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Genre(s): Thrash / Death Metal

Formed in Paulo Afonso - BA, 1998.

Source:  https://www.palcomp3.com/hatend/, january, 2017.   

Unloading the Hate [Demo, 2008]:
1. Your Sacrifice  
2. Open Your Eyes  
3. Incriptha  
4. Fire  
5. Dance in the Fire  
6. The Sun Light's Back Darkned  
7. Face of Fear  
8. In the Name of Power  
9. Free Soul  
10. Em Nome do Poder 

D. T. Whiter Guitars
Jurandir Roque Vocals
Brira Metal Drums
Kilber Ryan Bass
Jeff Silva Guitars

Resultado de imagem para Unloading the Hate Hatend
Hatend - Unloading the Hate
Resultado de imagem para Unloading the Hate Hatend

Metal 13 [Demo, 2013]:
1. Prenúncio (Intro)  
2. Aniquilação  
3. I Want for Me  
4. Greeneyes  
5. land of Gorgetfullness  
6. Down with Hands of Power  
7. Hatend  
8. Dream  
9. 11-09-2001  
10. Fall

Deiveson Carlos Guitars
Carlos "Dinda" Alberto Guitars
Jurandir Roque Vocals
Calmom Hebert Drums
Cleyton Cloves Keyboards
Kilber Bass

Resultado de imagem para Metal 13 Hatend
Hatend - Metal 13

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