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Genre(s): Raw Black Metal 

Formed in Nova Friburgo, Rio de Janeiro - 2010. Anti Life is a One man band Raw Black Metal Formed in January 2010 by Count Ferdinand at Old town of Nova Friburgo (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil). His lyrical themes addressed: Anti-Christianity, hate, torture and other elements that are linked to cruel and sick mind of humanity and its musical roots are the bands: Krieg, Uruk-Hai (Esp), Darkthrone and Judas Iscariot. 2010: In January 2010 the Anti Life begins its activities and launches a websingle containing two tracks totaling 4 minutes and 48 seconds. Subsequently, the Anti Life ends the recording of what would be its first official release that it was a full-length that would take the title "War between aberrations" however, this Full-Length was delayed and instead released a EP with four tracks totaling 12 minutes and 33 seconds. This EP was released by European Satanhades Productions and the Brazilian Label Doom Records (Brazil). The release of Doom Records Cdr format was limited to 100 copies and launching the format was Satanhades Productions Tape limited to 300 copies containing a bonus track "Destroy Life" which is on track this Websingle Anti Life launched in early 2010. 2011: Continues recording the first Full-Length Anti Life.

Anti Vida [EP, 2010 - Satandades Prods/Desgraça Rec]: 
1.Intro (Tortura) 01:20 
2.Anti vida 02:32 
3.Guerra contra a tirania cristã (Queimem igrejas) 04:56 
4.Bem vindo ao terror 03:45 
5.Destrua a vida - Bonus Track 03:28 
Satanhades Productions: Limited copies in: 300 Tapes. Desgraça Records: Limited copies in: 100 Cdr. 

Bem Vindos Ao Começo Do Fim [Demo, 2012 - Brutal Combat Records]:
1.Intro 03:10  instrumental
2.A nossa arte é o caos 03:10   
3.Memórias 03:36  
4.Porcos cristãos 05:20   
5.Bem vindos ao começo do fim 05:29

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