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Genre(s): Black Metal 

Formed in Salvador, Bahia - 1995. In the middle of the year of 1995, suddenly the demoniac work appears Arkhôn Tôn Daimoniôn, blaspheming, offending and provoking with all displeasures the creatures of God. The band began with Duxgor (Vocal) and Grim Abra - Melim Offilatrus(Guitars) that contained your activities with Malleus Maleficarum (BA) to the middles of 1995, soon after uniting - if Count Geburah (Key) and Donskton (Drum), giving begins the horde Arkhôn Tôn Daimoniôn. After some time Satanakia (Bass) it integrates - if the horde giving begins to a long period of rehearsals and compositions. In December of 1996 Arkhôn makes your first appearance in Occult Ritual of Fire Festival, beside great hordes of the scenery.In 1997 Arkhôn participates in other events, in June in the city of Aracajú/SE, in September in the Metal Night Festival and in Occult Ritual of Fire Festival II. On that same year DT Reh was recorded Visions of the Apocalypse, in the which had great acceptance in the national scenery. In 1998 DT is recorded former Sacrum ex Operam Dare and after some time we recruited one more ally to assume the position of Lead guitar, Beyrevra Old, that also governs Lord Sacramental and the Blessed in Fire. In that same year Arkhôn participates in a collection thrown in it closes for the Into the Mysteries org" entitled Journey Through the Symphonic Art " Vol 1, and in 1999 it participates of the CD " Southern Warriors Cult " Vol 1. After IV years of a lot of battle, they remove - if of the horde for personal reasons Satanakia (b), Beyrevra Old (g) and Count Geburah (k). after an abbreviation rest they wake up more perverse than before, coming back in 2004 with new formation, the entrance of, Lord Musifim (b), in 2005 Duxgor remove- if of the band and Musifim it assumes the voice and today the formation is: Lord Musifim (v/b), Grim Abra- Melin Offilatrus (g) and Doskton (d) .The Arkhôn Tôn Daimoniôn stays with the same ideology, praising to the Prince of the Demons. The imperfect symphony in search of the perfection  (Arkhôn Tôn Daimoniôn). Ave nostri pater Satani. 

Sarcrum Ex Operam Dare [Demo, 1998]: 
1.Intro 00:27 
2.Beautiful Witch Is Consecrated High Priestess In The Black Art 07:35 
3.Lord Of The Flies 02:40 
4.Renounce The Most Holy Trinity 03:33 
5.Outro 02:15 
6.Lord Of The Flies (Live) 03:15 
7.Renounce The Most Holy Trinity (Live) 02:42
The two live tracks were recorded in Aracaju in 1997.

Visions Of The Apocalypse [Demo, 1999]: 
1.Intro Visions Of The Apocalypse 
2.Beyonce The Most Holy Trinity 
3.Assembly Of Honor At Evil 
4.The Praise 
5.Worshipper's Ceremony Of The Goat 
6.The Armageddon's Day 
7.Brotherhood Of Sathanas

Visions Of The Apocalipse and Sacrum ex Operam Dare [Coletânea, 2006]:
1.Assembly Of Honor AT Evil (2005)  
2.A Beautiful Witch Is Consecrate high Priestess in the black art ( remix)  
3.Visions Of The Apocalipse (Intro)  
4.Renounce The Most Holy Trinity  
5.Assembly Of Honor AT Evil (Demo Version)  
6.The Praise  
7.Worshipper's Ceremony Of The Goat  
8.The Armagedon's Day  
9.Brothehood of Satanas  
11.A Beautiful Witch Is Consecrate high Priestess in the black art (Demo Version)  
12.Lord Of The Flies  
13.Renounce The Most Holy Trinity  

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