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Genre(s): Jazz / Alternative / Thrash Metal

Formed in Belo Horizonte - MG, 2007. Artificially colored before any label, a band formed by four friends who believe in the same song. The embryo of the band appeared in 2007, in Belo Horizonte when John William Dayrell Faleiro and Bruno decided to join in the search for a project that involves commitment and musical freedom. Over time, the two have joined Manuel Horta and Fernando Monteiro, guitarist and drummer, respectively. The four formed a project so that even without a defined name, directed to a different proposal. Before you even do shows or disclose the band spent about a half rehearsing and recording the pre-production of their first album. Unfortunately, the band broke up in 2010. The influences are varied, a common taste for Indie Rock and Alternative Rock in general, represented by groups such as Japanese Toe, English Radiohead, and the Americans Sparta, Sonic Youth and ... And You Will Know us by the Trail of Dead. However, each brings a bit of its history and preferences that are not necessarily common to the range of musical colors of the band. Manuel Horta loads, beyond the influence of the Clube da Esquina present throughout his life, the conception of a mathematical music with varying times and measures linked to the constant use of effects. Bruno Faleiro touches Indie Rock bands from the early teens and loads the experimental vein. The drummer Fernando Monteiro is already a current weight and virtuosity, thrash metal to jazz.

A Tradicional Família Mineira [Full-lenght, 2009]:
1.Novena (Duas Vozes) 4:42
2.Babel  3:45
3.1948    7:08
4.A Casa e o Sol    2:45
5.Volta de São Paulo    5:35
6.Estrangeiro   5:48
7.Vai ver     4:02
8.Distopia    4:35

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