleza - CE, 2008. BDOS band went through several transformations, structural, and a search for styles and sounds, and through three formations. Currently consists of: Hugo Pires (vocals), David Motta (drums), Allan Santos (bass) and Thiago Rocha (guitar). Always looking for new ways, new lyrics, new sounds and melodies and escaping the old cliches, BDOS deserves it your space. For some time he was participating in basically cover, but currently has been working hard on own authorship. BDOS is growing every day, along with the willpower of the group and those around them.

Source:  http://palcomp3.com/bdos/ , july, 2012. 

Bdos [Demo, 2009]:
2.Meios de Fins Tortuosos
3.Portador Do Dom

Fotos de BDOS – Sonico
Fotos de BDOS – Sonico


Genre(s): Hardcore / Poppy Punk

Formed in São José do Rio Preto - SP.

Source: http://palcomp3.com/bcmrock/, july, 2012. 

BCM [Demo]:


Genre(s): Black Metal

Formed in Lages - SC, 2000. Conceived by musicians of the Black Metal scene in Santa Catarina, from past experiences in bands like Key of Salomon and Dark Endless, BAUOPFER the band began its first trial in January 2004. His training was initially composed by Asper (Guitars); Wardem (Vocals); Nephelin (Bass) and Belial (Drums). During a period of approximately four months, in a not very steady pace of trials, four songs were composed, as previously in order to materialize them on CD this year. By order of composition: 1. The Possession of Cibelle (Part I) 2. The Possession of Cibelle (Part II) 3. Mephistopheles (music composed before the formation of BAUOPFER, but only later was adapted), and 4. The Parade of Death. As predicted, this year, and more specifically in this same period, in June, the band enters the studio to perform the recording of their first sound material. After the recording, mixing, and all final editing of the songs, along with confexão graphic work, the BAUOPFER could start the second half of 2004 with the Promo-CD Mephistopheles. During this semester Mephistopheles was released in a short-run, approximately 100 CDs, most of which were intended for specialized vehicles for the dissemination and obtained excellent acceptance. With the exception of ROCK BRIGADE magazine that although he admitted that "black metal quartet from Santa Catarina, and very well recorded, shows extremely competent musicians, especially the drummer (...), with its precise face, and vocalist (...), with its distinctive timbre and great sense of interpretation. "[ACM, Rock Brigade, Year 23, No. 222, January 2005, p.75], introduced the band as" pompous "too much of the material in the booklet promotion. Nothing that affects the dignity of the musicians, since this type of comment is almost expected in the case of a magazine that supports only bands of the media, and daily disgraces many bands on the scene about Black Metal. But let's go ahead. Then in November, the band performs the first and only time in San Jose, a festival sponsored by the extreme DEATH Pung TOT productions. This time the bands played and FOREST OF EVIL DEMON WAR. The public response to this presentation was remarkable, though still not conducive to dynamic stage that the band intends to employ in live performances. Started in 2005, a lull took over the band's activities. The tests have become less frequent because of the remoteness of their guitarist, who took up residence in another city, and so the disclosure process was less intense. However, the past few months a new shot in the arm came into force within the band, especially after having been composed new songs and at the same time a new member spent part of the impetus of the same sound. Amok (keyboards), who also had a partnership in other musical activities of the past, now entered, giving more tetricidade and climate in musical performances. Meanwhile, the band has made available its full CD-Promo for download at no cost, as way to streamline the disclosure form and provide a more access to they felt interested in meeting him. Thus, we were able to reduce the dissemination costs, while the access to the equipment became more rapid, convenient and virtually no cost. More recently the formation suffered its first setback. With the departure of fellow Nephelin been cast in the bass Asper's brother, Petrus Araltus, which has adapted well to their role. The projections for this year and early next are to keep the disclosure of Mephistopheles at a level appropriate expectations of the band, alongside maintaining a greater constancy in live performances.

Source: http://www.myspace.com/bauopfer, july, 2012. 

