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Genre(s): Death Metal

Formed in Santos - SP, 1990. Founded in 1990 in the city of Santos, coast of the state of São Paulo, the CHEMICAL DISASTER emerged from the ashes of IGNORANCE, THRASH band which included André Luiz (g) and Luiz Carlos (v) and that the entry of André Martins (b) had a total reformulamento musical concepts and structural resulting in starting a new group. Complementing the original lineup, came Arthur Justo Gonzalez and Diego in less than one year produced a DEMO TEST-called "LETHAL EPIDEMIC" which served as the basis for 1a.DEMO officially launched in late 1990 and had artistic production of Zhema Rodero (bassist VOLCANO). .. With good reviews in zines and magazines the group will do several shows in the region and in 1991, after a presentation to the BACK ATLANTIC, is relaunched 1a.DEMO, bringing some bonus songs recorded at this show. After inclusion of Decius Porchat (k), the group now has more influences from DEATH / DOOM in their sound, which culminated with the release of 2a.DEMO studio, "SEEDS AND ASHES", in late 1991, bringing the production the technical assistance of the experienced drummer Arthur Vasconcelos (VOLCANO, PS - CHIC possessor, SAFARI HAMBURGERS, etc ...). .. With this demo, they raised interest MUSHROOM RECS. suggests that the group recording a new job, since back in 1992, keyboardist Decius had left the group. Then launch the 3a.DEMO, "LOST SOULS IN THE REALM OF DARKNESS Abominable", a work that was produced by the band with assistance Zhema Rodero and showed a sound based DEATH METAL already characteristic of the group. In 1993, with the contract signed with MUSHROOM RECS., They needed to choose a studio to produce the debut-LP; was then that they decided to record the song "BLACK METAL" (anthem of the eponymous album VENOM) in Master Studio in Santos. .. Months after giving up the early recording of "RESURRECTION" the 1o.LP, launched in late 1993, mixing material from the DEMOs some newer compositions. In 1994, the band becomes a sextet with the addition of Evagner Claus on keyboards, but before you start the promotional tour through the region, Fernando Nonath assumes the post of guitarist Diego, who left the group to go live in Argentina. In late 1994, another low, this time, André Martins, principal songwriter of the group, is eventually replaced by Claudio Milone, and already in 1995, keyboardist Evagner leaves the group. After these changes, the sound of CHEMICAL back up the DEATH METAL most brutal, forgoing climates DOOM before, and even then, the group does not run another low when André Luiz decides to dedicate itself to the wrinkled WITCH, new band the former bassist André Martins, who followed a direionamento totally geared to BLACK METAL. .. So Marcelo Miranda (ex-GRUNKS, currently leader of the horde ARUM, São Paulo) enters as a guitarist, where he remained until the end of 1996, when he decided to leave to join the NERVOCHAOS as a vocalist. Despite CHEMICAL DISASTER have had no official release from the years 1994 to 1996, the band played several shows by the State and, following the departure of Marcelo, former member André Martins came to do some presentations helping the group as a second guitarist. .. In 1997, after the entry of Leo Gazzano (ex-EXPLICIT REPULSION) in the vacancy left by Marcelo, the group writes the "PROMO '97" tape that showed what was the second official disc, totally made up, but due to lack of interest from record MUSHROOM RECS., only in 1998, after the contract with former label, is giving up start recording new material. With fully independent production, records and mixes the group's work throughout the year 1998, while doing concerts in various cities of the region, analyzing the reaction of the public regarding new music. After the recording, already initiated contacts with possible labels interested in releasing their second album in early 1999, vocalist Luiz Carlos decides to leave the group, focusing on his side band BLIND, where he worked as a drummer since 1994 . To place the band decides to call back Marcelo Miranda, who at the time was no longer part of the NERVOCHAOS. However, the changes do not stop and bassist Claudio is replaced by Fabio Brunelli founding member of the then defunct band CHESED GEBURAH. To disseminate pre-recorded material, the CHEMICAL participates CD "THE WINDS OF A NEW MILLENIUM III" via PRODUCTIONS demise in early 2000. From there, begin to deal with this seal the CD release "SCRAPS OF BEING A", but leave before it, drop CHEMICAL Marcelo decides to restructure his former band GRUNKS (who later would become the ARUM) and Leon Gazzano guitarist left the post to become the vocalist. At the end of the year is released by Demise CD "SCRAPS OF BEING A", with a great graphic production and bringing the material recorded during the year 1998. More shows in 2001 to promote the highly anticipated 2o.disco succeed, but at the end of the year, Leo leaves the band and goes on to dedicate more time to his band parallel HIERARCHICAL PUNISHMENT, where in addition to guitarist and founder, also featuring former CHEMICAL-vocalist Luiz Carlos. In 2002, Waldemar Novaes enters the post vocalist, facing more shows to publicize the 2o.CD, this year the group is invited to participate in a future CD tribute to Motorhead, alongside big names in the underground scene. For this, rewrites "OUTRAGE AND FRI", but for unknown reasons, the design of this tax is shelved by the organizers. From 2003, CHEMICAL devoted himself to composition 3o.disco, Third Wound while still playing at major events of the underground scene. In 2004 starts the recording process of the new work which is still in progress, but to pre-disclose the current material, the group participated in the album "ENDLESS MASSACRE I" (August 2005) by Violent Recs. and in late 2007, launched the "Promo Disaster .. 07" (with 3 tracks that will be in the studio 3o.disco). More shows and participation in new cd, "ENDLESS MASSACRE III" (August 2009) by VIOLENT RECORDS. Then a recast occurs in the line-up, with the departure of vocalist Valdemar Novaes and Luiz Carlos Louzada return after 10 years. To complete the new team, Ricardo Lima (the Predatory / Tailgunners) assumes 2a.guitarra and then the Chemical back to being a quintet. Participation in new cd: "THE METAL infecting THE WORD COMP. VOL. 02 "(January 2010) by Anaites Prods. & Distro., The next release will be expected to participate in the cd "Satanic Legions - A Tribute to Vulcano", again by Violent Recs. (June 2010). All these releases are songs written by former vocalist Valdemar Novaes, but on account of restructuring in 2009, the band decided by the participation of Luiz Carlos and Ricardo Lima in the disc, which was already mixed. With this, both currently finalizing their parts in the studio and release the band Faithless Languid Shape the band's official Myspace to disclose how will the long awaited new studio work.

