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Genre(s): Grunge / Funny 

Formed in Tucuruí, Pará – 2008. Formed in 2008 the band "Anja", which went through several formations, but now q is composed of brothers Daniel Guasselli (voice, guitar), Israel Guasselli (bass, vocals) and completing the training "Power Trio" his good friend Rafael Allen (drums). The band stands out for its own style "Satire rock" which is basically satirical and funny lyrics, with influences ranging d Silverchair, Matanza, entretenimiento, Faichecleres, Giovanni Caruso and stagger, aneurysm, Misfit, Slipknot, girls, stories Funny, it all washed down with lots of humor. Anja had important presentations in their own hometown Tucuruí, and even in the capital (Bethlehem) in the hearings of the band contest "CCAA Fest," The main and best-known songs by the fans are "Cade Maria?", "Baby," "Ejeguiel" . Currently in production process d their first demo disc (EP) which is self titled "Deus Abençoe esta bagunça" will have seven songs ("Cade Maria?", "Ejeguiel", "Baby," "Maria cinco dedos", "Josilene", "Tudo que eu quero" and "Doida malvada"), which is being recorded and mixed in Tucurui, which is sure to boost its public disclosure for any of independent rock not only in the state, but as the band's goal to reach the Brazilian context. 

Deus Abençoe Esta Bagunça [Demo, 2009]: 
1.Cade Maria? 
4.Maria cinco dedos 
6.Tudo que eu quero 
7.Doida malvada

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