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Genre(s): Hardcore/ Rap Metal

Formed in Brasília - DF, 2000. The band \ 'The Containers \' came on March 18, 2000 to Mark \ "Roach \" (singer) and some friends who live in Corner Emas (around Brasília) in order to make a heavy sound that always hung for punk rock. Hence arose the first punk rock band from the city of Corner Emas- DF. At the time the training was different. Over the years the sound also has a diverse and mixed punk rock, hardcore and rap influênca by one of the singers called Cleber Ventura. In the period 2000-2004 the band played shows in small regions around Brasília, Cleber Ventura left the vocals and on 13 October 2004 the band interrupts their work.
On October 9, 2007 the band back in full force, a new proposal and new formation: Mark Roach in his voice, Rodrigo de Carvalho on lead guitar, rhythm guitar in Cleiber Mota, Dionysus Carvalho on bass and Edilson \ "ant \" in battery. With one singer the band starts to produce its first \ "demo \" virtual entitled to \ 'Finger on Wound \', with special participation of Cleber Ventura dividing the vocals in the song \ 'Containize \'. This demo has seven songs authorship and was recorded independently in the studio in Wansbeck DF and can be found to be heard and / or downloaded from their social networks on the internet. In 2010 the band is without their drummer Edilson, but soon Cristiano Santos \ "Nano \" re-occupy the place in the band (Nano was the first drummer of Containers). But in 2011, Nano was for a short time and in its place came Rogerio Augusto. With a new gas the band promises to shake up the skeleton either. With letters of protest and a faster sound and heavy \ 'The Containers \' is looking for new challenges on your journey. Containers has played in almost every town in the outskirts of Brasilia alongside bands like Raimundos, DFC, Violator, Black Drawing Chalks (GO), Mugo (GO) among others. Its main shows were in Poerão of Rock (2008 and 2009) and Rock Festival in Vein (2011).

Source: http://palcomp3.com/oscontainers/, june, 2013. 

Dedo Na Ferida [Demo, 2009]:
2.o culpado nao fui eu
3.Olho por olho do povo sem dente
4.Zeca Otario
5.Se depender de mim o punk nao vai morrer
7.Dedo na ferida

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