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Genre(s): Black Metal 

Formed in Tanabi, São Paulo - 2009. After a long search for real warriors with the same ideology and thematic, Lord Cepheus decides to initiate the project as a one man band in November 2009, performing a traditional black metal with financial difficulties is finally possible to record your songs, recorded in September and October 2010 in Cepheus Homestudio, Demo title Destroying The Enemy's Empire. 

Destroying The Enemy's Empire [Demo, 2010]: 
1.Intro 01:04 
2.Destroying The Enemy's Empire 03:57 
3.Power Of Satan's Dark Army 04:27 
4.Vatican In Flames 02:58 
Limited to 50 copies. Lord Cepheus - All Instruments, Vocals. 

Império Da Difamação [Split, 2011 - Bosque Produções]:
3.Marching to the Infernal Glory 05:24  
4.Triumph Black Metal 02:21

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