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Genre(s): Death Metal 

Formed in Recife, Pernambuco - 2001. Created to devour. Founded in 2001, Anthropophagical Warfare comes to honor the name of ancient Metal, fast, heavy and insane. Having as influence the essence of the raw and infernal Metal! Without love to rules of music, Anthropophagical Warfare come following this way as a power trio to record in 2002 their first DT, the bizarre and raw “Alone In The Shadows”, that’s have a great repercussion in the underground scene, with some tracks being released in Brazilians and world compilations, having great critics of zines, and most important, of the true Headbangers maniacs for noise! In 2003, after many promotional concerts of “Alone In The Shadows” in some places of Brazil, Anthropophagical Warfare, with new songs, more destructive than before, record the Split-CD with the band Recidivus. Now follow sick, in search for weak eardrums to destroy and necks to make bang. 

Alone in the Shadows [Demo, 2003 – Moondo Records]: 
1.Alone In The Shadows 05:07 
2.Forgotten Blood 03:56 
3.Destroy The Sacred Words 05:21 
4.Brutal Manifestation 04:48

Recidivus / Anthropophagical Warfare [Split, 2004 – Moondo Records]: 
7.Bestial Genocide 03:53 
8.Wrath Of The Immortals 04:52 
9.Hymns Of Destruction 03:48 
10.Death Storm 03:09 
11.Anthropophagical Warfare 04:44

Warriors of the Morbid Moon 3 [Split, 2005 – Moondo Records]: 
1.In Times of Massacre

Anthropophagical Ritual - Death in Belem [DVD, 2006 – Moondo Records]: 
1.Intro 00:24 
2.In Times Of Massacre 03:37 
3.Brutal Manifestation 04:29 
4.Wrath Of The Immortals 04:32 
5.Destroy The Sacred Words 04:59 
6.Black Worshippers Of Death 04:59 
7.Death Storm 03:00 
8.Alone In The Shadows 04:19 
9.Créditos 02:19 
Recorded in 10/04/05.

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