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Genre(s): Death Metal

Formed in Mauá - SP, 2005. Decried started their career in 2003, in the city of Mauá - São Paulo/ Brazil, under the name of Violent Impact. It didnt take long for the band to start playing at a number of regional concerts, but it was only in 2005 that the first demo, entitled Ashes to the Lord, was released. After changing its name to Decried, the band continued on the road divulging the songs of the aforementioned demo, and several others that were never recorded, for more than a year until mid 2006, when it seemed to have reached the end of the line with the leave of 2 members. The follow-up demo, supposed to have been released in that same year, had to be long-delayed until 2009 due to line-up issues. The title chosen, Only Hate Saves, reflects the band members feelings towards religious fanaticism and the control mechanism devised under the guiltless guise of faith.

Source: https://myspace.com/decried, november, 2013. 

Decried [Demo, 2006]:
1. Messenger of Destruction 02:51  
2. Ashes to the Lord 04:57  
3. Love Is Dead 04:01

Tathy Bass
Lucas Drums
Thiago Vocals


Only Hate Saves [Demo, 2009]:
1. Fiery Death 03:18  
2. Carry Thy Cross 03:13  
3. Deadivine 04:01  
4. Messiah Murdered 04:09

Tathy Bass

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