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Genre(s): Power / Christian / Heavy Metal 

Formed in Belém, Pará - 1999. Heavy Metal band that has earned its place both in the setting of Bethlehem, as in Brazil. By making a sound associated with a heavy Christian theme expounded in the letters, the Angels reached the Salem looks from the local media, being interviewed by major media outlets in town (Liberal / Globe, Rauland / TV Network, RBN / CVC). Opened shows bands Angra and Shaman in 2005, where coseguiu leverage takes a fan / friend with whom the band is keen to maintain an informal contact. Right now the band is recording / producing his first album, "The Saga". That's after a successful demo "The Day of Armageddon" which sold about 500 copies only on word of mouth. 

O Dia do Armagedom [Demo, 2005]: 
1.Triunfo em Jericó 01:41 
2.O Dia do Armagedom 09:00 
3.Visões de Estevão 02:23 
4.Insanidade 08:57


A Saga [Full-length, 2007 – Na Music]: 
1.Impérios 02:19 
2.A Saga 06:33 
3.Segredos 06:45 
4.Allon Parakletos 04:36 
5.A Escolha 08:00 
6.Secrets 06:45 
7.Visões de Estevão 02:12 
8.Insanidade 09:00 
9.O Dia do Armagedom 09:02 
10.Triunfo em Jericó 01:39

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