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Genre(s): Hard Rock 

Formed in São Paulo in 1989. They were just two friends ... Carlão and Pirate. The year? 1989. The place? São Paulo. What to hear? Ramones ... What thought? Form a band. The idea? More than a band. A project that marked the time and rescued all the experiences so far experienced by both portraying a generation. What did they do? They formed "The Band". They created "The Project". The Band? Angel of the alleys. The name? Inspired by the film "Wings of Desire" by filmmaker Wim Wenders. The symbol? A mark, a significant milestone: The Clown. Training? They were four who later became eight components with the same ideology: Fun is fun. The lyrics? Aware phrases that portray the truth of an urban metropolis swollen by social problems, achieving the ultimate playground at night. The goal? Bring back the energy and adrenaline that has always marked the big mergers of the Rock .. n Roll. What is all this? It is the height of fun. Flow is Funny ... Angel is the alleys. Funny Flow is the show's Angel of alleys that turns everything into a euphoric happening, where the unbridled energy of the band sets fire to any audience What are they? A band with its own identity and good influences, they remain dynamic with a great heritage of stage life and a lot of road, perfect for seasoning a pan where food is readily making them work with the critical conscience of those who are not bothered or made ​​concessions the fashions of the culture industry ... Finally FUNNY FLOW style of being and doing music. What do you do? OverallRockDelic, a pulsing sound mixed with influences that bring the past, and merged with miscegenation poliritimia Universal Music today, with the same ideology and objectives coupled with the baggage of several shows, magnetizing the public all the time interacting with the stage, taking fun with infectious rhythms, finally approaching the stage of the public in a single fusion ... "Funny Flow." 

Victim Of Society [Demo, 1991]: 
1.Na Noite Somos Todos Iguais 
2.As Fadas Falharam 
Sandro (d), Carlão (b), Faba (g), Márcio (g) & Pirata (v).

Na Noite Somos Todos Iguais [Demo, 1993]: 
1.As Fadas Falharam 
2.Mancha Negra 
3.Na Noite Somos Todos Iguais

Funny Fluxo [Full-lenght, 1995 – Velas]: 
1.Na Noite Somos Todos Iguais 
2.Funny Fluxo 
3.Mancha Negra 
4.Faça Coisa Certa 
5.Algo Para Acreditar 
6.Própria Lei 
9.Páginas Coloridas 
10.As Fadas Falharam 
11.Luizinho Bocão

Cd Anjo Dos Becos - Funny Fluxo Frete Gratis

Obs: Link for 3 cd´s in one file. Only promo tracks. 

Manãna [Full-length, 2001]:
1.Esqueça tudo
2.Oh Não!!

Demo Ao Vivo [Demo, 2005]: 

Overallrockdelic [Full-lenght, 2009]: 

Minhas Fotos por

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