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Genre(s): Gothic Metal 

Formed in Rio Grande do Sul - 2006. Anlis' story has began in 2006, when some friends made the decision of trying something that was really sad, depressed and true. Then borned a band which lyrics talk about the end, chaos, sadness, death and true facts that lead people right to the darkness. Anlis is a blend of 80's rock with a pinch from gothic metal bands added. In the beginning the band had female vocals, but now it's just past. Anlis now is composed by Marcus Vinicius Manzoni (vocal, guitars, programming), Alan Pires (guitars, fx), Luiz Paulo Milani (bass), Alberto Ritter (keyboards, synths) and Diego Fiorenza (drums). You can listen a little bit of progressive and psychodelic rock, also eletronic music. Alan Pires (guitars/fx), Marcus Vinícius Manzoni (vocal / guitars / programming), Luiz Paulo Milani (bass), Diego Nunes (drums) and Alberto Ritter (keyboards). 

Source: http://www.myspace.com/anlisoficial, abril de 2011.

Tired Depair [EP, 2008]: 
1.I Should Hate You 04:08 
2.Everything 10:38 
3.The Worst Of You 07:35 
4.Despair Of A Tired Future 07:52 
5.Grave Enough 05:16

Waiting For My End [Single, 2009]:
1.Waiting For My End

A Dead Bird for Another Dead Bird [EP, 2011]:
01.Come Back for Where You Belong
02.Forgiveness Nevermore
03.Rainy Nights
04.Grave Enough (Another Remix)

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