Mephistopheles [Demo, 2004]:
1.Intro - Prenúncio do Abismo 02:44  
2.A Possessão de Cibele I 06:59  
3.A Possessão de Cibele Part II 04:31
4.Mephistopheles 09:08  
5.O Cortejo da Morte 06:30

Nephelin Bass
Belial Drums
Warden Vocals
Asper Guitars


 From: http://demoassault.blogspot.com.br/2008/02/bauopfer-mephistopheles-2005.html

Or: http://rapidshare.com/files/118161853/Bauopfer.rar.html
From: http://stillfuckingmetal.blogspot.com.br/2008/05/bauopfer-mephistophelesdemo-2004.html
Or: http://rapidshare.com/files/104930114/Bauopfer_dumahgrind.blogspot.com_by_kainraziel.rar
From: http://guardiansofasgaard.wordpress.com/2008/04/06/bauopfer-mephistopheles/

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Genre(s): Heavy Metal

Formed in São Paulo - SP, 1986.

Give Me Beer [Demo, 198?]:

The Empire Is Falling [Demo, 198?]:

Beginning a New Battle [Demo, 1988]:
1.The Call of Gods  
2.Never Lock Back

Junior A. Bass
Marcos Drums
L. Felipe Guitars
Lupa Guitars
Paulo Vocals

Enter In The Future [Demo, 1989]:
1.Mars - Intro 
2.Over The Reality 
3.Rising Future 
4.The Call Of The Gods 

Marcos (d) 
Paulo (v) 
Marco C. (g)
Eduardo (g) 
Renato (b)


Genre(s): Thrash Metal

Formed in Jundiaí - SP.

Rising From the Ashes [Demo, 1989]:


Genre(s): Heavy Metal

Formed in Itajaí - SC, 2005. The Battalion was formed in mid 2005, with the proposal to make the line of Heavy Metal bands of the '80s. After a few lineup changes, the band then makes the option of following as a power trio, and then the current members Marcelo Fagundes (G / V), Fabricio Luiz (B) and Fabiano Barbosa (D). The band then starts to perform in some shows, having a great response from the public assitiu the band with strong songs and themes as well structured as the battle of headbangers in keeping alive the metal above the difficulties that face the music. After two years in the region and several shows the band is invited to open the rock band Volcano in August 2007, two months later the band finally releases their demo entitled "Batallion" containing five tracks with excellent production office of Andrew Fabian (Steel Warrior).

Battalion [Demo, 2007]:
1.Battalion Of Metal 04:47  
2.Valley Of The Dead 04:10  
3.Fighting For The Glory 04:33  
4.Final Battle 03:52  
5.Soldiers From The Shadows 03:27

Fabricio Luiz Bass
Fabiano Barbosa Drums
Marcelo Fagundes Guitars, Vocals

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Genre(s): Power Metal

Formed in São Paulo - SP, 1987. Yes (b), Emerson (v), J.R. (d) & Wanderson Bersani (g).

Scream If You Want To Live [Demo, 1988]:
1.So Burn 
4.Neither Everything Is Power 


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Genre(s): Hard Rock

Formed in Salvador - BA, 2008. Band that uses influences from the 80s to create a modern and versatile sound that wanders between the footprint of new and traditional hard rock trends.
In his compositions, uses the resources of the classic hard rock with a voice associated with a striking guitar solo very presence. Letters, mostly in Portuguese, with catchy melodies and deep. With stage presence and charisma, Batrákia has been working over the years, in order to improve their music and make nice to all lovers of rock n \ 'roll. Manzan (vocals), Nino (Low), Dell (guitar), Chico (drums), John (guitar).

Source: http://www.myspace.com/bandabatrakia, july, 2012. 

Batrákia [Demo]:
1.Get The Fuck Out
2.The Life Is Going On
3.Beside You
4.Rock Through Teh Night
5.Aquilo Que Passei
6.Por  Minutos A Mais
7. A Vida Passa

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Genre(s): Hard Rock / Glam / Sleaze

Formed in São Paulo - SP, 2004. Nat - Vocals, Mr. Lady - Drums, Thomas - Lead Guitars, 
Danny - Guitars, Drannath - Bass. 

Source: http://www.myspace.com/bastardz, july, 2012. 

