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Genre(s): Hardcore

Formed in Londrina - PR, 2007. The band started with Andrey and Rafael trying to start a band and make noise at school and started going after people to form a band. The first person I ran after the singer was over he did not appear in trials, ai Rafael knew a friend that one day he was at his house playing guitar and singing he saw that the case is Marcelo and called him to the band, getting with three members of the band was almost done, there lacked a bassist and called the Alexander who plays guitar in another band called Resta in cesses that Andrey had the drums, the Andrey called him to break down in the branch but he could not play and decided to go down to see what was going to happen to this day he tries to play bass. After a show at the school where we studied we saw that it needed more to fill a guitar sound more woe call Barbara Andrey who knew her, there the band was complete. After a while of testing we decided to make their own songs and record them, and we started recording the songs in the house bassist in a room that has a computer. Even writing this first song our agent did not have a fixed name, has been Aquabat's Track 404 and after a basic discussion on a test day was conspiracy which aims to bring something diferente.Atualmente because of a mismatch musical our guitarist left, listens a change in members and replace it entered the Edinho a great friend of ours.

Source: http://palcomp3.com/conspiracaopr/, june, 2013. 

Conspiração [Demo, ?]:
1.O que quis fazer 
3.Me diz 

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