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Genre(s): Death / Thrash Metal

Formed in São Sebastião do Paraíso - SP, 2003. In mid-2003 Diego Neri ( vocalist and guitarist ) and Willer Souza (drums ) decided to terminate the activities in which the band were ( Dark Shadow ) which was a cover band Metallica , Iced Earth , Sepultura , Megadeth , among others , and decided to form a new band focused on producing own songs involving the traditional metal weight and technique so instrumentos.Formando bringing in a quartet members Tamaso Fernando (bass ) who was also a member of Dark Shadow and Gouvêa called Bruno (guitar ) it was a guitar player who excelled in style , and this union came the band Destroyer. Shortly after Diego Neri abandons the guitar and decided to dedicate only to vocal thus resulting in the need for a new rhythm guitarist , Antonio Avila then invited to have a characteristic style footprint . With this training did one show and personal problems Diego Neri had to leave the band. Then in July 2004 some auditions where André Silva was chosen to take his throaty vocals by one great stage presence were made. Then began the process of composition and continued doing shows in presenting the tracks " Bloody War " , " Nightmare " , " Fleeing From Myself " and " Away From This World " getting a great critical and public acceptance and thus motivating the band to start the recording of their first album. Due to financial difficulties in 2005 the band took a break from recording but continued composing . A year later the band returns stronger with new equipment and performing one of their biggest shows , being one of the largest public shows of the band and led to invitations to other events highlighting the 1st Arraial do Rock in Franca / SP .

Source: https://myspace.com/defacedbrazil, november, 2013. 


Nightmare [Full-lenght, 2008]:
1. Create My Own Path 04:59   
2. Swallow Your Lies 03:49  
3. Away From This World 06:35   
4. Nightmare 04:48  
5. Strange Reality 07:19   
6. Fleeing From Myself 05:49   
7. Slave of Darkness 05:41   
8. Bloody War 06:53  
9. Murder Deeds 07:41

Nathan Muniz Bass
Willer Souza Drums
Bruno Gouvêa Guitars
Antonio Ávila Guitars, Vocals
André "Duff" Silva Vocals

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