No Ass No Pass [EP, 2004]:
1. Pills
2. Grab Her By the Tail
3. Wasted Generation
4. Spider Sarah
5. Alleycat Spoiled Brat

From: http://nwobhmbrasil.blogspot.com.br/2008/02/bastardz-no-ass-no-pass-2005.html

Or: http://www.mediafire.com/?5y0y4ymm2jj
From: http://francisrock.blogspot.com.br/2010/05/bastardz-no-ass-no-pass-2005.html

Jungle Outlawz [Full-lenght, 2008]:

1.Jungle Outlawz
2.Dressed 2 Kill
4.Wasted Generation
5.I Hate You
6.Don't Follow Me
7.9 MM
8.Get Outta Here
9.Dope Party
10.No Easy Way Out
11.I'm Your Secret

From: http://combe-do-iommi.blogspot.com.br/2010/10/bastardz-jungle-outlawz-2008.html

Or: http://www.4shared.com/file/215751451/4a1130d/Bastardz_-_Jungle_Outlawz.html
From: http://the-road-crew.blogspot.com.br/2010/02/bastardz-jungle-outlawz-2008.html
Or: http://www.mediafire.com/?we3qhaygpysbxjw
From: http://francisrock.blogspot.com.br/2012/05/bastardz-jungle-outlawz-2008.html
Or: http://rapidshare.com/files/138137133/Bastardz_-_Jungle_Outlawz.rar
From: http://nwobhmbrasil.blogspot.com.br/2009/01/bastardz-jungle-outlawz-2008.html


Genre(s): Death Metal

Formed in Santa Maria da Vitória - BA, 2011. Welton Dark Entity (Bass & Vocals), Fabio Nosferatus Lima (Guitar), Hermilton Morbius (Guitar), George Possessed (Drums). 

Source: http://www.myspace.com/bastardunholy, july, 2012. 

Unchrist Life Campaign [Demo, 2012]:
1. Bastard´s Laments (Intro)  
2. Decimate the Symbols of Faith  
3. Unchrist Life Campaign

Welton Dark Entity Bass, Vocals
Hermilton Morbius Guitars (lead)
George Possessed Drums
Fábio Nosferatus Guitars (lead)

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Genre(s): Black Metal

Formed in Manaus - AM, 2003. In northern Brazil hateful, blasphemous hatred, contempt and torment awake for assaulting a hypocritical society through a violent tone, rhythmic, brutal and extremely offensive. Over time, changes take place in 2004 and the artillery of hell stabilized with EMM G. Obscenum (V), Azrael (G) and Infamous (D), but still no bassist. The Basmasura is finalizing the compositions to launch its 1st work, entitled "Fire of Eternal Blasphemy", which will bring 06 tracks, one intro. Our spirits are driven only by pure hate, revelations showing the darker side of human beings and wicked. Our intention is only to blaspheme the name of God and challenge those who follow.

Eternal Fire of Blasphemy [Demo]:


Genre(s): Rap Metal

Formed in Botucatu - SP.

Source: http://palcomp3.com/basiadonocrime/#, july, 2012. 

Basiado No Crime [Demo]:
1.Eu Sem VC
2.Até Quando


Genre(s): Black Metal

Formed in Assis - SP, 1990. Horde of Black Metal that after a short period of activity (between 1990 to 1992 / SP-Mirassol with: Kadax Azuhos - Drums and vocals & J. Neverland - Guitar), returned to action after fifteen years. In 2007, the horde was reactivated in the city of Assisi interior of Sao Paulo, with the following formation: Kadax Azuhos: blasphemous vociferous of sorrows and misfortunes, Paul "Slag" Portes: Guitar & Oksarrak torments and plagues: Battery ritualistic destruction. Totally unrelated to the Judeo-Christian moral decadence. We have joined us in order to proliferate the disgrace and spitting the truth about the mediocrity of the human spirit in its state of torpor, which alienated passively accepts the lies of the philosophy of "turn the other cheek." Between July and August 2008, we recorded our first official work, entitled "Poison Fruit". Contemplating necronômicas five songs: Poison Fruit, Dark Crusade to the Light's Bane, Mundanus Imperium, Kaos and The Invocation of the Four Gates. Available by Nyarlathotep Records in innovative packaging Pack Slip MCD. (Out) In 2009, The Horde has concentrated its efforts on making alliances, contacting real warriors Necrounderground scene. We performed some shows alongside older fighters slag Judeo Christian. Without leaving aside our evil creations. Engendered in the womb is abysmal chaos new bangs! The Horde is with the hymns of battle ready for the next release, or a split-cd with the manic IGNIS HAERETICVM (Colombia), the Debut Album of Barabbas - "The Arrival of Yog-Sothoth" and four bursts of the Second Album of the Horde, which will be entilulado "The Seven Gates". We are prepared to unload ammunition in the face of miserable Christians! For 2010, two beings were invoked damned: P.Destruction (Curitiba-PR): Low Blow & Blasphemer nuclear Blackthorn (Tatura-SP): String Ripper Judeo Christian hypocrisy. The difficulty in finding noble warriors in the vicinity led us to confirm alliances with warriors from distant lands! Upcoming releases of the Horde for 2010: Split-cd: Barabbas / IGNIS HAERETICVM and Album of Barabbas - THE ARRIVAL OF Yog-Sothoth. We appreciate the support of the brothers of the scene, hordes, zines, labels, distros, promoters and contributors who have found the ways of Necrounderground!

