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Genre(s): Black Metal 

Formed in Brasília, Distrito Federal - 2001. The horde Ars Nenia emerged in 2001, created initially by Rivus (guitar) and pain Daedeloth (drums), with the support of Pan-Satyr (Black Forest) on bass and vocals, as a provisional member. After a long period of inactivity, then came the entry of Trans Sidus (bass) as full member. Since then the work had begun, this time with the lead vocalist Rivus these, which were recorded in full in the first demo tape. This artifact was titled "Cantus Instinctus" released four songs of war and independently, with a circulation of 600 copies. Soon after this period, he felt the need to incorporate more than one member so he could share the vocals with Rivus. It was then that Führungstaffel (vocals) joins the horde to consolidate the final formation and the new chant war cries. 

Source: http://arsnenia.blogspot.com/, april 2011.

Cantus Instinctus [Demo, 2004]: 
1.Introdução 01:42 
2.Em deleites profanos, memórias esquecidas 04:19 
3.Antropofágicos Banquetes 05:02 
4.Culturas Perdidas 03:50 
Führungstaffel – Vocals, Rivus - Guitars And Vocals, Trans Sidus – Bass. 

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