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Genre(s): Hardcore 

Formed in Caxias Do Sul – Rio Grande Do Sul. The Aphasia began in 1994, then the union of classmates D-rapa, Beto and Vini. Then they joined the Muri and colleagues also Godi. After a series of lineup changes, the band stabilized with D-rapa (vocals), Muri (Guitar), Dani (bass) and Tommy (drums). With this lineup, the band began to gain traction and consolidate its proposal: make a sound of protest and awareness, based on the ideals of the punk movement. Through protests, complaints and subversive messages, the band's songs convey reflections of alternatives for a better world, show the rottenness of the man and the system he created to live, changing the way of seeing things for those who hear its sound. Besides his own compositions, the group recorded some covers of bands such as Dry Eye, Cross Fire, Circle Jerks and Rotten Kids, which also sounds were played in various concerts held since the beginning of his career. In 1996 came the first recordings of the band. The demo-tape was the first disorder, with 12 own tracks and 4 covers. Then, the first demo Puppets System, with 16 songs, was a landmark of Aphasia. With more aggressive sound, the demo was released in Brazil and earned invitations to various shows, also increasing the public's band. In 1997, the Aphasia entered the studio to record, along with the band caxiense Verbal Violence, a split-demo. Each band participated with 8 songs. In the same year, participated in Aphasia Attitude collection, recording a CD with the participation of over 11 bands from all over the country, an independent label distributed by Brasilia (DF). The intense publicity for all such work earned the band a dozen shows across the Serra Gaucho, in addition to having their songs played on many radio stations in different regions of Brazil. Thus, the band gained a large number of fans and has, above all, achieve his goal: to spread his message to a large number of people. In 1998, the local scene was not favorable for presentation and disclosure of group work. Faced with this reality, the members decided to shut the band. Until 2005, meetings were held sporadically for old times of the band, without a definitive prediction of the group meeting. In October 2005, D-rapa, now bassist for the band, invited Jeison (Guitar), Tito (drums) and Johnny (vocals) for the permanent return of Aphasia. During the first tests, the boys gave an interview to TV UCS, which later produced a short documentary about the group. Soon after, the formation stabilized as currently set up with Johnny (vocals), Jeison (guitar), D-rapa (bass) and Marcius (drums). Together, the boys continue their protests distilling, touching the ancient sounds of the band with a new look. In addition, many new songs are being written and soon the band should go into the studio to record new material.

Desordem [Demo, 1996]: 
1.Isto é Olho Seco [Olho Seco cover] 
3.Canção Do Terceiro Mundo 
4.Por Que Só Pobre Vai Preso No Brasil? 
5.Tempos De Ilusão
6.Morte Aos Fardados
8.Homo Ignorantis
9.Ideais Vendidos
10.Gritos de Revolta
11.Parasitas Da Sociedade
12.Fantoches Do Sistema
13.Eu Não Quero
14.Lá Vem O Porco
15.Vozes de Raiva

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