Poison Fruit [Demo, 2008 - Nyarlathotep Records]:
1. Poison Fruit 04:50  
2. Dark Crusade to the Light’s Bane 03:49  
3. Mundanus Imperium 04:19  
4. Kaos 04:59  
5. The Invocation 00:33

MCD limited to 666 copies. Re-released by Wulfrune Worxx on Tape in 2010. 

EP - POISON FRUIT 2008 em Minhas Fotos por

From: http://aferroefogometalrock.blogspot.com.br/2011/12/barrabas-poison-fruit.html

Dark Rites of Human Desecration [Split, 2011 - Nyarlathotep Records]:

6.From Kadath 02:14  
7.Poison Fruit 04:26  
8.Dark Crusade to the Light's Bane 03:07  
9. Mundanus Imperium 03:54  
10.Kaos 04:35

Oksarrak Drums
Blasphemer Blackthorn Guitars
Paulo "Escória" Portes Guitars
Kadax Azuhos Vocals
P.Destruction Bass


Genre(s): Thrash / Death / Hardcore

Formed in Belo Horizonte - MG, 2003.

Source: http://www.myspace.com/barrabasdc1, july, 2012. 

Barrabás Depois de Cristo [Demo, 2011]:
1.Manifesto 01:59  
2.Dias Difíceis 04:18  
3.Obras Malígnas 02:46  
4.Evolução 02:09  
5.Pedras 03:22

Paulo Viana Bass
Danilo Vilarino Drums
Irineu Júnior Guitars
Moisés Alves Guitars
Douglas Phillipi Vocals

Capa_BdC em As Minhas Fotos por

From: http://metalundergroundbrazil.blogspot.com.br/2012/05/barrabas-depois-de-cristo-peso-e.html


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Genre(s): Stoner / Modern

Formed in Curitiba - Paraná, 2003. The musical influence of the Bar Guy follows the tradition of rock 70, 80 and 90. The sound has influences rock, stoner, metal, punk, thrash, jazz and other breakers. Catching guitar riffs, bass heavy and loud and angry and a drummer groovada make up the band's sound. The sound of the band refers to a sense of freedom and adrenaline, grown by mixing sports and rock and roll. The name Bar Heavy clearly defines the attitude of the band when it comes to rock and roll. The band originated in 2003 with BB from Bronx and Negran O'Neil. Until then BB from Bronx had followed a career in music as a drummer, however, to form the Bar Guy, switched instrument taking guitar and vocals, which can carry and ripen their compositions. For some time the duo played in garages and home studios. Soon felt the need to search for a bass player to complete the band. In this search many professionals have gone through the Bar Guy, among them Rod and Point du Digão the Underdog Foundation, but it was only when bassist Subasoccer, brother of BB from the Bronx, joined the band, the Bar Guy finally consolidated. From this union came the sound of the band considered ideal, with heavy guitars, powerful riffs and a few solos, drummers grovadas evil with footprints and low strengths at high volume. Thus was born the Heavy Rock Bar, half metal, half trash, half stoner. A serious no-frills rock. Since forming the band has been performing in shows across southern Brazil. There was a period in which BB from Bronx was living in Canada. At this time happened a few presentations of the International Bar Heavy featuring Joshua Case (ex-Big Boss) on bass and Dieter (former Huskvarna) on drums. Now the band is done with the first record in the studio, the disc Hot Fuzz, a strong album, full of punch.

Source: http://www.barrapesada.com/, july, 2012. 

Chumbo Grosso [Demo, 2007]:
1.Always 02:57   
2.Nero 02:04   
3.Chemical 04:26   
4.Sad 04:48   
5.Show me the Flow 03:47   
6.Saborear o Lixo 03:17   
7.Vicius 03:05   
8.A Nice Guy 03:05