Lethal Epidemic [Demo, 1990]:

Chemical Disaster [Demo, 1990]:
1. Your Rotten Corpse 03:05  
2. The Walker 02:51  
3. Pleasures of Pain 03:06  
4. Crushing the Fools 01:00

Seeds And Ashes [Demo, 1991]:
1. Seeds and Ashes (Intro) 01:54  
2. Death Certificate 03:35  
3. On Your Left 02:29  
4. Bloody Passion 01:30  
5. Suffer 'Till Die 01:48  
6. The Dead Will Be Arisen 01:24

Resurrection [Full-lenght, 1993 - Cogumelo Records]:
1. Resurrection 02:38  
2. Ghastly Altar 01:34  
3. Disagreement 02:14  
4. Pleasures of Pain 01:50  
5. Realm of Darkness 03:40  
6. Suffer 'Till Die 03:15  
7. Sexual Maniac 03:22  
8. Along with Death 02:31  
9. On Your Left 03:32  
10. Stormy Life 01:28  
11. Town of the Damned 01:40  
12. The Sinner 02:40  
13. Clash of Souls 02:40

Promo Tape [Demo, 1997]:
1. Silence  
2. The Ruin Agony  
3. Daybreak Clouds  
4. Scraps of a Being

Scraps Of A Being [Full-lenght, 2000 - Demise Records]:
1. Cup Formed from a Skull 01:44   
2. In Hell I Will Burn for My Acts 02:37   
3. Meeting... 01:38   
4. Spiritual Death 02:17   
5. Eternal Sacrifice 02:29  
6. Sexual Maniac 01:14   
7. Evil's Reborn from the Dark 01:36   
8. They Killed for Christ 04:36   
9. Amazed by the Words of a God 01:23   
10. Shiva 02:53   
11. The Ruin Agony 02:03   
12. Scraps of a Being 02:17   
13. The Sinner 01:20   
14. Daybreak Clouds / Iron Fist (Motorhead cover) 07:36

Promo Disaster 07 [Demo, 2007]:
1. Precipitated to Hell 03:04  
2. Forbidden Ways 02:36  
3. Perverted Body

Endless Massacre Vol. III [Collection, 2009 - Violent Records]:
10. CHEMICAL DISASTER - Precipitated To Hell


Third Wound [Full-lenght, 2011 - Violent Records]:
1. Preccipitated to Hell 03:05   
2. When the Man Loses Fate 03:04   
3. Perverted Body 02:32   
4. Forbidden Ways 02:39  
5. Soul Sick 02:23   
6. Nocturnal Slavery 03:19   
7. Faithless Languid Shape 05:04   
8. Mankind Under God’s Wrath 02:11   
9. Lying Lord 02:23   
10. The Last Home 06:49

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