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Genre(s): Death Metal 

Formed in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul - 1995. Anphisbenah is a project that began in 1993. In 1996 after several changes in its formation, the band finally had their training stable, but no drummer. 1998: Anphisbenah borrowed a drummer to record his demo that would serve to help achieve a permanent drummer, four songs were recorded, these songs form the demo "Initiates The Horrendous. " After releasing the demo a few months, with a good response from other bands, zines and even some labels, the band was offered a place on the demo CD. The CD was distributed POPR worldwide, mostly in Europe and Brazil. The tracks on the CD "Initiates the Horrendous" took part in some compilations of the era, among them, "Rock Soldiers II" and "Compilation Neoblast 99. Since 1998 the band continued looking drummer in 2002 until finally find someone. In January 2002 the band started rehearsing the songs on the next CD which until then had no name. After a full year of creation, Anphisbenah begin recording his new CD called "Infinite Mutable Fundamental Form ". The CD should be ready in late 2003. The band is now looking for shows, to help disseminate their work. 

Initiates The Horrendous [Demo, 1998 / EP, 1999 - So It Is Done Productions]: 
1.Rise Supreme 05:24 
2.Prophecy Of Chaos 04:48 
3.Portal Of Insanity 04:30 
4.Blind Guidance 04:36

Infinite Mutable Fundamental Form [Full-length, 2004]: 
1.Perpetuation 03:07 
2.I am the Resistance 03:53 
3.Marcha Funebre 02:48 
4.Into the Sickroom 04:07 
5.Testimony 03:11 
6.My Church 05:30 
7.Rise Supreme 05:00


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